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Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch is $45 at Walmart and Amazon Right Now

By Charles Singletary, Feb 21, 2018 10:15am PST

If you don't already own our 2017 Game of the Year winner, now's your chance to get a solid deal.


Rumor: Diablo III Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

By Charles Singletary, Feb 20, 2018 11:45am PST

The rumored development includes a local co-op option for Switch users.


"I got the PS4 version a couple years ago and eh... I couldn't get into it. I played Diablo 3 ..."

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Doom Patch 1.1.1 Adds Gyro Motion Aiming Controls on Nintendo Switch

By Asif Khan, Feb 20, 2018 8:45am PST

Doom on Switch with motion controls. What a time to be alive.


The Cartridge Family 026 - Night In The Woods, Are Current-Gen Consoles Old, Impromptu Magoo-Mini

By Joe Stasio, Feb 18, 2018 3:00am PST

On today's show, Andrew's excited that he's playing a boring game.


Splatoon 2 Money vs Love Splatfest: Start and End Time

By Asif Khan, Feb 16, 2018 8:55pm PST

It is time for Splatoon 2 players to pick a side once more. The Money vs Love Splatfest kicks off tonight.


"But as an astute Squidkid's art pointed out, "Love don't pay student loans.""

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Modojo Rewind: Mobile Madness

By Kevin Tucker, Feb 16, 2018 4:45pm PST

This week's Modojo Rewind examines both popular and unpopular mobile apps as well as a tremendous sale price on the iPhone X.


Top 10 Video Game Controllers

By Shack Staff, Feb 16, 2018 4:20pm PST

That's right. We are finally doing it for Shacknews. Here are our Staff's Top 10 Video Game Controllers.


"I'm sorry,but the GameCube controller is among one of the worst that I've ever played with. Not ..."

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New Nintendo Labo Video Details Projects, Construction, and More

By Kevin Tucker, Feb 15, 2018 1:10pm PST

Learn more about the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit in the new four-minute overview trailer.


Newest Fire Emblem Heroes Tempest Trials Event Is Live Now

By Brittany Vincent, Feb 14, 2018 10:10am PST

Fire Emblem Heroes players can jump into the game's latest event now for some easy free Orbs. 


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Update v 1.2.0 Is Live Now

By Brittany Vincent, Feb 13, 2018 9:45am PST

Lots of new updates and feature improvements have gone live, and there's also a Valentine's Day goodie up for grabs. 


Splatoon 2 Pearl and Marina Amiibo 'Off The Hook' 2-Pack Announced

By Asif Khan, Feb 12, 2018 7:15am PST

Fans of Splatoon 2's all girl music sensation are in for an Amiibo treat!


Switch Fans Should Expect A Longer Console Life Cycle, Miyamoto Says

By Charles Singletary, Feb 09, 2018 12:25pm PST

Miyamoto wants you to look forward to the Switch having a life beyond the expected five to six years of a home console.


"Portability wasn't a thought for me when I bought mine. It's docked 99% of the time and I use a ..."

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Mario Kart Tour Continues Nintendo's Free-To-Start Mobile Model

By Charles Singletary, Feb 08, 2018 7:35am PST

Details continue to be scarce for Nintendo's next mobile offering, but we at least know you'll have to shell out some cash at some point.


"Nintendo works on all of their mobile games. Tezuka and Konno both supervised Super Mario Run, ..."

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Nintendo Switch Library Triples Size Of Wii U Library In Same Time Span

By Kevin Tucker, Feb 06, 2018 3:45pm PST

Switch games have been garnering higher praise from critics and fans, too.


What the New Mario Movie Can Learn From Mario RPGs

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 06, 2018 2:00pm PST

A lot has changed since Super Mario Bros. hit theaters in 1993. One of the biggest changes is that Mario has starred in a handful of RPGs. And there are some key elements from those RPGs that makers of the upcoming Illumination Mario movie may want to borrow.


"It worked for most of Wall-E. And Fantasia barely had any and it's one of the best animated ..."

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