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GameTap to Offer Classic Interplay Titles

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GameTap today announced an expanded partnership with Interplay to make several of the company's titles such as Fallout, MDK and Descent available via numerous digital distribution channels.

As part of the agreement, GameTap will feature the Interplay titles in its subscription-based play service, ad-supported website and sold directly via GameTap's online digital download store.

"This licensing deal is a good example of how Interplay is leveraging its library of intellectual properties," said Interplay CEO Herve Caen. "The company will continue to either reinvent some of those properties by developing them into new versions or sequels, or by partnering with an existing leader like GameTap, where the original titles can live on." Read more »

"Classic Interplay? Try Wasteland and Neuromancer then we'll talk about classics coming ..."
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Earthworm Jim Creator Teams with Interplay to Create Sequel, Cartoon, Film

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Publisher Interplay announced that it will partner with Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel to create a new game, cartoon series, and feature film based on the classic franchise.

The announcement follows news that Interplay would be reviving its classic franchises. TenNapel will serve as a creative consultant for the sequel, currently titled Earthworm Jim 4, though no other details on the game were disclosed. The company added that TenNapel will be developing a new Earthworm Jim animated series and feature-length film. Read more »

"those fuckers should have never canned the PSP version to begin with"
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Interplay Plans Sequels to Earthworm Jim, MDK

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Publisher Interplay has announced in its yearly earnings report that it is perusing development of sequels to some of its best-selling franchises, in addition to an MMO based on the Fallout series.

The company named Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance, Descent, and MDK as properties that it will leverage for sequel development. According to Interplay, it has recently begun the process of hiring developers, with the goal of restarting in-house development. Read more »

"A new MDK with similar approach to previous games would be great."
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Interplay Plans to Restart Internal Development, Hires Fallout Designer for Unannounced MMO

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Ailing game publisher Interplay's CEO announced plans today to restart the near-bankrupt company's internal development studios in preparation for the planned Fallout MMO. Additionally, the company has hired on former Fallout designer Jason Anderson as the creative director for a separate MMO project. Interplay posted profits of $497,000 for the third quarter ending September 30, a 68.9% year-over-year decrease. Although Interplay has reported revenues for the entire year of $5.9 million, nearly the entirety of these funds come from selling the Fallout license to Bethesda Softworks for its reimagining of the franchise for the studio's upcoming Fallout 3 (PC, PS3, X360). According to the publisher's financial report, it's currently working on getting funding for its Fallout MMO, which Bethesda has allowed Interplay to develop if certain conditions are met. The agreement requires Interplay to secure $30 million in funding and start work on the title within three years from this past April.

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"agreed; please dump it so Volition can work on it instead of *shudder* Red Faction 3."
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Interplay Posts Q2 Earnings, Still Focusing on Fallout MMO

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In an SEC filing Tuesday, enfeebled publisher Interplay reported its second quarter fiscal year 2008 results, detailing a net income of $5.46 million for the quarter due mainly to the sale of the Fallout license to Bethesda Softworks. The company also stated its continued imperative of developing an MMO based on the Fallout license through a special agreement with Bethesda. "The Company is focused on securing funding for development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) based on the popular Fallout franchise," Interplay CEO Herve Caen wrote in the filing. "Along with its strategy of leveraging its existing portfolio of intellectual gaming properties, the Company intends that Fallout MMOG will play a key roll (sic) in the future of the Company." Interplay received $4 million from Bethesda during the second quarter for the Fallout license and will receive the remaining $1.75 million during the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year. But unless Interplay receives funding from other sources during the third and fourth quarters, it's unlikely the company will remain in operation. As detailed in the SEC filing, a petition by Interplay's creditors and other parties--among them Mass Effect developer BioWare--for involuntary bankruptcy was dismissed in July, with the company paying its creditors a combined $2.9 million. With all the company's assets tied up in repaying debts, the filing doesn't paint a promising picture for Interplay's future. "We currently have no cash reserves and are only able to pay current liabilities," the filing reads. "We cannot continue in our current form without obtaining additional financing or income." As Shacknews reported earlier this year, Bethesda has laid down regulations for Interplay in developing the Fallout MMO, starting with bringing in $30 million in funds and beginning work on the project within two years. "We are planning to exploit the License Back of 'Fallout' MMOG and are reviewing the avenues for securing financing of at least $30 million to fund its production," the filing states. "Currently the Company has no internal development of new titles."

