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Max Payne 3 multiplayer will have story elements

Max Payne 3 multiplayer will have story elements

For better or for worse, Max Payne 3 has multiplayer. Little is known about the competitive addition to the franchise, and many fans are concerned about whether Rockstar can deliver a multiplayer experience fitting of the franchise.

Dan Houser, one of Rockstar's co-founders and lead writer of the upcoming game, hasn't revealed much on how the multiplayer will operate, but did promise that it will integrate with the main narrative.

"We wanted to put some elements of single player into the multiplayer so the multiplayer will have a lot more detail and have elements of story in it and have a sort of an immersive quality," he said.

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"For the love of god....why? Another game with fucking pointless MP shoehorned in to put a ..."
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Max Payne 3 leaps back into view with four screens

Max Payne 3 leaps back into view with four screens

Max Payne might be getting older (and balder) but that won't stop him from jumping into and around any room he might enter. Four new screens of Max Payne 3 have been released, showcasing Max's fondness for leaping.

There's no doubt that each image is ripped from a build of the game, but they look heavily modified and stylized for public consumption. We'd like to see more of the game in action to gauge how good the title will look when we get to play it this March.

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"Hmmm... Wonder if theyre still going to have comic panel interludes."
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Max Payne 3 preview

Max Payne 3 preview

Rockstar made one thing clear when demoing an early build of Max Payne 3 to me: it is Max Payne, through and through. For fans, that must be entirely reassuring. Seeing Max jump side to side in bullet time in his snowy New Jersey apartment, with the New York City skyline in the background, it's easy to think "Max is back."

Many have doubted if Rockstar could make Max Payne without Remedy at the helm. But, the better question to ask is: do we want Max back in the first place?

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"Unfortunatly many care about that, and less about the stuff you mentioned."
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Max Payne 3 screens celebrate the random firing of weapons

Max Payne 3 screens celebrate the random firing of weapons

Max Payne fans seen to be on the fence about the franchise's next outing, Max Payne 3. At first glance more than a few things have changed: Max is sporting the 'hobo Vin Diesel' look and developer Remedy isn't involved in development.

The more we hear and see about the game, however, the more our community seems to be welcoming of Max's return. In recently released screens, we see Max back to his old tricks--namely, firing a lot of weapons. We've also heard that Remedy has offered feedback on the new project, making us a breath a noir-style sigh of relief.

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Original Max Payne devs offered feedback on Max Payne 3

Original Max Payne devs offered feedback on Max Payne 3

Some fans have been nervous about Max Payne 3, the first iteration of the franchise to be developed outside of Remedy. Transferring development duties to Rockstar Games has resulted in a divisive new look for Max, and a change in locale that have many crying foul. But, what do the original developers think?

Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy, says that the new game has been "worth the wait." Adding, "now, getting near to release, it feels kind of welcoming an old friend."

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"Your confusing trolling with bluntness. The only obvious thing is the truth. Bad developer and ..."
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Max Payne 3 is noir, Rockstar promises

Max Payne 3 is noir, Rockstar promises

As the first game in the series to be developed outside of Remedy, Max Payne 3 has drawn the ire of its most passionate fans. Rockstar VP of product development Jernoimo Barrera defends the changes made for the studio's take on the franchise, and promises that the game will retain many nods to the classic games.

"We wanted to make a game that would please fans of the originals and be accessible to newcomers," Barrera said. "As the games are so old now, plenty of people who would like Max were simply not gaming back in 2003."

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"for their next game I hope they get the Batman IP, and put Batman in the Bahamas and also make ..."
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Max Payne 3's debut trailer

Max Payne 3's debut trailer

Here it is, the very first trailer for Max Payne 3. The long-in-development action game from Rockstar is coming out in March, and this video gives us a first look into how it's come along.

Yes, bald and bearded Max is still in the game, drinking his troubles away in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While the change of scenery may offend some fans, the return of Max Payne's incredible theme song, along with the noir-inspired narration, goes a long way in reviving our nostalgic memories of the first games.

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"That's from Alan Wake. It's from the manuscript pages of a book called "The Sudden Stop" and ..."
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Classic Max Payne coming to mobile

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Classic Max Payne coming to mobile

Today's release announcement for Max Payne 3 carried another little nugget of info inside of it: the original Max Payne will be re-released on mobile platforms. Rockstar announced that the mobile version will be redressed in higher resolution, and sport many PC features.

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"Yeah, I'm hoping for a Vita port as well. If GTA:Chinatown made its way to PSP, I wouldn't be ..."
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Max Payne 3 coming March 2012

Max Payne 3 coming March 2012

Rockstar Games promised updates for its perpetually-delayed Max Payne 3, and today, they've delivered. Max Payne 3 will be available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in March 2012 across North America and Europe.

Although Rockstar Vancouver was originally attached to the project, the publisher is now calling the effort a "true cross-studio collaboration between Rockstar Games' global development teams." Makes sense, given Vancouver's lack of experience in developing multiplayer.

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"I really have enjoyed the stories of GTA4 and RDR. I don't see how it is impossible for Rockstar ..."
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Max Payne 3 resurfaces in new screenshots

Max Payne 3 resurfaces in new screenshots

The long, possibly troubled, development of Max Payne 3 may finally be coming to a close. Rockstar Games has released two new screenshots of the game, the company's "next big release on both consoles and PC." We're glad to see that Max is looking more like his former self, and not like the bum that scared us in the game's original reveal.

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"I played thru both the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2 not so long ago, both quality games. ..."
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