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Hitman: Absolution Joins Xbox One Backward Compatibility List

By John Keefer, Feb 14, 2017 10:45am PST

Grand Theft Auto IV joined last week.


Grand Theft Auto 5 Now Boasts 75 Million Units Shipped

By John Keefer, Feb 08, 2017 11:30am PST

The game still continues to rake in cash for publisher Take-Two Interactive.


GTA Online adds Collection Time Adversary Mode and new sports car

By John Keefer, Jan 17, 2017 11:04am PST

The car? Only the 'most exclusive two-door sports car on the planet."


"It should also be called GTA: Online, now buy some Shark cards or spend the next month trying to ..."

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GTA Online import-export update also lets you change your appearance

By John Keefer, Dec 15, 2016 8:59am PST

It will only cost a mere $100,000.


"Totally agree with you. I have noticed the enforcement on these missions to be WILDLY harder ..."

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Bully: Anniversary Edition Out Now For iOS and Android

By Jason Faulkner, Dec 08, 2016 11:10am PST

Have a Bully good time at Bullworth.


"Hey, you can play it on PS Now on PC. That's at least a start!"

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Red Dead Redemption coming to PS4 and PC through PS Now next month

By John Keefer, Nov 30, 2016 9:04am PST

The Undead Nightmare expansion will also be available.


"Not really the same. You still need an Xbox to make that happen, with this you don't need the ..."

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Red Dead Redemption 2 will offer 'great' story and gameplay elements

By Daniel Perez, Nov 18, 2016 8:12am PST

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick promises 'great' story and gameplay elements as well as 'incredible emotional depth.'


"They will probably sell us that version once they have ported the game again to Scorpio/Pro/PC."

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Take-Two CEO says competitors 'burn off their franchises by annualizing them'

By David Craddock, Nov 17, 2016 12:50pm PST

You may want a new Grand Theft Auto every year, but giving development studios time to percolate maintains their quality.


"I agree with that sentiment. You don't really get any big leaps it all gets incremental to the ..."

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GTA Online gets the Tron Bike starting today

By Daniel Perez, Nov 08, 2016 8:10am PST

The Tron Bike is the latest addition to GTA Online, and we're sure you're going to want to pick it up immediately.


"When the Light Cycle started ramping up, I always found a nice perma-black square to sit my ..."

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Grand Theft Auto Online's Halloween event includes special Adversary Mode and more

By Daniel Perez, Oct 25, 2016 8:55am PDT

Rockstar has a lot planned for this weekend's festivities, so let's take a look at what you should expect in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Red Dead Redemption coming to PlayStation Now 'soon'

By Daniel Perez, Oct 24, 2016 9:15am PDT

The release of Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation Now means PlayStation 4 AND PC owners will soon be able to experience the game for themselves.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Officially Revealed

By Brittany Vincent, Oct 20, 2016 7:44am PDT

Get ready to go west once more, young man (woman). 


"OMG Red Dead Redemption 2 looks INSANE! I love it, day 1 for me."

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Rockstar releases another Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser

By Daniel Perez, Oct 17, 2016 6:15am PDT

Just 24 hours after setting the Internet ablaze with its original tease, Rockstar Games has once again teased something related to its iconic Red Dead series.


"Yeah we don't need a watered down SP experience for some shitty ass MP"

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Announcement Teased by Rockstar Games on Twitter

By Asif Khan, Oct 16, 2016 10:25am PDT

Quit playing with our hearts, Rockstar!


"Back then pc piracy was crazy, and as always the big money was with Consoles, so why not use the ..."

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GTA Online rolls out the biker gangs early next month

By John Keefer, Sep 27, 2016 9:15am PDT

New missions, weapons and items coming to show club allegiances