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E3 2016: Microsoft Officially Announces New Xbox One S

By Brittany Vincent, Jun 13, 2016 9:30am PDT

After months of rumors and reports, Microsoft has finally unveiled a new Xbox One console.


E3 2016: Xbox One and 360 games may soon work on Windows 10

By John Keefer, Jun 13, 2016 8:55am PDT

Another leak hints that Microsoft may be starting the cross compatibility process.


"They say this like emulators aren't incoming, which I imagine will be more popular at first if ..."

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E3 2016: Watch the Microsoft Press Briefing livestream here

By John Keefer, Jun 13, 2016 7:30am PDT

It begins at 9:30 a.m. PDT / 12:30 p.m. EDT


"Well, all the MS published games anyway. I don't think it is a 3rd party requirement but I ..."

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E3 2016: Forza Horizon 3 cover car, location, and release date leaked

By Daniel Perez, Jun 13, 2016 7:23am PDT

Prior to its official announcement, we now know a lot more information for Forza Horizon 3, such as its location, cover car, and more.


"I will buy and play the shit out of it. Still the racing game I've put more hours into than any ..."

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E3 2016: Report: Xbox One Slim will be priced at $299

By Daniel Perez, Jun 13, 2016 7:02am PDT

Another bombshell leak has just been revealed as the Xbox One will reportedly sell for $299 when it's announced later today.


E3 2016: Xbox One Slim leaked in promotional image ahead of Microsoft's reveal

By Daniel Perez, Jun 12, 2016 12:46pm PDT

Microsoft is rumored to be announcing a new Xbox One tomorrow, but it appears the new Xbox One Slim has just been leaked in a new promotional image.


"That is a sexy beast. Much nicer than the vcr look that they have now. "

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Where are They Now? The Forgotten Announcements of E3 2015

By Cassidee Moser, Jun 10, 2016 10:00am PDT

There were a lot of interesting announcements at E3 2015, but a lot of them have since been mired in silence. What happened, and where are they now?


""The Fractured, But Hole" is a typo, should be "Whole". You were thinking of something nastier I ..."

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Halo Wars 2 beta coming during E3

By John Keefer, Jun 10, 2016 8:37am PDT

Someone at Microsoft let things slip a bit early.


"Easily. Loved that game so much. So much fun with friends too"

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Halo 5: Guardians for PC is not going to happen, Microsoft says

By John Keefer, Jun 10, 2016 8:10am PDT

It is either the ultimate misdirection, or we will need to be content with Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5: Forge.


"Every time they focus on PC Gaming they seem to want to do something shitty anyway (GFWL, their ..."

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Microsoft and Sony divulge gaming hours, sales numbers in May NPD report

By David Craddock, Jun 09, 2016 4:03pm PDT

You want numbers? We got your numbers right here.


Xbox One getting two big summer updates

By John Keefer, Jun 06, 2016 8:15am PDT

Cortana will be added to the Experience Preview this week.


"Sounds like a TV firmware issue. Mine took a couple of automatic firmware updates for all the ..."

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Minecraft tops 100 million units sold worldwide

By John Keefer, Jun 02, 2016 8:40am PDT

That's a lot of blocks.


"Everybody has a phone. A lot of people have no idea the difference in feature sets. I was just ..."

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Microsoft opens Windows Holographic to allow for mixed-reality experiences

By Daniel Perez, Jun 01, 2016 7:35am PDT

Microsoft wants us to prepare for a world of mixed-reality experiences where VR and AR can coexist.


Xbox One price drops to $299 two weeks prior to E3 2016

By Daniel Perez, May 31, 2016 9:16am PDT

E3 2016 is right around the corner, so why exactly did Microsoft drop the price of its Xbox One so close to the show? We may have an idea.


Games With Gold announces June's free games for Xbox One and 360

By John Keefer, May 24, 2016 8:43am PDT

Xbox One users will get four games as a birthday present.


"That's how the deal works dude - you either buy a game or wait longer for it to maybe show up ..."

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