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EA's NCAA settlement cost company $40 million

EA's NCAA settlement cost company $40 million

EA's legal settlement with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) wasn't intended to halt NCAA games altogether, but that seems to be the result. The two have parted ways, which may have something to do with the settlement costing the company $40 million.

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Madden NFL 25 title update 'coming soon'

Madden NFL 25 title update 'coming soon'

With the exception of a day-one patch, Madden NFL 25 has not been updated since release. As Pasta Padre pointed out, EA Sports typically supports their sports games with at least one or two patches by now. The lack of communication on EA's part led to accusations that the company is resting on their laurels.

Well, it appears EA Sports is finally ready to respond. The next title update for their football game will be available "soon," they say.

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"...a new version of Madden NFL 25 for next-gen consoles. Wouldn't that be called Madden 26?"
- Nixx2004    See all 3 comments

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Madden NFL 25 Feel It next generation trailer

Madden NFL 25 gets up close and personal and puts players in the shoes of professional football players with their next generation console iterations.

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