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August NPD: Xbox 360 and Football from EA Top Charts for Second Straight Month

Last month, the Xbox 360 sold more hardware than any other system for the first time since 2007. Microsoft managed to pull it off again posting a second straight month of topping the hardware sales, though overall sales were down month to month. The PlayStation 3 was the only console to show gains versus the prior month, but has still not returned to its June sales of 304.8K units. The Wii posted its lowest hardware sales since launch.

    U.S. Hardware Sales - reporting August 1 to August 28, 2010 Read more »

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July NPD: Xbox 360 Leads all Platforms for First Time Since Sept. '07, NCAA Football Tops Consoles

The NPD Group have released sales date for the month of July, revealing the Xbox 360 has taken over the top spot versus all video game platforms. The last time the Xbox 360 led all platforms was in September 2007, following the release of Halo 3.

Although video game retail sales were slightly lower over July 2009, one major standout was StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, which sold 721K units during the month. The release was a major contributing factor to the 103% growth the PC category saw versus last year. (The game does not appear on the NPD list, as NPD only tracks console sales.) Read more »

"I think everyone expected a bump from the slim. It happened with the PS3 too. Keep in mind the ..."
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Report: 48% of PC Games Bought in 2009 Were Digital Downloads

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[Update - 10:20] We've removed a misunderstanding from our reading of the report.

Digital distribution accounted for 48% of PC games sold in the USA last year, according to a new report from market research firm The NPD Group.

21.3 million "PC Game full-game digital downloads" were purchased in the USA in 2009 while 23.5 million physical units were bought at retail during the year, according to NPD's figures. DD raked in 48% of unit sales and 36% of dollar sales. Read more »

"I like this idea. I'm a big fan of Steam, but I'd love to see someone else take a crack at ..."
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June NPD: Red Dead Maintains Top Spot, Xbox 360 takes Second Place from Nintendo Wii

NPD group has revealed the sales data for June 2010 and Red Dead Redemption continues to own the top of the charts. Claiming first on the Xbox 360 for the second month in a row and third on the PS3 (down from second place in May), Rockstar's title continues to dominate critical and commercial reception. Sadly, these figures come a day following word that the San Diego team behind the rebirth of the virtual wild west saw job cuts. Mario's second galaxy hopping adventure pushes into second place, while Toy Story 3 (NDS) and Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 debut and Remedy's Alan Wake (unfortunately) falls from the top ten. On the hardware side, the Xbox 360 (thanks to its new slim model) saw the largest gain of 257.1K units to take second place away from Nintendo's home console.

      Top Ten U.S. Console Games - Reporting May 30 to July 3, 2010 Read more »

"I bet the 360 sales would have been even higher if they were able to ship more units. I had to ..."
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May NPD: Red Dead Redeems Lagging Month, Mario Nabs Third

NPD group has revealed the sales data for May 2010 and, unsurprisingly, Red Dead: Redemption leads the sales posse. Selling a combined 1.5 million units across the Xbox 360 and PS3, each version of Rockstar's open-world western overtook Mario's latest Galaxy adventure, pushing the portly plumber to third.

Read more »

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Microsoft Touts Halo 3 Sales Dominance Over Combined PS3 Exclusive Sales, Sony Shrugs

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg officially threw a gauntlet at Sony's feet with a tweet asserting that Halo 3 has officially outsold six PlayStation 3 excluside titles combined.

Just in from research team (NPD): Halo 3 has outsold Resistance 1 + 2, Uncharted 1+2, Killzone 2 and God of War III Read more »

""Publishers are not fiscally stupid (generally) and go where the money is." So why would ..."
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NPD Group Releases 'Extreme Gamer' Statistics, Details Digital Distribution Growth

The NPD Group has released some new market research survey results related to American gaming habits, including so-called "Extreme Gamers," a subset that encapsulates the most active four percent of gamers in the United States.

Of the nearly 19,000 gamers questioned--some as young as 2 years old--the survey found that those classified as "Extreme Gamers" played an average of just over two full days per week, or 48.5 hours. It's a fairly dramatic number, considering that (as a whole) U.S. gamers spend an average of thirteen hours per week playing games. Read more »

"The only people making 48 hours a week are the unemployed and the never-been-employed."
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April U.S. Console Sales Revealed: Splinter Cell Tops Software, Nintendo DS Leads Hardware

With April 2010 behind us and May 2010 in full swing, market research firm The NPD Group has issued its monthly breakdown of the past month's U.S. console sales.

