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Nintendo Downloads: WiiWare Demos, Tetris Live Party, Spin Master

The first fruits of Nintendo's new WiiWare demo program have arrived in this week's batch of Wii and DSi downloadable releases, along with multiplayer Tetris, penguin herding, vintage Neo Geo yo-yo fun and a portrait of the joys of consumerism.

"I think thats the 3rd Tetris release for the DS. Can't blame them, its still a popular game online."
- Sir_Shaggy    See all 3 comments

Nintendo Downloads: Disco Lights, Big Beats and Las Vegas Slot Machines

If you were astonished by the recent release of a DSiWare title which turns your handheld into a very expensive flashlight, you'll be astonished by what this week's batch of Wii and DSi downloadable releases brings--the opportunity to power a disco light show with your very own DSi. Whip up some beats in the Wii sequencer Mix Superstar and you'll have all the fun of a throbbing club without the stench of sweat and vomit!

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Nintendo Downloads: Robox, Gene Labs and NeoGeo's Street Slam

This week's batch of Nintendo downloads features two additions to the WiiWare service, Robox and Gene Labs--with the latter receiving a DSi version as well. Nintendo has also added a new game to the Virtual Console catalog, NeoGeo's Street Slam.

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Nintendo Downloads: BIT.TRIP FATE

This week's batch of downloadable Wii and DSi releases demonstrates the wonderful width and breadth of the video gaming world, letting you blast enemies to a beat in BIT.TRIP FATE, learn the wonders of the night sky and, ah, use your DSi as a flashlight.

"Alice I'm loving the Flashlight screenshots. Thanks for including them! Also, do you really ..."
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Nintendo Downloads: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

This week's batch of downloadable Wii and DSi new releases brings goodies including a Virtual Console version of Square's RPG Final Fantasy Mystic Quest from the SNES as well as Armada, a DSiWare strategy game which sounds a lot like perennial portable favourite Flight Control with added combat.

"At the time of its release, RPGs were still quite a niche genre. Mystic Quest was meant as a ..."
- Sideways Bob    See all 17 comments

Nintendo Downloads: Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sonic Creator's New Platformer 'Ivy the Kiwi?'

This week's batch of Wii and DSi downloadable releases brings a double-whammy of Sonic-y goodness. Nintendo's delivering the first chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog's new retro, side-on, episode platformer Sonic 4 for WiiWare as well as a small slice of Sonic co-creator Yuji Naka's puzzle-platformer Ivy the Kiwi? on DSiWare.

"I think its like saying this might be the name of the staring character your playing as... But ..."
- agentboolen    See all 10 comments

Nintendo Downloads: Fatal Fury 3, 'Shantae' Sequel

Monday morning means another round of downloadable releases for the DSi and Wii in North America, with this week's batch including classic Neo Geo fighter Fatal Fury 3 and the belly-dancing platformer sequel Shantae: Risky's Revenge.

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Nintendo Downloads: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle's wonderful Very Hungry Caterpillar crawls onto Wii in this week's batch of downloadable Wii and DSi releases, teaching its ABCs. If you want video games, mind, there's also several sports titles, Aero the Acro-Bat 2 in the Virtual Console and an intriguing platformer where every level must be completed within ten seconds.

"No new MyNotebook? At least there's a calendar to keep the Giant Bombcast DSiWare section ..."
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Nintendo Downloads: Castle Conqueror, Crazy Pinball

You might hope that the 25th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros. would be a good occasion to release some fine Mario wares for download on Wii and DSi but alas, this week we get only a small and humdrum selection. The highlights would seem to be the real-time strategy Castle Conqueror and Crazy Pinball, because we all like pinball.

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Nintendo Downloads: Samurai Shodown III

After a lengthy Virtual Console drought, this week's batch of downloadable Nintendo Wii and DSi releases brings sweet relief with SNK's vintage feudal fighter Samurai Shodown III. There are also Western adventure game jollies with Fenimore Fillmore.

"All of the games on VC are emulated and they obviously do quality control on them because I ..."
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Nintendo Downloads: Tales of Elastic Boy

Although Nintendo returned to adding Virtual Console releases to its weekly list of downloadable offerings last week, we're not so lucky this time around.

While we don't have a new "classic" to add to our digital collection, Nintendo has added Tales of Elastic Boy - Mission 1 to its console via WiiWare along with a trio of new titles in the DSiWare library. Read more »

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Nintendo Downloads: And Yet It Moves

This week's batch of Nintendo digital releases brings with it a new addition to the Virtual Console, something the Wii platform has been lacking for a number of weeks now. Along with the NES title Ufouria: The Saga comes the previously PC, Mac and Linux-exclusive puzzle platformer And Yet It Moves. DSiWare fans can get their livestock farming simulation on in My Farm.

"And yet it moves for the wii - is it directly attached to the remote? On the PC version you ..."
- avatar_58    See all 2 comments

Nintendo Downloads: Monsters vs. Robots

Nintendo has unveiled this week's batch of downloadable Wii and DSi releases to reveal yet another week without a Virtual Console title. There is, however, the Chronos Twins-y DSi puzzle-platformer Divergent Shift, where you control one character on two screens at once, and a Pikmin-ish strategy game pitting monsters against robots.

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Nintendo Downloads: Enjoy Your Massage!

This week's round of DSi and Wii downloadable releases takes things down a notch, letting players get creative with Rhythm Core Alpha, play a little chess, gaze at an aquarium or learn the ancient and sensual art of massage, as you've always wanted to.

"I saw no tentacles of any kind in the game play photos. I bet they come out on the second play ..."
- swings1940    See all 14 comments

Nintendo Downloads: BlayzBloo

If you're frustrated by yet another week of downloadable Wii and DSi releases without a Virtual Console title, perhaps you can work your anger out by shooting innocent animals in Deer Captor or cutting loose in BlayzBloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale, a cutesy arena-based DSi version of Askys' fine fighting series BlazBlue.

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