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Acer announces new 4K gaming notebook for mid-November release

By Daniel Perez, Nov 03, 2014 7:45am PST

Acer will be releasing a new 4K gaming notebook this holiday season that offers some impressive specs within a 5lb body.


"Desktop cards can barely squeeze out 4k. I don't see lower power laptop variants doing much ..."

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The Crew PC requirements speeds past the finish line

By Daniel Perez, Nov 03, 2014 5:45am PST

The PC requirements for Ubisoft's The Crew have been released. Is your PC fast enough to keep up with this racer?


Assassin's Creed Unity trailer does a quantum leap

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 30, 2014 1:15pm PDT

Assassin's Creed Unity tells the tale of an Assassin surviving the politcally unstable period of the French Revolution. He then picks up a machine gun to shoot down a bi-plane. Wait, what?


"I played it around when it came out but I remember loving the world, story and, of course, the ..."

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Far Cry 4 goes gold with multiplayer trailer

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 30, 2014 10:20am PDT

Far Cry 4 has gone gold and will make its November 18 release date. Here's a multiplayer trailer to celebrate.


The Crew's next closed beta drives in on November 6

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 29, 2014 9:30am PDT

The Crew is rolling out another closed beta, this time for console audiences. The beta will run from November 6-10.


Assassin's Creed Unity's Phantom Blade available for your Halloween assassinating needs

By Daniel Perez, Oct 28, 2014 10:00am PDT

Need a hidden blade to help complete your Assassin's Creed Unity costume for Halloween? Ubisoft has got your covered.


Assassin's Creed Unity PC specs released

By Josh Hawkins, Oct 23, 2014 1:10pm PDT

Ubisoft has released the specs for the PC version of Assassin's Creed Unity. Does your computer have what it takes to bring the French Revolution to life?


"Still, it's going back to the days of picking and choosing which games stay installed."

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Paris is yours in new Assassin's Creed Unity trailer

By Josh Hawkins, Oct 23, 2014 12:30pm PDT

Take a more in depth look at what Assassin's Creed Unity has to offer.


Assassin's Creed Unity's companion app explained

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 20, 2014 1:15pm PDT

Shacknews recently had a chance to check out the Assassin's Creed Unity companion app to see how well it will play with its console counterpart.


Far Cry 4 Season Pass includes day-one mission and Yetis

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 20, 2014 10:40am PDT

As has become the style, Far Cry 4 is getting a Season Pass that will include day one content and abominable snowmen.


Far Cry 4 level design director talks co-op, elephants, and more

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 17, 2014 2:15pm PDT

Shacknews recently had a chance to check out Far Cry 4 and speak to the game's level design director, Mark Thompson, about many of the features coming to the latest chapter of the franchise.


"i have this on pre-order but one thing really really pissed me off watching this video was when ..."

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Assassin's Creed Unity video introduces a historical cast

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 16, 2014 9:30am PDT

There are more faces to see in Assassin's Creed Unity beyond Arno and Elise and you can meet them in the latest video.


The Crew's customization options highlighted in latest trailer

By Daniel Perez, Oct 16, 2014 7:15am PDT

The Crew will have quite the selection of vehicle customization options when it's released this December.


"never pre-order anything. i have no idea how that's still a thing. "

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Xbox One Assassin's Creed bundles sneak into retail this fall

By Daniel Perez, Oct 15, 2014 6:35am PDT

Two new Xbox One bundles will be made available this fall that will be the ideal pasckage for would-be assassins.


"Vouchers for Unity AND IV? Whoa. Glad I waited til this holiday season to pick a new console up. ..."

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Assassin's Creed Rogue gets story trailer and PC release window

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 13, 2014 9:20am PDT

As Ubisoft reveals the story of Shay, the publisher has also revealed that Assassin's Creed Rogue will be hitting PC early next year.


"That actually looks like a more interesting story than Unity, which I have no idea what its about."

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