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SOE 'Station Access' relaunched cheaper as 'All Access'

SOE 'Station Access' relaunched cheaper as 'All Access'

MMO magpie Sony Online Entertainment has relaunched its 'Station Access' subscription under the new name 'All Access' and knocked $10 off the monthly price. It includes membership to ten SOE games, four of them free-to-play, for only $5 per month more than a single subscription.

An All Access sub will let you play DC Universe Online on PC, EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Online Adventures for PlayStation 2, PlanetSide, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes with the single subscription fee. Read more »

"Anyone else quote 'The Fifth Element' when they saw this news story?"
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Pinball Gold Pack on GOG; Psychonauts 75% off

Pinball Gold Pack on GOG; Psychonauts 75% off

If your life lacks a variety of classic, PC-based pinball then Good Old Games is where you should be pointing your Internet browser. has added a collection of games in one set dubbed the Pinball Gold Pack for $9.99.

If the five included games--Pinball Dreams, Pinball Dreams 2, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Mania, and Pinball Illusions--aren't immediately recognizable, you may be able to take some solace in the fact that they were developed by Digital Illusions (also known as DICE) of Battlefield and Mirror's Edge fame. Read more »

"I own 8 different copies of Psychonauts. Xbox boxed PS2 boxed PC boxed PC boxed European ..."
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GameFly Reveals Top Games of 2010

Shacknews parent company GameFly has revealed the top ten games of 2010 across all platforms and for each of the six platforms rented.

"The list reflects the year's most requested games, as indicated by members' GameQ, a personal wish list of games available for rent," explains GameFly, meaning that a user only needed to queue the game for rental, not actually receive the title in the mail. Read more »

"If games get rented more because they are short, should I assume that Red Dead is the shortest ..."
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$1 Million 'Perfect Game' Contest Returns in MLB 2K11

If you accidentally tossed a meatball in the ninth in MLB 2K10, blowing your chances to win the $1 million 'perfect game' contest, you might be glad to hear that it's back.

If you fancy a cool millie, all you'll need to do is be the first person to pitch a perfect game in Major League Baseball 2K11--not letting a single opposing player touch base--starting from MLB Opening Day on April 11. Last year's winning game was pitched on the very first day by one Wade McGilberry, on only his fifth attempt. Read more »

"I bought MLB2K10 on opening day last year when it was a $2.99 download on gamestop. Totally ..."
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EA Announces Online Multiplayer Shutdown for Almost Thirty Games

Monolothic developer and publisher Electronic Arts has unveiled its latest round of online service shutdowns, VG247 spotted. Over the coming months, over two dozen games will lose support for online multiplayer and other online features.

The bulk of the games are EA Sports titles from 2009 and earlier, though 'The Lord of the Rings' games are also being shut down due to the expiration of a licensing deal. Read more »

"If they do this, they should release the server files in case people li ke the game enough to ..."
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Puzzle Quest Creator Infinite Interactive Bought by Flight Control Dev Firemint

Infinite Interactive, the Australian developer behind the Puzzle Quest series, has been acquired by Flight Control dev and fellow Melburnian Firemint, it was announced today.

Infinite will be consolidated with Firemint as its newly-expanded offices in Melbourne, with all new games going under the Firemint name too. The Infinite gang will continue to work on a title it currently has in development, with founder Steve Fawkner taking on a product management role. Read more »

"puzzle quest 2 was all grinding. I enjoyed flight control though, play it and forget it kinda ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Recap

Our Best of 2010 Awards are set to end tomorrow with the reveal of the Shacknews pick for Game of the Year.

We've compiled the entire list of winners with links to each award page for easy scrolling, giving you a chance to see where exactly you should be jumping in to offer your two cents.

For information regarding the "Best of 2010" awards, developed by Shacknews Director of Editorial Content Garnett Lee, check out the "Best of 2010: Introduction." Read more »

"On a side, last time I saw the hip was with the stones, and at that time....... new orleans WAS ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: PS3 Exclusive

PS3 Exclusive: God of War 3

We've followed Kratos from lowly soldier to the god of war. From the highest peaks of Mount Olympus to the shallow depths of Hades. We've followed him everywhere and it's been a prime example of supreme badassery from start to finish.God of War 3 throws Kratos into a world of ultimate action, featuring huge and beautiful environments and combat that can be as senseless or precise as you prefer. It's a story about the an intense warrior who cannot let go of his past and, because of the mostly self-inflicted evils that haunt him, is willing to risk his future.It's the definition of a blockbuster action game, making it easy to name God of War 3 the best PS3 game of 2010. Read more »

