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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Unveiled

Having signed a ten-year MMO licensing agreement with comic book maker Marvel back in March 2009, publisher Gazillion has now unveiled some details and artwork from the first title to emerge out of the partnership.

Aimed at "wide audiences," Super Hero Squad Online is being developed by Gazillion subsidiary The Amazing Society" and will see players "lead their handpicked squad of Super Heroes on unforgettable adventures" in a massively multiplayer online world. Read more »

"I would pay money just to see that midget in the Wolverine costume start slashing people to shreds."
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Final Fantasy 14 Video Shows "Life in Eorzea"

Okay, so it's entirely in Japanese and I don't understand anything that's going on in this video, but it's over two minutes of in-game footage from Square Enix's upcoming MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

Read more »

"Looks like FFXI...I think I'll wait for SWTOR before I betray my oath to never play a MMORPG ..."
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Need for Speed MMO Launching Summer 2010, Closed English Beta Now Underway

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Black Box's free-to-play massively multiplayer racer Need for Speed Online (PC) is now slated to make its public launch in summer 2010, publisher Electronic Arts announced today.

Prior to the game's public launch, the studio is conducting an ever-expanding closed beta, with the English portion kicking off today. Those interested can sign up for a shot at participating over at Read more »

"I hope you start with a mid 80's olds. Work your way up from that!"
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Battlestar Galactica MMO Announced

A massively multiplayer game based off popular science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica is due to launch this fall, license holder NBC Universal announced today.

A client-free and browser-based affair said to pack "state of the art graphics," Battlestar Galactica Online is being powered by Unity--the same technology used by EA's broswer-based Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. Read more »

"I wonder who's going to be playing it... Movie - SW rip. TV Show - Cancelled. There's no ..."
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New Star Trek Online Raids Detailed

It seems that Star Trek Online is to continue going where no man has gone before, as developer Cryptic and publisher Atari have begun to outline the various "Special Task Force Missions" coming to the PC MMO.

Described by executive producer Craig Zinkievich as "five-man raids," the new episodes will be available to both Federation and Klingon players, beginning with "Infected." Read more »

"when I read "raids" I expected to see some news from Starfleet Dental"
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Gods & Heroes MMO Revived by Heatwave

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After being put on "indefinite hold" by defunct developer Perpetual in October 2007, mythological MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising has now been resurrected.

Heatwave Interactive today announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to Gods & Heroes along with all game assets, including the two game engines Perpetual had created for Gods & Heroes and Star Trek Online. Shortly after halting work on Gods & Heroes, Perpetual shut down and the Star Trek Online rights went to Cryptic. Read more »

"Asheron's call is 10 times the game WoW is or will ever be. The Story line in AC beats any mmo ..."
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City of Heroes Getting 'Ultra Mode' Graphics in April

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A visual update to NCsoft's 2004 PC MMO City of Heroes will be available when the game's "Issue 17 - Dark Mirror" update arrives in April, the publisher has announced.

Dubbed "Ultra Mode," the optional enhancements are said to deliver "a superior graphics rendering process...that will give City of Heroes a new look and feel with a heightened level of detail in lighting, reflections, shadows and water effects." Read more »

"I'd have to remember what server that is. The majority of my alts are on Triumph right now. I ..."
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LEGO Universe Beta Signups Open

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Developer NetDevil has opened beta registration for LEGO Universe (PC), providing the opportunity to help test the block-buster MMO before it launches sometime this year.

While some signups are a rather detailed affair, this one is relatively simple--after signing in with a LEGO ID, one simply states if they have no, some, or much experience testing online games. Of course, not everyone will be chosen to participate; " Read more »

"Thanks for signing up for our beta testing. Your registration has been successfully saved. If ..."
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Red 5 Confirms Layoffs, Reorganization

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Founded by World of Warcraft veterans in 2005, long-silent MMO developer Red 5 Studios today confirmed that it has been forced to lay off some of its staff.

The studio has been working on an unannounced massively multiplayer game, one that, judging by today's announcement, it still intends to release. Said the company:

Recently, the team formed around a new direction and took on additional investment from a strategic partner in the online games industry. Read more »

"this is why i always laugh at "former blizzard developers" or "warcraft veterans"... without ..."
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Monster Hunter MMO Coming to Xbox 360

Capcom's massively multiplayer take on its popular Monster Hunter franchise is coming to Xbox 360 in the form of Monster Hunter Frontier Online, the company revealed today.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online will launch on Xbox 360 in Japan sometime in summer 2010, joining the previously released PC edition already running in Japan and Asia. As for North America and Europe, Capcom told Kotaku that "the title has not been confirmed for release" in those territories. Read more »

"Well, MS needs a hit in the Japanese market. And monster hunter is HUGE in Japan. Not so much ..."
- Sturm08    See all 8 comments

Elder Scrolls MMO Rumors Keep Swirling as Bethesda Seeks to Redact 'Secret Information'

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As the Fallout MMO courtroom drama between Interplay and Bethesda continues to unfold, a recent filing has reignited the long-running rumors that Bethesda and parent company ZeniMax are readying an MMO based in The Elder Scrolls universe.

Specifically, Bethesda requests certain parts of its recent testimony be censored before the transcripts are made public, as "trade secret information" regarding "a particular Read more »

" Yah I also think a Oblivion MMO is pure D wrong.. I know the modern gaming world likes to go ..."
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Rumors: Call of Duty Maker Infinity Ward Doing MMO, Other Studio Handling Modern Warfare 3

While it's only been about two months since Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hit store shelves and shattered countless sales records, rumors of the studio's next project and the inevitable Modern Warfare 3 are already making the rounds.

Citing "industry sources," Destructoid claims Infinity Ward's next will be a massively mulitplayer online game, with the studio reportedly hiring Sony Online Entertainment (EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, PlanetSide) veterans and possibly getting help from fellow Activision Blizzard studio Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft). Read more »

"WoW? Seriously? Have you played both games? Cause I have. And I'll take EQ2's "uninspired" ..."
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16th EverQuest Expansion Launches at $40

After more than a decade in operation, the online realm of EverQuest is still kicking, with Sony Online Entertainment today releasing the MMORPG's sixteenth expansion.

Described by Sony as an "unparalleled" expansion for the franchise, the Underfoot add-on sells for $39.99 on the game's official site and other digital distribution outlets, packing all the content of the previous fifteen expansions plus new areas, items, abilities and the like, along with a new achievement system, an "extended target window," and master tradeskilling. Read more »

"To the idiot that says "why would anyone buy a game with that many expansions" all ..."
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World of Warcraft Vet Unveils Console Zombie MMO as 'World Doesn't Need More Dragons'

Developer Undead Labs today revealed itself to the world, announcing its intent to "create the definitive massively multiplayer online zombie game (MMOZ) for console gamers."

The studio was founded by Blizzard veteran Jeff Strain, who contributed programming to both Diablo and StarCraft and, according to today's press release, formed "the initial team and kicked off development on the wildly successful MMO World of Warcraft [in 1999] while taking on the roles of team lead and lead programmer on the project." Come April 2000, Strain and two others had left Blizzard to co-found Guild Wars developer ArenaNet. Read more »

"Yeah but the game mechanics, pacing or atmosphere aren't zombie at all."
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Signups Open

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Developer BioWare and partner LucasArts today opened beta signups for their anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

For a chance at testing the PC MMO before its as-yet-undated launch, those interested will need to register at the game's official site, select the pre-release testing option from their account page, then fill in the necessary details and "submit a system scan." Read more »

"That only took forever, but I finally was able to register, and then I went to the system scan, ..."
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