This month marks a departure from most, as the company only listed the units sold for half of the top ten and no longer offers PlayStation 2 hardware sales numbers. Read more »

"If only the NPD numbers included walmart and then their numbers would be more accurate."
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God of War 3 Tops U.S. Console Sales in March

SCE Santa Monica's brutal PlayStation 3-exclusive sequel God of War III took top honors as the best-selling console game in the United States during March 2010, research firm NPD Group revealed today in its monthly update on hardware and software sales.

"For the first time since its launch in the US, the PS3 has four titles in the Top 10, and was also the leader in console software sales," noted NPD's Anita Frazier. Meanwhile, only two Xbox 360 titles--Final Fantasy XIII, Battlefield: Bad Company 2--made the chart: Read more »

"Or they found out the game kinda sux and there are just too many good games to play on PC and ..."
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BioShock 2 Tops U.S. Console Sales in February as NPD Reveals Hardware and Software Figures

With February 2010 now behind us, research firm NPD Group has released its regular breakdown of the past month's U.S. console hardware and software sales.

A few interesting tidbits: The Xbox 360 outsold the Wii for the first time since September 2007, which is when Halo 3 was released. The PlayStation 3 edition of BioShock 2 is nowhere to be found despite the Xbox 360 version topping the chart. The bonus-packed PlayStation 3 edition of Dante's Inferno outsold the regular Xbox 360 iteration. Read more »

"the really interesting numbers will be to see how Final Fantasy VIII sells between the 360 and ..."
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NPD: PC Still 'Most Used System for Online Gaming' as Digital Distribution Purchases Rise

Market research firm The NPD Group has revealed the highlights of its recent "Online Gaming 2010" research report, providing a glimpse of the overall online landscape.

Alongside a breakdown of per platform online gaming popularity, the company noted that "an average of 20 percent of all games purchased by online gamers were digitally downloaded - up from 19 percent in the 2009 study and 18 percent in the 2008 study." Read more »

"People dont wanna pay for xbox live gold and psn is mediocre at best (not to mention this ..."
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NPD Reveals January's Top Selling U.S. Games, Hardware Sales

Continuing today's smorgasbord of announcements and revelations, market research firm The NPD Group has pulled back the curtain on its monthly report, revealing January 2010's top-selling console games and hardware figures for the United States.

In all, the overall U.S. video game market was down 13%, pulling in $1.17 billion compared to January 2009's $1.34B. Across the various segments, hardware saw the biggest drop, coming in at $353.7M--down 32% over January 2009's $446.8M. Read more »

"BUT, nintendo will have another mario game out before that, if we are comparing franchises as ..."
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NPD Lists Top-Selling Console and Handheld Games Since 1995

We reported NPD Group's list of 2009's top-selling games just a few days ago, but IndustryGamers has released a list of the top-selling games according to the NPD dating back to 1995, when the group first began tracking sales data.

IndustryGamers notes that the list of games has been compiled by title, rather than individual SKU's, meaning that sales for all platforms are lumped into a single result for multiplatform offerings. This makes the appearance of the three Wii-exclusives even more impressive, though it's also worth noting that Wii Play, Wii Fit, and Mario Kart all come bundled with peripherals. In Wii Play's case, it came packaged with a Wii-mote for only about $10 more than it would cost to buy the controller by itself, a fact which surely had a positive impact on sales. Read more »

""To mark the debut of Madden NFL 07, EA Sports released Madden NFL 07 in Madden, Mississippi, ..."
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NPD Lists Top Console, PC Games of 2009

Compiling the various sales figures of its monthly reports, marketing research firm The NPD Group has issued its take on the best-selling games at U.S. retail in 2009.

In all, the United States video game industry brought in $20.2 billion during 2009. Read more »

"NSMB Wii is the only reason my Wii is getting so much love lately."
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82% of American Kids Are Gamers, Says NPD

A whopping 82% of children aged 2-17 in the United States, some 55.7 million, are gamers, according to a new report from marketing research firm The NPD Group.

The breakdown sees gaming most popular among ages 9-11, a demographic that accounts for 12.4 million, and least popular between ages 2-5 at 9.7 million, with 51% of the total "kid gamer" market playing games online.

Meanwhile, the 12-14 demographic spent the most time playing games at 10.6 hours per week, with males aged 9-14 being "more inclined" to play games online. Read more »

"it's mostly because games are not maturing. they don't have the excuse of being the hot new ..."
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