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Xbox One background music playback now a reality

By Daniel Perez, Aug 04, 2016 9:22am PDT

It's been nearly three long year, but it appears there's an app that finally allows you to enjoy your music in the background while you play games on the Xbox One.


"And it was part of the spec that games had to support. Now with this update you need to mute the ..."

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Xbox One S Review-in-Progress: Evolutionary

By Daniel Perez, Aug 02, 2016 6:00am PDT

The next Xbox One, the Xbox One S, is finally here. But is it worth upgrading or should current owners stick with the tried-and-true? Find out in our review.


"Daniel: The front page headline on Doom VR actually points to this article"

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Making a custom Xbox One S controller with Design Lab is painless but pricey

By Daniel Perez, Jul 28, 2016 12:40pm PDT

Microsoft is allowing those who want a custom Xbox One S controller the opportunity to do so through its Xbox Design Lab. While the price might be high for a custom controller, the entire experience was easy and completely painless.


"Are there any notable performance differences between the bluetooth and 2.5 Wireless dongle version?"

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How To Connect An Xbox One Controller to PC via Bluetooth

By Daniel Perez, Jul 27, 2016 12:30pm PDT

You have an Xbox One controller, but no wireless dongle. Don't worry. You can now connect your controller to your PC via Bluetooth. Here's how!


Epic's Tim Sweeney: Future updates to Windows 10 could intentionally cripple Steam

By David Craddock, Jul 26, 2016 1:05pm PDT

The Epic co-founder believes the Windows 10 developer 'will force-patch Windows 10 to make Steam progressively worse and more broken.'


"Just like Steam could stop giving you access to your games at any time."

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Xbox One S 500GB & 1TB consoles releasing on August 23 with either Madden or Halo

By Daniel Perez, Jul 26, 2016 7:08am PDT

Two Xbox One S bundles are coming in late August with options for either a digital copy of Madden NFL 17 or pretty much every Halo game ever created.


"dammit... urge to pick up the master chief collection rising again..."

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Xbox One price drops to $249 for a 'limited time'

By Daniel Perez, Jul 25, 2016 9:25am PDT

Microsoft, once again, has dropped the price of its original Xbox One, but just for a limited time.


"If they want to get back in the game and beat the Neo, they probably can't let that happen. "

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New Halo Wars 2 trailer takes a look at its story

By Daniel Perez, Jul 22, 2016 1:32pm PDT

Now we finally know what's been going on in the Spirit of Fire for the past 28 years and what kind of threat they're up against.


Gears of War 4 debuts at San Diego Comic-Con with new campaign demo

By Daniel Perez, Jul 20, 2016 7:28am PDT

You can either attend SDCC to get your chance to play the Gears of War 4 campaign demo, or you can just watch the following trailer.


Microsoft admits that Windows 10 won't hit 1 billion downloads as soon as expected

By David Craddock, Jul 18, 2016 1:20pm PDT

Unsurprisingly, Windows Phones are the bottleneck holding the OS back from wider saturation.


"With Intel exiting the mobile and low-power market it's highly unlikely we'll see the fabled ..."

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2TB Xbox One S will launch on August 2 with additional HDD options coming soon

By Daniel Perez, Jul 18, 2016 6:45am PDT

We hope you have your pre-orders in by now.


Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One S bundle leaked

By Daniel Perez, Jul 13, 2016 8:10am PDT

Microsoft has a special Xbox One S bundle coming to celebrate the launch of Gears of War 4.


"My wife would definitely like my consoles to be uglier. I might have to look in to this."

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Microsoft won't hold Xbox media briefing at Gamescom 2016

By Daniel Perez, Jul 13, 2016 6:48am PDT

It appears Microsoft currenty doesn't have any more tricks up its sleeves, and instead will be holding a FanFest at the show.


Battletoads for Xbox One may have just been leaked

By Daniel Perez, Jul 11, 2016 7:22am PDT

An image of Battletoads on the Xbox Store has surfaced, giving fans high hopes that they'll be Smash Hitting their enemies soon.


"If this game is true original I have a feeling so many shack posts "this game is too hard" If ..."

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Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 sales spike on Amazon

By John Keefer, Jul 06, 2016 8:02am PDT

Backward compatibility announcement is the only answer.


"Did I miss the part in this Shack article where they talked about sales increase percentage or ..."

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