Ubisoft Montpelier Videos

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Rayman Legends E3 2013 gameplay trailer

Now that you know the story and background, feast your eyes on some new Rayman Legends gameplay from E3 2013.

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Rayman Legends E3 2013 cinematic trailer

Check out the cinematic trailer for Rayman Legends from the Ubisoft E3 2013 conference.

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Rayman Legends Playstation Vita trailer

Ubisoft brings Rayman Legends to the Playstation Vita with a new trailer.

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Rayman Legends 20,000 Lums under the Sea trailer

Travel beneath the seas of Rayman Legends and take advantage of the game's stealth mechanics to avoid and defeat enemies in the new 20,000 Lums under the Sea content pack.

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Rayman Legends Mariachi Madness trailer

Fiesta de los Muertos gets its own overview trailer, featuring an original arrangement of Eye of the Tiger by Christophe Heral and Michel Ancel.