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Shack Tactical leader discusses helicopter flight in Arma 3

Shack Tactical leader discusses helicopter flight in Arma 3

Though infantry combat is arguably the heart of Arma 3, helicopter support is a pivotal key to success against the enemy. Of course, flying a helicopter and transporting other infantry is easier said than done. Fortunately, Bohemia Interactive has uploaded a helpful guide to flying from longtime Shacknews Chatty community member and Shack Tactical leader Dslyecxi.

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"I thought he actually worked for Bohemia now as some kind of community relations person?"
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Community Spotlight: Shack Tactical, part 2

Community Spotlight: Shack Tactical, part 2

(Editor's note: If you missed the first installment of the Shack Tactical Community Spotlight, you can read it here.)

Dozens of infantry are lined up along the side of an airstrip. These soldiers are ready for battle. Meanwhile, another dozen soldiers cross over a nearby threshold and encounter enemy resistance. The battle with the enemy has begun. This is the next part of Shack Tactical's latest video, Town Sweep. Soldiers fight as a cohesive unit with a great sense of discipline. It takes a special breed of player to become a part of Shack Tactical. Among those that help determine who can hang with this group is Shacknews Chatty's own Andrew "dslyexci" Gluck.

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"I should have tagged this with bright colors to help spotlight how entertaining it is, right? My ..."
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Community Spotlight: Shack Tactical, part 1

Community Spotlight: Shack Tactical, part 1

A group of eight infantry members strategically map out from which direction to infiltrate an occupied town. On a nearby road, about a dozen soldiers share prior war stories. "I wasn't Rambo-ing it up!" says one random infantryman. "I wasn't doing anything wrong and I just got killed. That's what I live with every day." Still another group plots out their strategy of entering through an airstrip using roads and bushes as cover.

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"This video just made me purchase Arma 2. Always wanted a game filled with people who actually ..."
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