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PS+ members get Awesomenauts, Trine 2, Rock of Ages, Castlevania in May

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 24, 2012 10:00am PDT

In May, Plus subscribers will be able to download the brand new PSN game, Awesomenauts. In addition, members will also get access to Trine 2 and Rock of Ages from Atlus.


"I play with people I know. They just are sitting in the same room with me. I admit that ..."

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PSP game-based exploits on PS Vita (mostly) closed

By Jeff Mattas, Apr 19, 2012 12:15pm PDT

Sony has closed a hacking loophole tied to a couple of downloadable PSP games running on the PS Vita that allowed folks to run homebrew games and emulators.


"If you checked your sources' sources, it's only for EU PSN. Anybody checking NA stores won't ..."

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Unchained Blades brings JRPG action to 3DS and PSP this year

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 28, 2012 3:00pm PDT

The Lunar and Grandia series are some of the most beloved amongst hardcore JRPG fans. XSEED's new RPG, Unchained Blades, demands attention--if only due to the pedigree of the creators involved.


"Sign me up! Grandia II on the Dreamcast was one of my favorite console RPG's of all time. This ..."

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Vita exploits discovered in PSP games

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 27, 2012 9:00am PDT

While Sony has upped its efforts on making the Vita a more secure platform, it appears that offering backwards compatibility with the PSP is biting Sony yet again.


"they aren't Vita exploits. this is all within the psp emulator. those are psp homebrew"

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta coming in April for PlayStation Plus members

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 26, 2012 2:00pm PDT

In April, Plus subscribers will be able to download Shift 2 Unleashed, Shank 2, Frogger Returns, Canabalt, and the very original Silent Hill.


"I gotta say, this Plus thing has tuend out not half bad with all the free shit."

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Escape Plan is Vita's top download

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 13, 2012 3:00pm PDT

Top-selling Vita game on the PlayStation Store in February was the black and white puzzle game, Escape Plan.


"I wish I had decided against it. It's not bad. It's not great, either. For less money, the ..."

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PlayStation Network 'Gamers Choice' winners announced

By Steve Watts, Mar 06, 2012 4:30pm PST

Sony announced the winners of its 2012 "Gamer's Choice" awards today, and will begin granting a week-long 30% discount (50% for PS+ members) later tonight with the PlayStation Store update.


"I'll probably snag a copy of RE4 and *maybe* Birds ( depending on the price.) If it's not too ..."

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Sly Cooper HD and Street Fighter II HD for PlayStation Plus members in March

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 05, 2012 2:00pm PST

In March, Plus subscribers will be able to download the HD re-release of Sly Cooper, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and PSone classic Um Jammer Lammy.


PSN 'Gamers Choice' voting opens tomorrow

By Steve Watts, Feb 27, 2012 1:45pm PST

Sony has announced the nominees for this year's "PSN Gamers' Choice Awards," offering steep discounts on the titles that win after the week-long voting cycle.


"How about an award to the players who have dished out money for this crap?"

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Sony explains why no Vita UMD transfers for US

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 22, 2012 2:15pm PST

How come Japanese Vita owners can pay a few dollars to get digital copies of PSP UMD games, but we can't? According to Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, it's down to two main reasons: the PSP is more popular in Japan, and games are cheaper in the US.


"And sony still wonders why the X360 sells better than any sony product in the usa. And Sony ..."

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Velocity releases on PSN in March; free for PS Plus

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 09, 2012 4:00pm PST

Developer FuturLab has announced Velocity--a space-based shooter with a teleportation mechanic--for PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita in March.


PSP backwards compatibility for Vita detailed

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 09, 2012 3:00pm PST

Unfortunately, not every PSP game will be available to play on Vita on day one. An official list shows there are 275 PSP titles available to buy and redownload for Vita.


"they have this in japan and have said it will not be available in the USA"

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PlayStation Store is offline all day today

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 02, 2012 6:00am PST

Hope you weren't planning on buying anything from the PlayStation Store today. "Routine scheduled maintenance" will make many features of the PSN unavailable for the entire day, until 12AM PST.


Simpsons Arcade, Final Fantasy V, Far Cry 2 for PlayStation Plus members in February

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 31, 2012 10:15am PST

PlayStation Plus members are entitled to a number of games as part of their subscription. In February, Plus subscribers will be able to download The Simpsons Arcade Game, Final Fantasy V, Far Cry 2, and more.


"You lose the free games until you sign up again, but the games you buy with the Plus discount, ..."

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PSP games for PlayStation Android devices rated by ESRB

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 23, 2012 7:00am PST

The "PlayStation Phone" and other PlayStation Certified devices will be able to play more than PSone games soon--PSP games have been re-rated by the ESRB for Android devices.


"The Xperia Play has been the only phone I've ever owned to simply keep getting better and better ..."

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