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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection's Vita-exclusive controls

By Alan Tsang, Apr 12, 2012 12:30pm PDT

At the PlayStation Spring Preview event yesterday, I had a chance to get some hands-on time with the Vita version of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. New to the Vita version are touch screen controls.


"Twin snakes is much needed here! And excluding peace walker is just a dick move..."

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Kojima to make games 'until the day I die'

By Steve Watts, Mar 19, 2012 12:30pm PDT

Hideo Kojima talks about what the next 25 years might bring for him, and how he wants his name associated with creations besides Metal Gear.


"I would really like to see him do some sci-fi space opera type games that expand on ideas from ..."

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Zone of the Enders HD Collection coming this Fall

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 29, 2012 4:00pm PST

The Zone of the Enders HD will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 this Fall.


"All the more reason the Japanese language track should be included in the HD collection. :["

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'Next' Metal Gear Solid game seeks developers, coming to PC

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 22, 2012 6:00am PST

While "Metal Gear Solid 5" has yet to be officially announced, Kojima Productions has announced it is seeking developers for the "next" Metal Gear Solid title.


"The problems MGS2 for PC has are easily fixed without Konami's assistance."

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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D demo tomorrow

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 15, 2012 8:30am PST

Sneaking fans eyeing up Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D will be able to download the demo for the Nintendo 3DS port of Metal Gear Solid 3 from tomorrow, ahead of its launch next week.


Metal Gear Online to quietly die this summer

By Steve Watts, Feb 14, 2012 2:45pm PST

Konami has announced that Metal Gear Online will end this summer, in three distinct phases of shutting down the service. It will go offline completely on June 21.


"Sad but inevitable. I played MGO quite a bit after it's release, but I couldn't convince any of ..."

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection adds rear touch controls on Vita

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 07, 2012 6:15pm PST

In addition to cleaning up the graphics, the upcoming re-release of MGS 2 and 3 will take advantage of Vita's unique control methods. Specifically, the games will utilize Vita's odd rear touch panel.


"Just give me good controls for mgs2 and 3, and the ability to move while crouched, not this ..."

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance director is Bayonetta main programmer

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 18, 2012 9:45am PST

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's mystery director has finally been revealed.


"That explains the over-the-top direction of this Metal Gear game"

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Metal Gear Solid 3DS launches February 21

By Xav de Matos, Jan 10, 2012 12:30pm PST

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D will sneak into stores on February 21 in North America, Konami has announced.


"Excellent...now to wait till my girlfriend falls asleep so I can get Vagouflage."

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Kojima conflicted on Metal Gear Solid remake

By Steve Watts, Dec 27, 2011 4:00pm PST

Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima talks about the original game and why he feels conflicted about working on a remake of the classic.


"I would, if it were available on a platform I own. I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay 200 dollars ..."

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Kojima's 'Project Ogre' will be open-world

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 21, 2011 11:15am PST

Hideo Kojima has released yet another screenshot, showcasing the FOX Engine's capabilities. In addition, he detailed his new game, calling it "open world."


Hideo Kojima's next game gets screenshot

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 16, 2011 12:30pm PST

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is working on a new game, which may or may not be Metal Gear Solid 5. New images released by Kojima give us some hints.


"I had no idea that the FOX engine was a collaborative project with Team Ninja."

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance lead platform is PS3

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 15, 2011 11:30am PST

Metal Gear Rising is the lovechild of two very different development studios, one clearly in favor of PS3. So, what's happening with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?


"Next, they will announce a mobile iOS/Android version called MGS: Return of the Fruit Ninja. I'd ..."

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Possible Metal Gear Solid 5 concepts revealed in lengthy 'Revengeance' documentary

By Xav de Matos, Dec 14, 2011 12:00pm PST

In a nearly 30 minute documentary, Kojima Productions and Platinum Games staff talk about saving Metal Gear Rising from death. Legendary designer Hideo Kojima also discusses possible Metal Gear Solid 5 concepts.


"this video feature is very nice. i was suprised about the honesty, this give plus points. and ..."

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Why Metal Gear Rising needed to be developed in Japan

By Garnett Lee, Dec 13, 2011 5:30pm PST

Metal Gear Rising developers Hideo Kojima and Atsushi Inaba describe the partnership between Kojima Productions and Platinum Games to reboot the game.


"Because the gaming press consist mostly of level-headed individuals who can tell a great game ..."

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