Get AT&T U-Verse TV on Your Xbox 360 Starting Oct 15

By Garnett Lee, Oct 11, 2010 11:00am PDT

As part of the Windows Phone 7 announcements today, AT&T revealed it plans to finally let customers use their Xbox 360 as a U-verse receiver...


"Well, you can put the primary receiver in the room where you want a 2nd TV with U-Verse, then ..."

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BBC Says Microsoft, Sony Too Controlling on Streaming Video

By Chris Faylor, Apr 10, 2008 1:51pm PDT

Though already accessible via the Nintendo Wii, the BBC has said that its streaming video service iPlayer is not presently available for the...


"I just download the videos through the iPlayer on my pc, share the download folder with window ..."

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BBC iPlayer Brings Streaming TV to the Wii

By Nick Breckon, Apr 09, 2008 8:09am PDT

The BBC today announced that its iPlayer internet television service is now available to Nintendo Wii owners living in the United Kingdom. The...


"Ahh thats a little disappointing. Surely the flash enabled opera browser always supported the ..."

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CES 08: Gates Rocks Guitar Hero; Microsoft Brings ABC, MGM to Xbox Live

By Nick Breckon, Jan 06, 2008 7:23pm PST

In his last keynote speech at CES, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and his supporting cast had a lot to speak about on Sunday night at the...


"I liked it too, sounds like one of those "has to hate everything associated with MS" guys."

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PS3, 360 System Updates Detailed, Dated (Updated)

By Chris Faylor, Nov 07, 2007 12:31pm PST

Update: When asked if the Family Timer is part of the forthcoming Xbox 360 Fall System Update, Microsoft was unable to provide Shacknews with a...


"Version 2.0 is up for those of you who ha... Oh who am I kidding? I'm the only one around ..."

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IPTV Not Part of Xbox 360 Fall Update, Should Hit Service Providers This Year

By Chris Faylor, Oct 30, 2007 8:43am PDT

The previously announced Xbox 360 IPTV functionality will not be among the features included in the console's upcoming fall update, Microsoft has...


"Will it have XViD or DiVX playback capability? If so, I'm buying Vista no question..."

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Sony Adding DVR Capability to PS3

By Nick Breckon, Aug 01, 2007 10:02am PDT

In an interview with a local New Zealand paper, Sony Computer Entertainment representative Warwick Light revealed plans of a new PlayStation 3...


"Yeah, such an awesome idea... It's gonna be something like, "Alright, I'm gonna play my blu-ray ..."

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Microsoft Finally Confirms Xbox 360 Elite

By Chris Remo, Mar 28, 2007 3:24am PDT

Microsoft last night issued an announcement confirming the existence of Xbox 360 Elite, an upcoming model of its Xbox 360 featuring HDMI output and...


"I have to admit all I have is my personal experience of Superman Returns off Live vs the HD DVD, ..."

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Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Mar 19, 2007 6:00pm PDT

Dont leave a turkey sandwich out for more than like 30 seconds when there is a cat in the area. Just a tip. - Deciding on IPTV - Perhaps we can...


"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Avex Entertainment, Inc. that ..."

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Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Jan 16, 2007 6:00pm PST

So I seem to be in a gaming lull again. More new awesome games please. Dig it? - How Yahoo blew it - Interbreeding was hot - Skype going after...


"Here's a "Yes!" from the future. Boiling Point isn't as polished or technically impressive as ..."

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Microsoft CES Keynote Live Coverage

By Chris Remo, Jan 07, 2007 7:34pm PST

Our Microsoft CES keynote coverage got started a little late due to some technical difficulties, but we're here for the part you guys care about:...


"If that means infinite support for X360s that breakdown plus DVR-type capabilities, I'd do it in ..."

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Late Night Consoling

By Chris Remo, Jan 05, 2007 8:15pm PST

In case you didn't notice, Telltale Games today released Situation: Comedy, the second episode in its current Sam & Max series. Head over to their...


"It also isn't getting me any! Do I get some sort of compensation?"

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Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Jun 08, 2006 6:24pm PDT

Dropped Maarten off at the Mavs game since he totally left you guys but at least I'm here by your side. Much love. - Whedon's wacky fans - IPTV...


"i sometimes book myself into backpacker hostels and pretend to be from somewhere else. i do it ..."

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Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Dec 27, 2005 6:00pm PST

Very sick woman must be tended to. I'm such a wuss when it comes to people puking.. ugh. - Emo tech moments :( - More online TV shows - 25 more...


"Holy crap that's awesome! That little arm thing with the extended grey bar is for the Terminator ..."

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Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Jul 15, 2005 5:00pm PDT

One thing that is kind of fun about resumes is finding out just how many publications out there have discontent employees. We should do this more...


"Alright computer problems. It feels weird trying to do random tech support for my own box, ..."

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