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Rage Interview: id's Tim Willits and Matt Hooper

The first title out of famed Doom and Quake creator id to be simultaneously developed for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Mac, Rage almost immediatelyre-ignited the Blu-ray vs. DVD debate between PS3 and Xbox 360 loyalists when it was first revealed.

And as that debate raged on, PC gamers were dragged into another one after the once PC-centric developer said that the platform was "more of the junior partner." Read more »

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Interview: id's CEO Talks Rage, Doom 4, Quake Live Subscriptions and Mysterious Women

All things considered, the interview was progressing normally. id CEO Todd Hollenshead and I were sitting across from each other in the QuakeCon Press Lounge. I had just asked when id's next game, Rage, was coming out. I didn't expect a straight answer.

Nor did I get one, but that's beyond the point. Because, as Todd was explaining why id is so reluctant to provide a date--"we don't work to a time, we work to a quality level"--fate intervened in the form of an extremely inquisitive mystery woman. She wanted to know what kind of press would cover video games. And if we were from Game Informer. Read more »

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Rage Screenshots Fresh From QuakeCon

Hot off the QuakeCon presses are four new Rage screenshots, showing the stars of id software's PC, Xbox 360 and PS3-bound shooter--guns, cars, and misshapen mutants.

Stay tuned for our Rage preview, coming soon to a Shack near you. In the meantime, have a gander at the freaks, guns and gearheads in motion with yesterday's new trailer.

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"Someone knows nothing about id's history of releasing highly scalable games and engines."
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id Promises Doom 4 News at QuakeCon 2010

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Those hoping id Software would today reveal more information about the next Doom entry are bound to be disappointed, as CEO Todd Hollenshead used this year's QuakeCon press conference to promise more details at next year's event.

"When we show it to you, you're gonna love it," he promised the clamoring crowd.

Studio technical director John Carmack later added that the project represents "the most tightly managed approach" that the company has ever used, as, thanks to continuing work on the id Tech 5 engine and Rage, some of the development tools and technology for Doom 4 already exist and will not need to be crafted in tandem with the game.

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New Rage Trailer Debuts at QuakeCon

The 2009 QuakeCon convention is underway, and id Software has debuted a new Rage trailer during its opening day press conference.

Check out the video below in streaming format, or download it directly from FileShack.

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Doom 2 Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

An Xbox Live Arcade version of id software's 1994 shooter Doom II: Hell on Earth is being shown on the floor at QuakeCon, expected to be officially announced later today.

A whole new episode will be included, along with all of Doom 2's original content. Four-player split-screen multiplayer will be available in addition to online play. Read more »

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QuakeCon 2009 Schedule Released

With QuakeCon less than a week away, event organizer id has provided a schedule of the major happenings, including the first public showings of id's Rage, Splash Damage's Brink, and the annual keynote from id's technical wizard John Carmack.

The so-called "Woodstock of Gaming," QuakeCon spans four days this year--August 13 through August 16, 2009--at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. As always, attendance is free. The full schedule of events follows below: Read more »

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id Ramps Up Rage Marketing as QuakeCon Nears

It's been a while since we've heard anything new regarding id's post-apocalyptic shooter Rage, but recent events and some new media (below) suggest that's about to change.

With the developer's annual QuakeCon event exactly one month away, the studio has launched a new teaser site and created a dedicated Twitter account for Rage, with "plenty of gameplay details" promised in the August 2009 issue of Game Informer. Read more »

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QuakeCon 2009 Switches Venues, Keeps Dates

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id Software's annual celebration of its beloved franchises and the fans thereof will no longer take place at the usual Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, the studio said today.

Instead, QuakeCon 2009 will now occur at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas on the same dates, August 13-16, 2009. QuakeCon reservations for the Anatole will be automatically canceled, with attendees required to make new reservations at the Gaylord Texan. However, these new reservations are said to provide "an equal or lesser rate." Read more »

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id Announces QuakeCon 2009 Dates

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id Software today announced that QuakeCon 2009, the free annual gathering of id Software and hardcore videogame fans, will take place on August 13-16, 2009.

The event will be situated at the usual Hilton Anatole venue in Dallas, Texas. The hotel is now taking reservations through its custom QuakeCon page. Read more »

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