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Mass Effect 2 'Genesis' comic on XBLM

By Steve Watts, May 17, 2011 12:00pm PDT

The Mass Effect 2 "Genesis" motion comic, which lets you make choices from the first game and import them to ME2, is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for $4.


"This is a great idea, the thing that has stopped me from playing ME2 is not wanting to replay ..."

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Mass Effect gets animated next summer

By Steve Watts, Apr 07, 2011 2:30pm PDT

BioWare and EA announced a deal with FUNimation to produce a straight-to-DVD feature film based on the Mass Effect series. It's expected to hit stores in summer of 2012.


"The problem is making a decent live action of 3D CG feature costs an immense amount of money, ..."

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Rumor: Mass Effect Series Getting Multiplayer

By Brian Leahy, Jun 01, 2010 11:40am PDT

A job posting (seen left) on LinkedIn (via GameBlend) calls for a "Multiplayer Programmer (Mass Effect Franchise)" at BioWare Montreal. It seems to...


"You stated this well. I hope Bioware is joking about co-op in ME3. Players want decisions to ..."

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Mass Effect Movie Rights Acquired By 'Watchmen' Production Company

By Alice O'Connor, May 25, 2010 7:41am PDT

The movie rights to BioWare's Mass Effect sci-fi RPG series have been picked up by '300' and 'Watchmen' production company Legendary Pictures, Heat...


"I'm always looking forward to anything Mass Effect. I hope they don't drop the ball on this one."

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EA Reveals Release Windows of Major Games: Crysis 2, New Dragon Age, Sims and Much More

By Chris Faylor, Feb 08, 2010 1:33pm PST

Curious as to what mega-publisher Electronic Arts has up its sleeve for the next year? Wonder no more, as the company today issued a breakdown...


"The last interviews have said it's PC first, then maybe a 360 version later..."

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More Mass Effect Coming After Trilogy Concludes

By Chris Faylor, Jan 21, 2010 8:30am PST

Though Mass Effect was announced as an "epic trilogy," developer BioWare has confirmed that the futuristic franchise will continue after the third...


"Inventory and doing anything involving a menu was pretty atrocious, too."

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BioWare Already Looking Forward to Mass Effect 3

By Garnett Lee, Dec 17, 2009 6:30pm PST

After the exhausting effort that went into developing Mass Effect 2 it would be reasonable to expect the team was ready for a break. Not BioWare,...


"Same, I played for 55 hours, but I never skipped any dialog and I did every quest, plot and subplot."

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Shack PSA: Mass Effect PC $10 on Steam

By Chris Faylor, Nov 05, 2009 10:17am PST

With BioWare's Mass Effect 2 fast approaching and the studio's latest, Dragon Age: Origins, having just arrived, digital distribution platform...


"haha yes I just stole it too! never got around to playing this now I have no excuse, $10 you ..."

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BioWare Working on Fixes for Mass Effect DLC Errors

By Nick Breckon, Aug 26, 2009 12:23pm PDT

Owners of both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect are having issues playing the new "Pinnacle Station" DLC. On the Xbox 360, users...


"I bought the new DLC for the retail PC version, notice big bug of light shining thru characters ..."

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Mass Effect DLC Arrives on PC

By Nick Breckon, Aug 25, 2009 3:03pm PDT

The new "Pinnacle Station" DLC for Mass Effect is now available for owners of the PC version. Interested parties can head to the EA Store,...


"Just like real investing, "past performance is no guarantee of future success." I'll continue to ..."

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Mass Effect 'Pinnacle Station' DLC Released

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 25, 2009 7:51am PDT

Hot on the heels of leaked details yesterday, Mass Effect's new 'Pinnacle Station' downloadable content has surprisingly been released today for...


"This DLC is now available for PC from the EA store. it is NOT compatible with steam the version!"

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Mass Effect PC Patch 1.02 Released

By Nick Breckon, Aug 24, 2009 7:19pm PDT

The long-awaited 1.02 patch for the PC version of Mass Effect was released tonight by BioWare. The 70 MB patch addresses various crashes and...


"Then don't! Video games are for fun (they certainly have no other use)"

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Mass Effect 'Pinnacle Station' DLC Details Leaked

By Nick Breckon, Aug 24, 2009 5:09pm PDT

New details on the upcoming "Pinnacle Station" Mass Effect DLC were leaked by way of the Swiss Xbox Live website, according to Eurogamer. The...


"I am currently playing my third play-through and this does nothing for me. Not so interested."

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Mass Effect 2's Use of ME1 Saved Data Explained

By Chris Faylor, Jul 24, 2009 9:22am PDT

BioWare has repeatedly cautioned players of the first Mass Effect to hold on to their save games for use in the upcoming sequel, and now we have a...


"Other than them both being RPGs with some use of guns there is little else in common. I ..."

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Comic Book Bonanza: Mass Effect, Prince of Persia and Singularity Adaptations Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 21, 2009 5:39pm PDT

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Dante's Inferno comic news--and in the run-up to Comic-Con--no less than three comic book adaptations of video...


"Between Team Fortress 2 news and Rage news, nobody's coming in here. oh well, comic ..."

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