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Renegade Ops media: explosions galore

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Renegade Ops media: explosions galore

Renegade Ops was announced back in March, a downloadable vehicular shooter "all about driving or flying around blowing stuff up while playing with your friends" from the maker of Just Cause 2. Which sounded awfully exciting. Now the first proper in-game trailer and screenshots have been released, showing it does look like jolly good explosive fun.

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"I love these developers. They 'get' what makes fun vehicle weapons. Hint: it is not limited ..."
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Starhawk announced as Warhawk 'spiritual successor'

Starhawk announced as Warhawk 'spiritual successor'

Ever since Lightbox Interactive was founded by veterans of Warhawk developer Incognito, it's been rumoured that the studio was working on a follow-up to the walking-driving-flying multiplayer PS3 shooter. Today that became official, as Starhawk was unveiled as its "spiritual successor."

Starhawk promises "epic 32 player online battles" on foot, in vehicles, or in air, much like Warhawk. Players will be able to customise the battlefield with a feature called 'Build & Battle,' instantly dropping turrets, bunkers, walls, towers and other structures down from orbit. They're all destructible, of course. Read more »

"mittense, has the aiming been changed at all? The biggest downer for me about warhawk was that ..."
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Celebrate 'Gearbox Community Day' with new Duke Nukem Forever screens

Celebrate 'Gearbox Community Day' with new Duke Nukem Forever screens

Gearbox has announced its first-ever community event, aptly dubbed "Gearbox Community Day." The event will take place in Dallas, TX, on June 11.

Registration and further details for the event are available right now and tickets are slated to be priced at the low, low cost of zero earth dollars.

According to the announcement press release for the event, Gearbox Community Day will feature a chance for gamers to play Duke Nukem Forever "alongside the Gearbox crew"; panels and presentations from the people behind Gearbox's franchises, including Duke Nukem, Borderlands, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Brothers in Arms and more; and the first "public unveiling of never-before-seen materials" by Gearbox. Read more »

"Community day? About time they praised them for actually making Borderlands playable!"
- Beady    See all 7 comments

Star Wars: The Old Republic lore galore

Star Wars: The Old Republic lore galore

Lore--love it or hate it, you've got to loathe the way writing in video games is damaged by an obsession with trifling and insignificant details. Still, some people love poring over it, a group which happens to overlap quite heavily with Star Wars fans. In light of this, the unveiling of an in-game lore encyclopaedia for Star Wars: The Old Republic is perhaps no great surprise.

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"um, no. the criticism was that they story telling was bland, and your character had no impact on ..."
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Dead Block announced for XBLA, PSN, and PC

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Dead Block announced for XBLA, PSN, and PC

Candygun Games has announced its debut title called Dead Block, a zombie-defense game with B-movie aesthetics developed with Unreal Engine 3.

Dead Block's premise is a silly one: In 1950's America, Rock'n'Roll (also known as the Devil's music) was born. The music was so evil that it caused corpses to rise from their graves and attack the living. Read more »

"It doesn't look bad for an indie title. I'll probably check out the demo at least."
- House    See all 6 comments

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC screens revealed

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC screens revealed

Square Enix has just sent over the first batch of screens for the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The franchise "reboot" of sorts is the first project from developer Eidos Montreal, which was first established in 2007.

While Eidos Montreal is developing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, PC development duties have been given to Nixxes Software--a team known for bringing a number of Eidos properties to the PC. Read more »

"No reason for tessellation to be AMD only, but they've already demoed eyefinity support; I'd ..."
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Elemental patch 1.2 released to 'stomp out' bugs

Elemental patch 1.2 released to 'stomp out' bugs

The long-awaited patch 1.2 for Elemental: War of Magic has launched, bringing a whole host of fixes and improvements to Stardock's fantasy strategy game.

"The focus of this patch was to improve the UI, memory use in large games and stomp out any remaining bug," Stardock explained. 1.2 also brings an assortment of other tweaks and changes, along with four new maps. Read more »

"Maybe they will someday. But they still created Impulse, use Impulse Reactor and GOO, and have ..."
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Dragon Age 2 DLC item packs released

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Dragon Age 2 DLC item packs released

As if your Hawke's pockets were not already overflowing with loot after countless Dragon Age II items were given away as promos outside the game, BioWare has released three three class-specific item packs for its RPG as paid downloadable content.

