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XBox, The Missing Gigs

By Steve Gibson, Nov 20, 2001 6:43am PST

Here's something to freak people out. Some snooping around the XBox by HardOCP combined with some astute eyes at CloudChaser reveals that although...


"silly news sites. those two gigs are dedicated for savegames, your soundtrack playlists and ..."

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XBox Finances

By Steve Gibson, Nov 19, 2001 9:24am PST

Mark Corr sent along this link from Forbes (which I assume he saw on VE) that discusses the finances behind the XBox and the realities of losing...


"$100 lost per unit sold is a pittance compared to what's in Microsoft's coffers."

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Haxoring XBox

By Steve Gibson, Nov 19, 2001 6:14am PST

Couple of tearing apart the XBox articles to check out. Firstly /. had this link to a guy who got MAME running on an XBox dev kit. Also, here's a...


" I read the other day that they were earning money on the PS2 hardware."

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XBox Opinions

By Steve Gibson, Nov 18, 2001 4:20am PST

Here's a roundup of some of the more informative XBox comments posted by users here yesterday in no real particular order. Seems like just about...


" mmm interesting theory - i thought they would release a browser i wonder if someone will ..."

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XBox Morning After

By Steve Gibson, Nov 16, 2001 5:05am PST

So we had a couple of XBox threads yesterday discussing people trying to find the machines and all that fun, Now that a bunch of people got to take...


" The trick to controling the jeep is to understand that you don't control the steering. You ..."

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Got An X-Box? Looking For One?

By Jack Mathews, Nov 15, 2001 8:43am PST

No comments from me on the X Box stuff really, since my bias seems to rile people up. I'm just mostly starting this story for two reasons......


" Tekken hides sloppy contacts with speed of fighting. wtf? Tekken is nowhere near the speed ..."

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XBox Launch Day

By Steve Gibson, Nov 15, 2001 3:06am PST

So it's XBox launch day! Supposedly you'll be able to go to your favorite toy or electronics store today and pick yourself up one of these...


" umm not possible'd Well, it has promise, but it depends what you define 'superior' to be. If ..."

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XBox Game Day

By Steve Gibson, Nov 09, 2001 4:32am PST

The embargo on XBox game reviews gets lifted today, what does that mean? Tons of full blown pre/reviews of all the XBox launch titles should be...


" I've always wanted ai that had some unpredictability to it - make each enemy have some ..."

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DOA3 Footage

By Steve Gibson, Nov 08, 2001 2:33pm PST

Generally save this stuff for late night consoling, but if you're considering an XBox system take a look at these videos of Dead or Alive 3. High...


" The key words there being "has no plans". "has no plans" doesn't necessarily mean "there ..."

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The Box is Coming

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 05, 2001 6:53am PST

The New York Times has an article about Microsoft's foray into the $20 billion console market with the Xbox, and how they got there. In other Xbox...


"Oh, does half a bil in advertising get you some free press, too? Oh, is Reuters reporting today ..."

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XBox Interview

By Steve Gibson, Nov 02, 2001 9:50am PST

Here's an XBox interview with Seamus Blackley of Microsoft talking about the upcoming console. Along with having a fruity name Seamus tends to act...


" I expected him to be like any other decent human being and not mention it, talk about YOUR ..."

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Xbox Troubles Revisited

By Steve Gibson, Oct 28, 2001 12:03pm PST

Here's your conflicting report of the weekend. A few days back we carried a story about reports coming in of XBox demo machines having issues with...


" Download on broadband though takes the responsibility away from the programmers such as the PC ..."

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X-Box Woes?

By Steve Gibson, Oct 23, 2001 11:40am PDT

Been having a few employees of stores send in reports of having some pretty strange difficulties with the X-Box demo units that are being sent...


" God,your comments are so childish it's almost painful to have to read."Robbie Bach an Ed Fries ..."

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Xbox Marketing

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 20, 2001 10:07am PDT

CNN has an article about the Xbox marketing campaign kicking into high gear. Of course we have already seen Taco Bell Xbox ads on sites like...


" controller the sligs an stuff ought to be awesome, the video certainly looked cool with the ..."

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XBox Euro Date

By Steve Gibson, Oct 16, 2001 2:22pm PDT

MS has announced the launch date in Europe for the XBox. They are shooting for March 14th of 2002. According to the article the console actually...


" Marketing people and the stuff they come up with on a regular basis. I am still pleading ..."

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