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MenaRD Wins Capcom Cup 2017

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 10, 2017 6:10pm PST

There is a new Street Fighter World Champion and it is MenaRD out of the Dominican Republic.


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Features Almost All the Street Fighter

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 10, 2017 2:56pm PST

Name a Street Fighter game, it's probably here. Capcom has announced the biggest Street Fighter collection ever prior to Sunday's Capcom Cup.


"SF1 was not a good game. It's a miracle SF2 ever saw the light of day."

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Street Fighter X Mega Man - A Shacknews Retrospective

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 04, 2017 12:00pm PST

Capcom is celebrating Mega Man's 30th Anniversary this week by looking at the Blue Bomber's vast influence over the past three decades. Shacknews is also celebrating, but by looking at a special fan-made effort that Capcom first helped bring to the masses five years ago.


Capcom Cup 2017 Brackets, NuckleDu Substitute Revealed

By Ozzie Mejia, Nov 29, 2017 7:00pm PST

The brackets for this year's Capcom Cup have been revealed, with Capcom also addressing the sudden absence of defending champion Du 'NuckleDu' Dang.


"Might try and get in through LCQ, but I think Infiltration is entered there too, so gooooood luck!"

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Defending Street Fighter 5 Champion NuckleDu Will Miss Capcom Cup

By Ozzie Mejia, Nov 28, 2017 6:20pm PST

The Capcom Cup has undergone a major shakeup, with defending champion Du 'NuckleDu' Dang announcing he would miss the event.


"Hope he is okay. I know he has battle depression for quite some time."

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Street Fighter 5 Offers Sneak Peek at New V-Trigger Moves

By Ozzie Mejia, Nov 20, 2017 9:50am PST

One of the big changes coming to Street Fighter next year is a second batch of V-Trigger moves. On Monday, Capcom offered a taste of what those would look like.


Ninja School: Analyzing Street Fighter 5's Zeku From the Casual and Pro Player Perspectives

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 25, 2017 4:00pm PDT

Guy's old master has stepped into the Street Fighter V fray. How does he handle? Shacknews goes hands-on and also takes a look at how the pros are faring with the Bushinryu master.


Red Bull Battle Grounds Will Feature VR Street Fighter 2 Bonus Stage

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 25, 2017 2:05pm PDT

Red Bull Battle Grounds attendees will be able to live out the iconic Street Fighter II bonus stage, hopefully with attendees yelling out 'Oh, my car!' to enhance the experience.


Zeku Rounds Out Street Fighter 5 Season 2 DLC Characters

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 15, 2017 8:40am PDT

Street Fighter 5 has unveiled its final DLC character for Season 2 and he should look familiar to fans of Street Fighter Alpha 2.


"Info: https://game.capcom.com/cfn/sfv/promotion/zku Moves: ..."

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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Adds Features, Free to All Current Users

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 05, 2017 9:10am PDT

For those that don't own Street Fighter V, a whole new package is on its way that's set to overhaul the game. And no, current owners don't need to buy a second version of the game.


"And who already went through everything story related and its absurdly easy difficulty."

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Street Fighter 5 Prepares for Halloween, Remasters Cammy's SF2 Stage

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 25, 2017 1:15pm PDT

While Capcom gets ready to celebrate the Halloween holiday, it's also looking to celebrate Cammy with new outfits and a return to her classic Street Fighter II stage.


iam8bit Offers Limited Edition Reproduction of Street Fighter II for $100

By Jason Venter, Aug 30, 2017 4:55pm PDT

If you’re ready to pay a premium price, you can secure a reproduction of a true SNES classic, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.


"Cool, the price is mental though. I don't understand why they can't reproduce all of the SNES ..."

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Test Drive: Analyzing Street Fighter 5's Abigail from the casual and pro player perspectives

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 27, 2017 3:00pm PDT

There was some skepticism from the Street Fighter community when Capcom first revealed Abigail as Street Fighter V's next character. But how does the former Mad Gears bad guy handle? Shacknews goes hands-on and offers some analysis, while also analyzing the pro player consen...


"I've been saying since Day...well 3, that SFV Gief just needed Green Hand back and all would be ..."

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EVO 2017: Final Fight's Abigail is the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 16, 2017 7:08pm PDT

VROOOOOOOOOOOM! Abigail is riding onto the Street Fighter V roster.


"OK yeah that would solve both problems. But too little too late I guess."

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21 Facts You Might Not Know About All the Games on the SNES Classic

By David Craddock, Jun 27, 2017 5:05pm PDT

Is Super Castlevania 4 a prequel, a sequel, or something else entirely? Learn the answer and 20 other secrets about the games collected in Nintendo’s Super NES Classic.


"For a taste of how crazy Rainbow Edition was, check this out: ..."

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