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Mists of Pandaria travelogue: A hunter among pandas

Mists of Pandaria travelogue: A hunter among pandas

Shacknews Managing Editor John Keefer returns to World of Warcraft to explore the new world of Pandaria. Read his travelogue to discover more about his ongoing journey.

My hunter had to clear off some cobwebs before taking a trip to the Isle of Pandaria for the new World of Warcraft expansion. He hadn't been adventuring since just after the Cataclysm. He was maxed out at 85, but his gear was somewhat lacking, having not raided much with the guild after a self-imposed hiatus. But the allure of a new adventure brought me back, and while I was confident in his ability, my skills were rusty and so much had changed since I had last visited Stormwind. After a bit of research and practice, though, I was right as rain, and ready to see what the new continent had to offer.

My first glimpse of the new land offered a sense of déjà vu. The Horde was there, spreading their chaos as always, but the new surroundings had the feel of Stranglethorn Vale in the Eastern Kingdoms or Nagrand in Outland. I was battling monkey-like Hozen (I fully expected a quest telling me to kill the "Leader Hozen") and making friends with fish-like Jinyu. Except for the Oriental musical ambiance, it was almost a feeling of "been there, done that."

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