Recruit all the Characters in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

How many NPCs are you going to gather as you go through the game?


There are plenty of interesting characters in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Many will join your party just by asking, while others will need special conditions met for them to be recruited. Some are easy to find, while others are more difficult, but this guide should make it easy. This is a complete list of characters that can be recruited in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, their strating class, and where you can find them:

Act I

Alm is the focus of this act as he travels through Zofia. Here are the NPCs that you can get to join the party:

Gray: A villager from Ram: He joins the party automatically before Alm leaves for the quest.

Tobin: A villager like Gray who joins the party in the same way.

Faye: A villager from Ram who can be recruited before leaving with Lukas to join the Deliverance

Kliff:  Like Faye, a villager recruited before leaving Ram to join the Deliverance.

Lukas: A soldier who automatically joins the party after Mycen won't go to the aid of Zofia.

Silque: A cleric that can be recruited in the Thieves' Shrine Interior after all the thieves are beaten.

Clair: A Pegasus Knight will join after she is freed from here Southern Outpost cell.

Forsyth: A soldier that can be recruited after you fight to the end of the Deliverance's hideout. You will need to speak to him to get him to join.

Clive: A cavalier who is the former leader of the Deliverance. He will join if you talk to him after making it to the end of the Deliverance hideout.

Python: An archer that you first meet as you enter the hideout, but he can't be recruited until you get to the end of the hideout. Talk to him as you leave.

Act II

Here, Celica is reintroduced, and will take her path for several missions. Here are the NPCs that you can get to join the party:

Boey: A mage that can be recruited before Celica leaves the Priory.

Mae: Like Boey, a mage that can join up before Celica leaves the Priory.

Genny: A cleric that can join the party Celica leaves the Priory.

Saber: A mercenary that can be recruited from the Novis Greatport Tavern.

Valbar: A knight that is recruitable the Pirate King Barth is defeated. You can talk to him in the Pirate Throne Interior.

Leon: An archer who can be recruited in the Pirate Throne Interior entrance after Valbar joins the party.

Kamui: A mercenary recruited from the Pirate Throne Interior Entrance after beating Pirate King Barth and getting Valbar.


Now, both Alm and Celica are playable as you continue their stories from the previous acts.

Palla: A Pegasus Knight that can be recruited from Zofia Harbor after Garth is beaten and Celica is being chased by his men. Speak with her and her sister inside the harbor entrance.

Catria: Another Pegasus Knight, and sister of Palla. She is recruited the same way as her sister with the same conditions.

Luthier: A mage found on Alm's path in Forest Village Plaza. Just speak to him to recruit him.

Mathilda: A paladin that will join Alm's cause if she survives the battle where Alm's army attacks Desaix’s Fort. She can be found at the prison inside the fort.

Delthea: A mage that later becomes a witch. She can be recruited is she survives after Alm defeats Tatara. Find her at the Floodgates and speak to her.

Atlas: A villager inside the Mountain Village. You will find him along Celica's path. You just need to talk to him to get him to join you.

Jesse: A mercenary found inside the Desert Fort prison. He will offer to join Celica's party.

Sonya: A mage who becomes a witch. She can be found in the Tactics Room of Grieth's Fort after you defeat Dean and Grieth. She will join Celica's group if you talk to her.

Dean: A Myrmidon that can be recruited if you choose to fight Sonya instead of him. He will be in the Tactics Room of Grieth's Fort after you defeat Sonya and Grieth. He joins Celica's group.

Est: A Pegasus Knight found at the prison inside Grieth's Fort. He will offer to Celica's party.

Act IV

Tatiana: A Saint inside the Nuibaba Manor prison. She will off to join Alm’s group.

Zeke: A Gold Knight will offer to join Alm after Tatiana joins the group. He can be found in Rigel Village as Resident 1. Just talk to him.

Mycen: Another Gold Knight that will join Alm's party automatically at the end of Act IV

Nomah: A sage found in the Temple of Mila on the far side after the water is lowered. He will join Celica's party fater you talk to him.

Conrad: A paladin who joins Celica's party automatically after Dolk's Fort is cleared.

That is the complete list of recruitable NPCs in the game. Be sure to check out our other Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia guides

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