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GDC 2018: Facebook Has Sights On Livestreaming With New PC Gaming SDK

By Charles Singletary, Mar 26, 2018 10:59am PDT

Facebook wants in on the growing livestreaming craze and is providing devs with the tools to make their platform a priority. 


Nintendo Switch SDK Documents Leaked, 'Guest Login' and Data Transfers Coming

By Asif Khan, Jun 29, 2017 8:30am PDT

It appears that Nintendo was working on a save data transfer before the system was launched. 


"It's the kind of system you want to show off and having to add accounts makes that a bit ..."

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CryEngine 3 SDK offered for free

By Andrew Yoon, Aug 17, 2011 5:00pm PDT

The battle of the engines continues. Crytek has announced that the SDK for its CryEngine 3 will be free--not unlike the competing Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games.


"Yeah, they tried with CryEngine 2 but not nearly as much as they have been with 3 so far."

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Kinect for Windows SDK now available

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 16, 2011 12:45pm PDT

Microsoft has released an official Windows SDK for Kinect, allowing "researchers, developers and enthusiasts" the ability to create new Kinect hacks.


"Holly shit really, damn that's freaking cool I can use this thing, thanks :) "

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