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NHL 12 'Hockey ultimate team sizzle' Trailer

Join forces with the best players in the history of the NHL to create the ultimate team in NHL 12.

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NHL 12 'Legends unveil' Trailer

Play with the former and current legends of the National Hockey League in NHL 12.

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NHL 12 'They're coming' Trailer

Make a name for yourself, and join the legendary elite of hockey in NHL 12.

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NHL 12 'Balance control' Trailer

Balance control is one of the most important aspects of hitting the ice in NHL 12.

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NHL 12 'Dynamic goalies' Trailer

Goalies present a little more challenging obstacle in NHL 12, as EA Sports continues to strive to make the series as realistic as possible.

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NHL 12 'Be a Pro' Trailer

Play in various hockey leagues around the world and earn your place in the NHL in the new 'Be a Pro' mode in NHL 12.

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NHL 12 'Anticipation AI' Trailer

Go inside NHL 12 to get a look at the brand new artificial intelligence overhaul contrasted with older iterations.

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NHL 12 'E3 2011 sizzle' Trailer

The icy NHL 12 sizzle trailer shown at E3 2011 finally puts on some skates.