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"Of course you can paint any scenario as a bad one. I think you can make any IP successful in ..."
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Bethesda Acquires Fallout IP from Interplay for $5.75M (Updated)

Following Bethesda Softworks' 2004 announcement that it had licensed the rights from Fallout property holder Interplay to develop Fallout 3, reports filed with the SEC this week reveal that Bethesda has now signed a deal with Interplay to acquire the entire Fallout property. The $5.75 million sale of "all of [Interplay's] rights to the IP" was formalized on April 4 and went into effect on April 9, as described in the document filed on Thursday. Payment is being made in installments, with Bethesda set to have fulfilled its financial obligations by the third quarter of this year. (Thanks NMA) Ailing firm Interplay has published every previously released game in the famed Black Isle-created RPG franchise, and was slated to develop its own third main game in the series before the project fell through and the rights licensed to Bethesda. Last December, Interplay formally outlined its plans to develop a $75 million Fallout MMO, the rights to which it had retained when the 2004 Bethesda agreement was signed. With Bethesda becoming the sole owner of the Fallout IP, Interplay negotiated the exclusive rights to create a Fallout MMO as part of this week's sale. Now, however, the reversed relationship between the two companies gives Bethesda greater leverage in Interplay's handling of the property. Bethesda has also established a comprehensive set of quality control and schedule-related requirements. Interplay may not sublicense any part of MMO development without Bethesda's approval. The MMO "must meet or exceed such quality standards as may be set by Bethesda from time to time" in order for Interplay to remain in good standing, and Bethesda has the right to inspect Interplay's offices and development progress at any time during normal business hours provided two days' notice is given. Furthermore, Interplay must enter "full-scale" development of the MMO with a minimum of $30 million in funding by two years from the signing of the agreement, or it immediately forfeits its rights to the license. The company must launch the game in North America and Europe within four years of that development commencement date, with the potential for a one-year extension if development is progressing adequately, giving the game a final release date limit of April 9, 2014. In return for granting Interplay the MMO rights, Bethesda will receive royalties of 12% of sales, subscription fees, or other revenue generated by the game. For more on Bethesda's handling of its own Fallout 3 project, check out our prior interview with Bethesda's Pete Hines. Shacknews has sent further inquiries to Bethesda regarding this week's deal. Update: Shacknews has been contacted by Bethesda's Pete Hines, who described the deal as one that was a natural continuation of Bethesda's existing Fallout license and not one that will have any impact on Bethesda's development plans. "This transaction merely transfers some remaining property rights of Interplay in the Fallout brand to Bethesda," he said. "It doesn't have any effect on us. We are going forward with all our previous plans concerning the Fallout franchise." As for the catalyst behind the move, Hines noted simply, "A decision was made by management to purchase the remaining property rights to Fallout that we didn't already control when that opportunity was presented to us."

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"Hi, I'm from the future. This game turned out to be a-ok. It was a massive blockbuster. Ok, bye."
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Interplay Open Again

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Just a few days after the publisher was shut down by California labor inspectors, Interplay is back open reports GameSpot. The company got the required workers' compensation insurance, and so employees are allowed to work again. However, from France comes the news that Titus Interactive filed for bankruptcy. Titus is a majority shareholder in Interplay, though CEO Herve Caen says the bankruptcy "doesn't affect us in any way, shape or form"...

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Interplay Shut Down

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GameSpot is reporting today that publisher Interplay has been shut down by the State of California. Just yesterday CEO Herve Caen said the company was still around even though there were persistent rumors claiming otherwise. But California labor investigators who recently paid a visit to the company found that employees lacked workers' compensation insurance, and some had not been paid in over a month. This has forced the company to shut down for the time being.

