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Torchlight clone pulled from App Store, developer making changes

Torchlight clone pulled from App Store, developer making changes

Apple has pulled a Torchlight clone from the App Store, after Runic Games complained that it was using in-game assets from their title. Studio founder Travis Baldree accused the game, Armed Heroes, of using monsters, dungeons, voices, and sound effects directly from Torchlight.

"We're having to contact Apple about it, so, just a heads up - this may not be available for long," Baldree said.

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Torchlight 2 dev shares progress update

Torchlight 2 dev shares progress update

Diablo III has come, and some bitter cynics might say gone, but Torchlight II is snug still in its cocoon, growing legs, wings, axes, helmets, and all the other bits an action-RPG needs. But when will it come, and why is it taking so long? Runic president Travis Baldree has said the studio's being "deliberately vague" about release dates, and shared a little insight into what's going on.

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"I picked up Bastion the other day for a light fix until torchlight 2 arrives. Surprisingly fun. "
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Torchlight 2 beta invites going out for stress test

Torchlight 2 beta invites going out for stress test

If you fancy having a gander at the Torchlight II beta, this weekend may bring your chance. Starting today, developer Runic is hosting a short stress test, and will be doling out heaps more invites. In light of what happened to that other clicking game when it launched, careful preparation is probably sensible.

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Torchlight 2 pre-orders open with free original on Steam

Torchlight 2 pre-orders open with free original on Steam

Undeterred by the launch of the clicking juggernaut that is Diablo III in a fortnight, Runic Games has opened pre-orders for its own action-RPG, the charming Torchlight II. You can slap your $20 down now, or club together with three chums for the $60 four-pack.

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"T2 had a release window when I definitely would have bought it. That was about 8 months ago, you ..."
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Torchlight 2 preview

Torchlight 2 preview

Torchlight gained attention for scratching the Diablo itch, but it became a hit in its own right. With Diablo 3 on the horizon, Torchlight 2 is continuing to forge its own path in the dungeon-crawler space. The sequel iterates on the first game's sharp style, adding a more living world and new classes to occupy them.

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Torchlight 2 delayed to next year

Torchlight 2 delayed to next year

Torchlight 2 has been pushed out of this calendar year, according to Runic Games co-founder Travis Baldree. Citing the need for extra polish time and the desire to run a beta before launch, Baldree says the extra time will "ensure that the quality level is consistent all the way to the end."

In the meantime, Baldree suggests playing a few other games like Skyrim and Battlefield 3. "Those are awesome games," he said. "When Torchlight 2 goes live, we want it to be awesome too - all the way through."

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"They need to release before d3 unless the game is a mess right now."
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Torchlight 2 priced at $20, final class revealed

Torchlight 2 priced at $20, final class revealed

Runic Games has announced that Torchlight II will release at the same price point of the original game. It will be $19.99 when it comes to downloadable services later this year. Given the response toward the first game, it only makes sense to imitate success.

"It's always been our goal to provide exceptional value for the price," said CEO Max Schaefer in the announcement.

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"I would have payed more for this game... Thanks for not screwing us Runic"
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Torchlight 2 would need redesign for XBLA

Torchlight 2 would need redesign for XBLA

While the Xbox Live Arcade edition of tip-top action-RPG Torchlight has been very successful, developer Runic Games faces serious obstacles with the sequel on Xbox 360. CEO Max Schaefer has told Eurogamer that technical limitations mean Torchlight II would need to be redesigned if it were to be released for the console.

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Torchlight 2 Announced, Packing Multiplayer

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Torchlight developer Runic Games has announced a sequel to its fine action RPG, which will be released for download in 2011 complete with multiplayer support.

Torchlight II will go above ground to the continent of Vilderan--though "deep ominous caverns" are still promised--"with weather, time of day cycles, and random events." Read more »

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Steam for Mac Launches with Free Portal

[Update - 2:10pm CST] The Steam Mac Games Store is now open, offering over fifty games and various launch day discounts, such as half-off Torchlight--making it $9.99--and 70% off Quantz, which brings that game down to just $3.00.

In addition, Valve's clever shooter-puzzler Portal is free on PC and Mac until May 24. Read more »

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Steam Mac Details Emerge

With Valve's digital distribution platform Steam slated to launch on the Mac platform tomorrow--Wednesday, May 12--the company today issued a few more details.

New "collections of Mac titles" will be available on Wednesdays, Valve explained today, with "each designed to highlight specific functionalitites of Steam on the Mac."

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Diablo, Mythos Vets Announce Action-MMO 'Torchlight'

Newly founded developer Runic Games, one of several companies formed from the ashes of Hellgate and Mythos developer Flagship, today announced its first project: an action-MMO titled Torchlight.

Torchlight is billed as a simple, action-oriented online PC game in the style of Diablo. The basic setup: "Adventurers set out from the town of Torchlight into the nearby mountains in search of the magic ore that imbues their equipment with power, yet imperils their very existence." Read more »

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Flagship Veterans Form Runic Games

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With Hellgate: London (PC) and Mythos (PC) developer Flagship Studios having laid off most of its staff and halted work on the free-to-play action-RPG Mythos, those responsible for Mythos have formed a new development company, Runic Games.

The team "intends to continue to use their expertise in the Action-RPG MMO genre to create the best games in this market," according to the press release, with more details due "in the coming days." Read more »

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