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Valve has 'figured out' affordable VR with prototype

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 19, 2013 2:50pm PST

Valve has "figured out what affordable Virtual Reality (VR) hardware will be capable of within a couple of years." And they will show what their vision of the future is at an upcoming developer-only event.


"I've heard rumors that their prototype is a ridiculously expensive piece of hardware meant to ..."

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Rumor: Sony working on VR headset for PS4

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 03, 2013 10:30am PDT

Sony may be planning on competing against Oculus Rift. Three different reports claim that Sony is working on a similar VR headset for PS4, although there are conflicting reports as to when the supposed device will be debuted.


"Yes, expect for everything pointing to this VR being just a new update to their old "3d" ..."

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