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Puzzle Agent 2 releasing June 30

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Puzzle Agent 2 releasing June 30

Telltale Games has announced that Puzzle Agent 2 will be coming later this month; June 30, to be exact. If you missed out on the original game, you can pre-order Puzzle Agent 2 for $8.99 and get the first Puzzle Agent as a freebie. Read more »

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Telltale Announces New King's Quest Game, Puzzle Agent 2, Hector: Badge of Carnage

Telltale's announcements keep on rolling, with the adventure game developer now revealing another three new projects. As well as a sequel to Puzzle Agent, Telltale is working on Hector: Badge of Carnage and a new King's Quest game.

According to IGN, the new King's Quest will be a reboot of the franchise. The celebrated adventure game series, designed by Roberta Williams, received eight instalments over eighteen years before petering out. It was recently revived by fans in The Silvering Lining, a free episodic game sanctioned by property owner Activision. Read more »

"They aren't huge blockbuster games though. Telltale makes smaller games in greater quantity ..."
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