"Yea after 2008 and 2009 it was definitely a weaker year for PS3 exclusives. God of War 3 was all ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Action-Platformer

Action: God of War III

Over the past several years, Kratos has cemented himself as one of videogaming's most disgruntled badasses. We all suspected that the final chapter in the furious Spartan's quest for revenge (and Kratos' first original adventure on PS3) would live up to the high expectations set by the first two games. What we didn't expect is how masterfully God of War III would top the size, scope, and beautiful bloodiness of the high-octane combat and fantasy that made the series a favorite in the first place. Read more »

"The plain old "Action" genre is what I would put GoW/Bayonetta/DMC and the like in."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Action-Adventure

Action-Adventure: Red Dead Redemption

It seems like beating a dead horse, but we keep coming back to Red Dead Redemption for 2010. With an expansive world, fantastic gunplay, and our 2010 Story of the Year, Red Dead Redemption is our pick for best action-adventure title of the year. Competition was fierce this year, but with so much to see and do in towns--and along the way--it was hard not to dust off our ponchos and ride again and again. Rockstar San Diego proved that there is more than one house within the company that can build an outstanding open-world adventure. While some of the in between stuff is removed from calm demeanor Rockstar was going for--as in killing dozens of peons while you attempt to bring in a bounty alive--the game doesn't go overboard unless players wish to be known as a ruthless gunslinger. There's so much to say about Red Dead Redemption but we'll leave it at this: it was the best Action-Adventure game of 2010. Read more »

"i dont know why they have alan wake on almost everything. It was ok but there were many better ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Role-Playing

Role-Playing: Mass Effect 2

In the far reaches of space, one man (or woman, if you'd prefer) holds the key to the salvation and preservation of the human race. In Mass Effect 2 players are introduced to a host of new characters that fight alongside Commander Shepard. While Shepard can be crafted to be as good or as bad as you want him or her to be, the character manages to remain a completely memorable figure in the world of video games for what he or she is able to accomplish. Read more »

"I think it's because none of the Shack staff spends considerable time on handhelds. And with ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Sports

Sports: NBA 2K11

Yearly sports game franchises often get accused of being little more than roster updates coupled with some subtle are often so inconsequential, all but the most rabid fans would be hard-pressed to notice. In 2010, NBA 2K11 managed to handily buck this trend, giving gamers a great reason to keep this year's entry in their gaming libraries long after the 2011 season is over. That reason is Michael Jordon. His host of "Jordan Challenges" allow players to replay some of MJ's most legendary performances, or even rebuild his career from scratch. Read more »

"even the pc version was good this year. holy wow. actually pes was good on pc aswell this year, ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: New Face We Hope to See Again

New Face We Hope to See Again: Red Dead Redemption

Though it is a spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver, John Marston is most certainly a new (scarred) face, though similar to the design of Red in Red Dead Revolver. Whatever, Red Dead Redemption is basically its own (much better) game so let's just move along. Marston is the best type of badass in that he's a gentleman until it's time to throw down. You really get the sense that he doesn't want to draw his weapon, but he'll do so when his or the lives of those he is protecting are in jeopardy. Combine Marston with a great, believable world of the modernizing Wild West and some great character drama brought to life with great dialogue and voice acting and you've got a character we'd very much like to see again. Read more »

"Sorry, thought I was hiding the spoiler, but with no preview nor edit or delete, it just looks ..."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Plays Well With Others

Plays Well With Others (Best Multiplayer): StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Blizzard's latest real-time strategy game, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, was launched in a tough multiplayer spot with a lot to live up to. Its predecessor was still being played by the hardcore and is a national sport in South Korea. On the other side of the coin, the RTS genre had become more and more niche over the years since the company's last release, Warcraft III. Blizzard succeeded in releasing a game that was eSport ready on day one, but was also fun for more casual players. The innovative leagues and ladder system offers meaningful matchmaking and rankings to all but the most skilled players, while custom games and comp stomps sweeten the deal. With two expansions on the way and more tournaments than we can count, StarCraft II is well on its way to being played for the next ten years just like the original. Read more »

"You realize it's not out on PC yet, right? So the DRM isn't getting in anyone's way."
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Best of 2010 Awards: Audio-visual Experience

Audio-visual Experience: Red Dead Redemption

Among the truly respectable number of great-looking and sounding games this year were a handful titles that used their presentational chutzpah to engage players in truly exceptional ways. Red Dead Redemption's open-world take on the industrialization of the American West was enhanced greatly by beautiful postcard-worthy vistas ranging from scorching deserts to snow-capped mountains. Read more »

"Meant to counteract the steady stream of fancy-boy main characters that have plagued modern FF ..."
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