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There won't be an Assassin's Creed game in 2016

By Daniel Perez, Feb 11, 2016 8:55am PST

We guess the next game needs just a bit more time within the Animus.


"to clarify, Black Flag is a great game, but it doesn't do that much with the core AC ..."

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Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.1 fixes a lot of its major issues; patch notes, size, and date revealed

By Daniel Perez, Feb 11, 2016 7:54am PST

Rainbow Six Siege's latest patch will fix a lot of the game's major issues, which includes the T-Pose glitch, Blitz's head model reduction, and more.


"$60 CAD "on sale"... still not low enough to convince me to jump in ;("

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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia review: Marx of the Ninja

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 09, 2016 10:00am PST

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia captures the atmosphere of the Bolshevik Revolution-era, but inconsistent stealth mechanics and a flurry of cheap fail states means this game doesn't quite live up to its lofty premise. Our review.


Ubisoft announces The Division open beta date

By Daniel Perez, Feb 09, 2016 9:25am PST

The Division's open beta will commence next week.


""Open beta" meaning demo - the closed beta was the most locked down "demo-style beta" I have ..."

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Far Cry Primal's latest gameplay trailer gives a crash course on its prehistoric world

By Daniel Perez, Feb 09, 2016 6:30am PST

Think Flinstones, but way more deadly.


"I was against it at first, but that may have edged me to give it a 2nd look. Damn those people ..."

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The Division PC gameplay kept 'in check' with console versions to keep it fair [Update]

By Daniel Perez, Feb 08, 2016 6:48am PST

All platforms were not created equal, we guess.


"lol wow that update statement. "From the beginning, the PC version of The Division was ..."

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Trackmania Turbo prepares to leave the pit stop for a March 2016 release

By Daniel Perez, Feb 05, 2016 8:26am PST

Trackmania Turbo needed to hit pit road, but is now preparing to get back on the track next month.


"I don't know much about Trackmania but this looks like Burnout meets Wipeout which is FREAKING ..."

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Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.0 introduces a bunch of new bugs

By Daniel Perez, Feb 05, 2016 7:40am PST

The patch is causing more harm than good.


"They're getting Tpose? ROFL, did they do ANY QA testing before rolling this out? That's the most ..."

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Hey, You Can Play EndWar Online Via Steam Now

By Brittany Vincent, Feb 05, 2016 5:57am PST

Now there are more ways to end war, online. 


"The Steam user reviews for this game are mostly negative ( F2P with overzealous ..."

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Ubisoft Finally Lets The Cat Out of the Bag With Assassin's Creed Identity

By Brittany Vincent, Feb 04, 2016 5:20am PST

Finally, the Identity has been revealed.


"It was supposed to just be a trilogy but then AC2 was money bags and they have been riding it ..."

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Rainbow Six Siege receives Operation Black Ice DLC for free today

By Daniel Perez, Feb 02, 2016 9:43am PST

Operation Black Ice is available across all version of Rainbow Six Siege, although Season Pass holders get first dibs with these new operators.


"I like that they are releasing the DLC for free. That's a good way to get people to keep playing ..."

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Ubisoft and EA fight over 'Ghost' trademark

By Daniel Perez, Feb 01, 2016 1:46pm PST

What's next? Someone attempting to trademark 'React'?


"A challenger materializes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_Ghost"

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Assassin's Creed Identity sneaks onto mobile devices later this month

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 01, 2016 11:00am PST

The Assassin's Creed series looks to be taking its core gameplay ideas and applying them to mobile devices with the announcement of Assassin's Creed Identity, set to hit later in February.


The Division open beta coming later this month

By Daniel Perez, Feb 01, 2016 7:06am PST

We'll all get our chance of catching a serious infection thanks to The Divison having an open beta later this month. Better keep some antibiotics handy.


"Sure, sorry. I was getting pedantic with the term 'exploit' which I normally just associate with ..."

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PSA: Watch out for these tricky Rogues in The Division Closed Beta

By Josh Hawkins, Jan 31, 2016 2:20pm PST

Looks like these Rogue Agents don't want to play by the rules...


"Holy canola oil. That's terrible. I haven't had any issues running it this weekend. Strange how ..."

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