Each $3 (240 Microsoft Points; 240 BioWare Points) pack contains items tailored for the three main classes--mage, rogue and warrior. You'll receive weapons and surprisingly attractive armour usable only by Hawke, along with three items followers can also equip. All three packs can be bought together in a discounted bundle for $5 (400 MSP; 400 BioWare Points). Read more »

"The expac will be Celebrity Champion's Apprentice. Where the rich ass Hawke fires.....bleh you ..."
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Three new shmup-related releases on XBLA

Three new shmup-related releases on XBLA

Two titles absent from Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb of Xbox Live's recent Xbox Live Marketplace schedule update have popped up on Xbox Live Arcade today, which is always a pleasant surprise. Trouble Witches Neo and Nin2-Jump both arrived alongside today's better-publicised launch of Outland.

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"Shmup? Is the definition of this common knowledge for Shackers?"
- radioactivez0r    See all 18 comments

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars landing in North America in August

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars landing in North America in August

Publisher Kalypso Media has announced that it'll be bringing "arcade flight game" Air Conflicts: Secret Wars to North America in August. The PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game is landing in Europe in May.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars promises "furious air-to-air and air-to-ground combat" in two World Wars, seven campaigns, over 16 aircraft, 24 "real-world inspired" maps, and 49 missions. Read more »

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Mass Effect 3 screenshots splash down

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Mass Effect 3 screenshots splash down

The first pair of Mass Effect 3 screenshots have been set free to roam the Cybernet as they please, giving a fair look at the kind of pretty pictures we can expect from the final chapter of BioWare's sci-fi RPG trilogy.

The screenshots show some boring-looking bloke we can only presume is an acquaintance of Jane Shepard duking it out with--and this is a story spoiler you might not guess by looking at the pictures, so if you don't want to read spoilers, stop reading now--Cerberus forces on the Salarian homeworld. Read more »

"I loved male Shepherd renegade. I get what you mean about her sounding more intimidating, but ..."
- rubicant    See all 107 comments

Blood Bowl dev adapting board game Confrontation for PC

Blood Bowl dev adapting board game Confrontation for PC

Having demonstrated a knack for adapting tabletop games to video games with Blood Bowl, Cyanide Studio is now turning its hand to another vintage board game, Rackham's Confrontation.

The fantasy miniature wargame will become a real-time strategy game with RPG elements. If you, like me, are unfamiliar with Confrontation, here's publisher Focus Home Interactive's explanation of the video game: Read more »

"Cool, I would watch this game, the devs have crazy ARPG/RPG skills(see Loki(over looked arpg) in ..."
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Bulletstorm Gun Sonata DLC out on consoles now, PC 'soon'

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Bulletstorm Gun Sonata DLC out on consoles now, PC 'soon'

In February, Epic Games boldly announced a Bulletstorm downloadable content before the game had even launched. That pack, named Gun Sonata, is now available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points).

Gun Sonata adds three new arenas for the Anarchy multiplayer mode, along with two new maps for the single-player score attack Echo mode. You also get another two Leash enhancements, the charmingly-named Flamingo and Pulp. Read more »

"They changed the Steam purchased version of Borderlands to Steamworks a while ago."
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Capcom announces Dragon's Dogma

Capcom announces Dragon's Dogma

During it's media-fest Captivate today, Capcom announced an open-world action game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 by the name of Dragon's Dogma.

Set in an open world with "hundreds of fully voiced NPCs," Dragon's Dogma is based around a quest to find and destroy a "mysterious" dragon. Along the way, you'll be slaying goblins, griffins, and other nasties. Capcom promises "accessible depth," with factors from weapon weight and armour material to even your leg length affecting combat. Read more »

"i guess the producer/director got tired of sequels? hooray for original games! this looks good"
- squeakychimp    See all 19 comments

Street Fighter X Tekken screens and trailers reveal six new fighters

Street Fighter X Tekken screens and trailers reveal six new fighters

The first title in the surprise Capcom and Namco Bandai partnership series is back in the news today, with a look at six new combatants ready to take the stage in Street Fighter X Tekken.

The latest trailers and screenshots for the fighting title show Ken, Guile, and Abel from Capcom's universe and Bob, King, and Marduk from Tekken have been given the nod to enter the upcoming fray. Read more »

"This post is where I punch you in the face...Paul Phoenix-style"
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