As a penalty for its infractions, Interplay was fined $1,000 for each employee on the payroll for a total of $79,000. This sum is in addition to the $179,000 it already owes the state in back taxes and the $432,000 in unpaid rent it owes its landlord, Arden Realty, who is reportedly on the verge of evicting the company. In addition, it is being sued for $156,000 in back Baldur's Gate royalties by BioWare. As of part of its mid-April financial statements, Interplay declared it only had $1.2 million in cash on hand.
Interplay CEO Caen is also quoted in the new GameSpot article, denying that the company was shut down and saying the state is just not allowing his employees to work.

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Fallout 3, Interplay Eviction?

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Something we missed during earlier Interplay news is that the company also announced that they plan to publish Fallout 3. Adding that the game is not actively being developed right now, Interplay is looking for an external studio to work on it. If the company will ever get around to publishing it remains to be seen though as they are in a grave financial situation.

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Interplay Troubles

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Some bad mojo for the Interplay folks today. They have announced today that they are getting delisted from the Nasdaq SmallCap Market. This means they havent been rolling in the cash moneys like they used to.

The company has until October 23, 2002 to request a review of the decision by the Nasdaq Listing and Hearing Review Council. The company is considering whether to seek a review.
Interplay published a few things you probably heard of, Baldur's Gate / 2, Icewind Dale / 2, MDK / 2, Sacrifice, Messiah, Planescape: Torment, Fallout / 2. Heard of those? They were also the parent company of Shiny and Black Isle Studios. Of course the Shiny situation changed with that whole MS & Matrix deal a little while ago.

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"thats what they get for releasing games with so many bugs. Almost every game they amde had a ..."
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No Night for Interplay

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Blues News received a press release from BioWare, indicating that the Canadian game developer has ended its ties with Interplay due to breach of contract by the publisher. This does not effect development of Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

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" If they go with Infogrames, its a non-issue because they have the the rights to everything D&D ..."
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Interplay Followup

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Interplay Strikes Back is a news story on EuroGamer, following up on their story from yesterday about Interplay being shut down as a publisher by Titus and Vivendi publishing Interplay titles. It turns out that this publishing deal was actually signed by Interplay and not Titus. Titus owns 51% of Interplay, but is not in control of the company until they elect a new board of directors. So in the mean time, Interplay is trying to make Titus' welcome as unpleasant as possible. Which is why Titus already announced that Interplay marketing and distribution staff were being laid off.

Obviously not content with this spoiling move, our sources are now reporting that Interplay has filed to say that its shareholders want the company wound up! This could mean that when Titus gets hold of the reins in September the company will already be in Chapter 11 receivership. Somebody at Interplay obviously doesn't like the fox...

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" I fucking loved Giants. Great game. Of course I didnt have any problems with bugs like some ..."
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Game Over for Interplay?

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Eurogamer is reporting that Titus has announced their plans to close down Interplay's publishing duties, and instead make the company their American development house. Also in this announcement is the news that all of Interplay's future titles will be published through Vivendi Universal, the company formerly known as Havas Interactive. Although it's not named specifically, Sierra will most likely wind up as the publisher for Interplay's games, as they recently signed a similar deal with Fox Interactive. Nothing is stated as to what, if any effect this will have on titles Interplay was set to publish but did not develop internally (such as Neverwinter Nights), or Interplay subsidiary Shiny's ultra-expensive Matrix game that's being bankrolled by Microsoft.

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"Another one gone..... no more NILA, BASP, MAMA, OR STTO. Those where the days..."
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Titus Interplay Take Over

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The Register is reporting that the French company Titus has taken a 51% stake in US publisher Interplay. Thanks Zoesch. There were already rumors back in May that was someone was interested in the publisher best known for its RPGs like the Fallout and Baldurs Gate series. Several other French publishers were already active in the US, such as Infogrames (buying GT Publishing) and Vivendi (Sierra).

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"I really hate it when the french by an american game company. They either cancel all the good ..."
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Interplay Going Asian

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According to Computer and Video Games, Interplay has been purchased by the Chinese Pacific Century Cyber Works consortium. This Chinese company tried to buy Activision a while ago. Yesterday it was announced that the publisher of games like Giants and Baldur's Gate was in takeover talks.

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"WTF are these guys thinking!?? How can they sell themselves off like this!!?? Ack! Please ..."
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