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XBox Euro Date

By Steve Gibson, Oct 16, 2001 2:22pm PDT

MS has announced the launch date in Europe for the XBox. They are shooting for March 14th of 2002. According to the article the console actually...


" Marketing people and the stuff they come up with on a regular basis. I am still pleading ..."

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Microsoft & Sega Deal

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 12, 2001 7:40am PDT

Looks like fans of Sega's Shenmue will have to pick up an Xbox for more Shenmue games, as Microsoft and Sega have announced a new deal which will...


" why do you put it in a question? == is a boolean question in C(++)!"

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XBox Specs Change

By Steve Gibson, Oct 10, 2001 6:36am PDT

Here's something that is a bit scary. With only about a month or so left before release, Microsoft has once again changed the specs on their XBox...


"Well, that's it. I was almost ready to get an X-box, but shedding 2 gigs of hdd space has ..."

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Sam & Max Preview

By Steve Gibson, Oct 02, 2001 7:28am PDT

As everyone got all excited at the prospect of the new Sam & Max game, you'll probably want to check out this little preview the IGN folks have...


"Max: He's not a real guy, Sam! Can I keep his head for a souvenir? Why do you suppose its ..."

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Xbox Tech Article

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 27, 2001 12:33pm PDT

XBox Technology Overview is an article on the Firing Squad, looking at the hardware that powers the Microsoft console. Overview of the XGPU, MCPX,...


XBox Delayed

By Steve Gibson, Sep 21, 2001 11:59am PDT

Well we've been seeing of mentions of supply problems and a few other misc things that were pointing towards the XBox not quite making it out on...


"This fanboy-ism is repulsive. Your'e probably all the type that wear corporate logos ..."

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XBox Ship Quantities

By Steve Gibson, Sep 20, 2001 9:40am PDT

Looks like Microsoft isnt quite sure if they will have a bunch, a whole bunch, or a whole whole bunch of XBox consoles ready for the release date...


" actually, it is ironic she sings about shit that isnt ironic"

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MS HomeStation Specs

By Steve Gibson, Sep 12, 2001 3:32pm PDT

A few days back the "sequel" to the XBox being called HomeStation was revealed. A few days later, much like the original XBox Microsoft...


" ??? I thought you could play PS1 games on a PS2. WTF -J"

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X-Box Presales

By Steve Gibson, Sep 10, 2001 9:39am PDT

So a few more places have started opening up their pre-orders for the Microsoft X-Box console system bundles. It's been a pretty long and wacky...


" Oh no I'm use to my GF3 with NO jaggies, and nice textures. GT3 could havce looked 10x better."

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X-Box Commercials

By Steve Gibson, Sep 07, 2001 1:19pm PDT

The X-Box marketing blitz is about to kick in to high gear with TV commercials and the like. Here is a link to the first 3 commercials that will be...


"The Dreamcast-Thief commercial soooo owned these shitXbox ads. It's thinking. "

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Microsoft HomeStation Rumors

By Jack Mathews, Sep 07, 2001 10:54am PDT

Normally, I'm not one to post something this unsubstantiated, but it's sort of cool and everyone else seems to have skipped town. Anyway, PC...


" you can be sure that they already have a military and an information network. Your government ..."

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X-Box Online

By Steve Gibson, Sep 06, 2001 11:31am PDT

Looks like Microsoft is going to attempt to lead the way for the whole taking consoles online. The Sega Dreamcast does this a bit but not at quite...


" Yeah but resolutions won't be able to be changed most likely because it is, at it's core, a ..."

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Xbox Delay in Japan

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 27, 2001 6:32am PDT

Looks like the Xbox is being Japan that is. Instead of a debut late this year the Japanese will now get the console on February 22....


" erm no. They out sold windows one month last year, people were praising its stability. Which in ..."

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X-Box Production Delay

By Steve Gibson, Aug 14, 2001 10:03am PDT

Looks like there might be a bit of a glitch in the X-Box launch. A "possible flaw" in the Intel motherboard is causing production delays....


" Yeah I did and it was a really good premise but it just didn't come off well enough to make a ..."

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Buffy Shots

By Steve Gibson, Aug 13, 2001 2:14pm PDT

While on the screenshot kick, here's some shots of the new Buffy X-Box game in development. Some of them look pretty good while others appear to be...


" hmm how would they classify porn games? it would be like first person porner, real time humpegy."

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