By Ozzie Mejia   //   March 25, 2018 12:00 PM

Pool Panic: Hands-on & Interview At GDC 2018

Shacknews went to this year's Game Developers Conference and went balls-to-the-wall with Pool Panic, from developer Rekim and Adult Swim Games.

By Charles Singletary   //   January 9, 2018 2:20 PM

Nintendo Celebrates The New Year With Nindie Sale

Indie gaming has powered the Nintendo Switch into the upper echelon of software performance and here's your chance to grab a few you may have missed.

By Asif Khan   //   March 21, 2017 10:00 AM

GDC 2017: TumbleSeed Developer Interview

We caught up with Benedict Fritz, programmer and codesigner of TumbleSeed, at the Nindies event during GDC 2017. Please take a look at this 'Rolly Roguelike!'