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Wii Fit U to launch as free download, fully unlocked with $20 accessory purchase

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 18, 2013 6:00am PDT

In a rather surprising move, Nintendo is making Wii Fit U free--for a month.


"Pretty, pretty great. Maybe this will be intense enough for more advanced peeps to do something ..."

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Wii Fit Trainer joins Smash Bros line-up on Wii U and 3DS

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 11, 2013 11:39am PDT

"Her moves are very fitness-based."


Wii Fit U includes Fit Meter accessory

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 05, 2012 9:25am PST

The Wii Fit franchise is getting yet another accessory to accompany your Balance Board. The "Fit Meter" is similar to Nike Fuel (or the...


Wii Fit U announced

By Steve Watts, Jun 05, 2012 9:43am PDT

Nintendo showed off Wii Fit U at its E3 press briefing, and the ways that the controller can be used in concert with the Balance Board.


Nintendo suit dismissed, says it won't 'succumb to patent trolls'

By Steve Watts, Mar 02, 2012 1:15pm PST

A patent suit against Nintendo has been dismissed by a Maryland district judge, the company announced today.


"One of the reasons why I will never buy an apple product is Apple became the one of the worst ..."

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