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Xbox 360 Price Drop Rumors Gain Credence

By Chris Faylor, Aug 25, 2009 9:56am PDT

With three more advance retailer fliers listing lower prices for the Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox 360 Elite hardware, it seems that an imminent price drop...


"HD cables will still be included. Component cables will be in the box. Only HDMI is being ..."

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Concept of 'Next Tomb Raider' Game Leaks Out, Seemingly Combines Metroid and Resident Evil

By Chris Faylor, Jul 13, 2009 2:14pm PDT

Following indications that Eidos, now Square Enix Europe, would "need to look at everything as we develop the next [Tomb Raider] game," the first...


"part 3 is no longer being called first blood part III but simply Croft III"

- technotica see all 33 comments

Aliens RPG Still Alive, Colonial Marines Headed to DS

By Chris Faylor, Jun 15, 2009 2:44pm PDT

Though Obsidian's Aliens RPG was thought to be cancelled, Sega has confirmed that it still plans to release the title along with its other two...


"I cannot wait to play these games. It has been too long since I've visited the Aliens universe. ..."

- gibolas1234 see all 14 comments

Download-only PSP Redesign Confirmed via Leak, Getting Gran Turismo and New Metal Gear Solid

By Chris Faylor, May 30, 2009 10:16am PDT

Shacknews can confirm that the latest issue of Sony's downloadable PlayStation 3 video magazine Qore mysteriously appeared in the download history...


"i like th split design, but thats where it ends for me, never owned a psp before, looks like i ..."

- araczynski see all 138 comments

Secret of Monkey Island Coming to Xbox 360?

By Chris Faylor, May 20, 2009 8:34am PDT

Rumors and rating boards are at it again, with indications that Ron Gilbert and LucasArt's classic adventure title The Secret of Monkey Island is...


"that;s right.. people want to sound cool. MI is an example of a time when games were made with ..."

- deadlycookie see all 88 comments

Early Trailer for Team Ico's 'Project Trico' Leaked?

By Nick Breckon, May 19, 2009 6:12pm PDT

What is likely an early bit of footage from Team Ico's next project--a work apparently known as "Project Trico"--has leaked by way of...


"If I want a "cinematic experience" I'll go see one of those new fangled talkies."

- gooblerampling see all 158 comments

More Duke Nukem Forever Artwork Leaks (Updated)

By Chris Faylor, May 11, 2009 9:24am PDT

Joining the already leaked assets and gameplay footage, more media from Duke Nukem Forever has emerged from now-defunct developer 3D Realms....


"firefox, ie, safari, iphone safari, opera people have been complaining about that for almost ..."

- doomed see all 238 comments

Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage Leaked

By Alice O'Connor, May 10, 2009 3:12am PDT

Following the shut down of 3D Realms last week and subsequent asset leaks, an extended look at some Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage has...


"fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkk that wouldve been an awesome graduation present for me, ..."

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Dead Rising 2 Trailer: Moose vs. Zombies

By Chris Faylor, Apr 28, 2009 8:06am PDT

The below trailer for Capcom and Blue Castle's zombie-killing sequel isn't supposed to be available until later today, but that didn't stop InsideGamer from posting it early. The footage


"Nope, but I take from your question that it has exactly what I asked for!"

- supamart see all 43 comments

BioShock 2 Screenshots Leak Out

By Chris Faylor, Apr 22, 2009 5:05pm PDT

A number of direct-feed screenshots from 2K Marin's BioShock 2 have made their way online via PC Games Hardware, offering a glimpse of the...


"please tell me slicers was a spelling error and you dont think that actually what they are called"

- Slyvena see all 27 comments

Guitar Hero Van Halen Listed by Ratings Board

By Chris Faylor, Apr 20, 2009 1:59pm PDT

The rumored Guitar Hero Van Halen game has been rated by the German Voluntary Monitoring Organization of Entertainment Software, though publisher...


"Yeah it's hit the point now where Guitar Hero games aren't designed for the fans of the series ..."

- Schnapple see all 22 comments

Big Huge Games Experiences Big Huge Media Leak, Oblivion Designer's Game Reportedly Canceled

By Chris Faylor, Apr 09, 2009 9:33am PDT

Rise of Nations developer Big Huge Games has canceled its two known projects, Kotaku reports, alongside rumors that several companies have...


"Hope they pick up Ascendant! Looks great and I'd buy it :)"

- mrcairo see all 18 comments

Early Mass Effect 2 Footage Leaked

By Nick Breckon, Mar 27, 2009 6:17pm PDT

Several minutes of Mass Effect 2 work-in-progress footage shown at GDC have already leaked onto the internet. The footage includes an early look at some of Mass Effect 2's level design, as well as one short scene of dialogue. We'll have mor


"I can't stand Gears of War, but it's certainly had an impact on games in general. I see so many ..."

- Lord Skellington see all 95 comments

First Call of Duty Coming to PS3, Xbox 360

By Chris Faylor, Mar 26, 2009 6:58pm PDT

More than five years after its original release, Infinity Ward's Call of Duty is leaving the land of PC exclusivity and entering the console realm...


"OMFG, another WWII game fan actually exists!! I"M NOT ALONE!!! Having said that, WWII's ..."

- Snake&Crane see all 53 comments

Wolfenstein 3D Coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 26, 2009 1:17pm PDT

id Software's classic first-person shooter is headed to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to the ESRB game ratings list. No further...


""definitely worth the price of a lunch at McDonalds" LOL Comparing a game to that poison ..."

- ornee see all 45 comments