Sonic the Hedgehog News


Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Rights Race to Paramount Pictures

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 02, 2017 3:50pm PDT

Gotta go fast... to a different movie studio!


"If they do something cool and animated like the intro to Sonic Mania I would be totally down for ..."

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Sonic Mania PC Release Date

By Chris Jarrard, Aug 20, 2017 2:55pm PDT

Sega’s blue speedball is arriving soon on PC.


How to Unlock Debug Mode in Sonic Mania

By Bill Lavoy, Aug 18, 2017 4:00pm PDT

Learn how to unlock the Sonic Mania Debug Mode on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Sonic Mania - How to Go Fast

By Bill Lavoy, Aug 17, 2017 7:00pm PDT

Learn how to go fast in Sonic Mania for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Sonic Mania Review: Blast from the Past to the Future

By David Craddock, Aug 14, 2017 4:00pm PDT

While Sonic Mania is largely a throwback game, the parts it modernizes are chosen deliberately, resulting in a game that single-handedly makes the franchise relevant again.


"I put over an hour into it this morning and didn't see any performance or visual issues at all. ..."

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'Sega Forever' Brings Back Classics for Free, with a Catch

By Steve Watts, Jun 21, 2017 11:30am PDT

The new nostalgia-fueled line-up is coming to mobile, which as we all know is the best outlet for classic games.


"Agreed. Something like the excellent mega drive collection they did on Steam. "

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Sonic Mania is a New Classic Sonic Game For Nintendo Switch

By Jason Faulkner, Jan 13, 2017 3:00pm PST

Channel memories of the Sega Genesis with this new retro Sonic title.


"Hmm. Strangely, I kinda feel that $70 for that CE isn't a bad deal. Assuming the figure is ..."

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Sonic the Hedgehog Comes To Build-A-Bear Workshop

By Brittany Vincent, Dec 01, 2016 9:16am PST

Okay, now I definitely have to go there. 


"Oh man I keep forgetting how much I want to take the niece and nephew (niblings) to build a bear. "

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Sonic Mania Announced at Comic-Con 2016

By Asif Khan, Jul 22, 2016 9:00pm PDT

Great news for long time fans of the franchise!


"But... but... I've been hurt so many times and dunno if I can ever love again!"

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Sega Teasing 'Big News' To Come At Sonic the Hedgehog SXSW Presentation

By Brittany Vincent, Mar 03, 2016 5:50am PST

BREAKING: Sonic's next game to feature chili dogs. 


""We're retiring Sonic as the main character. Introducing our new lead, Big the Cat!""

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For Some Reason, Sonic Is Now Starring In A Live-Action and Animation Movie Hybrid

By Brittany Vincent, Feb 10, 2016 8:55am PST

Does this have something to do with all those chili dogs?


There's reason to be concerned with Sonic Boom

By Robert Workman, Jun 30, 2014 9:30am PDT

Is Sega's latest Sonic game already running into trouble?


"No, it was a one-time 20th Anniversary thing. Let it keep being magical."

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Sonic teaser features two Sonics

By Steve Watts, Apr 07, 2011 9:00am PDT

Sega has posted a teaser trailer for an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game, showing not one but two Sonics, classic and contemporary, running side-by-side.


"It'd be cool if they uses the American Archie comics writers, either basing a story on their ..."

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