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Street Fighter X Tekken promises PS3/Vita cross-platform DLC

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 16, 2011 1:30pm PDT

Street Fighter X Tekken's DLC will be cross-platform across the PlayStation Vita and PS3. "As long as you're using the same PSN account, things you've purchased on the Vita version will work on PS3 and vice versa."


"Yeah, I just checked the official site, it only lists Vita, 360, and PS3, so for now I'm going ..."

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Street Fighter X Tekken's 'Cross Assaults' explained

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 15, 2011 4:15pm PDT

The latest Street Fighter X Tekken trailer not only shows off the game's new combat system, but also reveals three new characters.


Tekken X Street Fighter hasn't settled on fireballs solution

By Steve Watts, Aug 02, 2011 9:00am PDT

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada discusses some of the challenges in merging Street Fighter with Tekken, specifically in how Street Fighter's fireballs are used in a 3D plane.


"I've seen this, in Ehrgeiz. Don't ask how I know about Ehrgeiz."

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Street Fighter X Tekken teases two more characters

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 01, 2011 12:00pm PDT

It seems that Street Fighter ninja Ibuki and Tekken's bear Kuma (yes, bear) are coming to the cross-over fighter, judging by a pair of teaser trailers shown at EVO over the weekend.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue included on Tekken Hybrid Blu-ray

By Andrew Yoon, Jul 25, 2011 6:45pm PDT

Tekken fans can get their hands on an exclusive demo version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 by picking up a PS3-enhanced Blu-ray version of Tekken Blood Vengeance.


"lame, tekken tag was one of our groups favorite party games, can't beat 15 people passing ..."

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Street Fighter X Tekken character reveals: Poison, Dhalsim, Steve Fox, Yoshimitsu

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 22, 2011 6:00am PDT

The Street Fighter X Tekken fighter lineup has been expanded at Comic-Con, with Dhalsim and Poison joining the Street Fighter side and Steve Fox and Yoshimitsu stepping up for Tekken.


"Law is kinda required for the Tekken side, but Fei Long might be a tougher call. "

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