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By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 25, 2002 10:56am PDT

Both AMD and Intel have introduced their newest server CPUs. AMD has decided to call their 64-bit Hammer CPU the "Opteron" (read more). Intel has...


"Geez all this Doom talk made me go watch the macworld video again. My god still every bit as ..."

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P4 Price Cuts

By Steve Gibson, Apr 15, 2002 1:41pm PDT

Intel has just done the big P4 price cut that we've been expecting. A 25% cut on the P4 2.2ghz chips. There are some other cuts going on along the...


"Hahahaha. Keep fighting each other, AMD, Intel! I will win out in the end. Thanks!"

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Intel Roadmap

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 09, 2002 9:44am PDT

The Inquirer managed to get a looksee at the latest Intel roadmaps. Some faster Pentium 4 CPUs coming in the 3rd quart of this year, speeds of 2.6...


"Oh yea I had 1 MHz C64 before that 16 MHz 386, but it was actually quite fast :)"

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2.4GHz Next Week

By Steve Gibson, Mar 29, 2002 12:32pm PST

Looks like Intel is gonna do a little speed bump next week, they are planning to release som 2.4GHz chips and there is also some info on their...


" Informative. "the PIII (coppermine core...lost close to 10mm² during its lifetime," and ..."

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IDF Wrap-Up

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 05, 2002 3:02am PST

AnandTech has a wrap-up article on the Intel Developer Forum. They look at BBUL CPU packaging and a few other misc. things.


P4M Launched

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 04, 2002 7:26am PST

Intel today released the first Pentium 4 M CPUs for notebooks. The mobile Pentium 4 chips are available at 1.6 and 1.7Ghz. Most major notebook...


" uses a LOT less power.. ive heard the toshiba P4 notebook using the desktop P4 processor only ..."

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VIA Roadmap Update

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 19, 2002 4:37pm PST

Mike at The Inquirer managed to get his hands on the latest VIA Pentium 4 chipset roadmap. Looks like we'll be seeing the P4X266/A, the P4X333/400,...


Toshiba's Desktop Notebook

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 11, 2002 8:07am PST

CNet is reporting that Toshiba will be launching a new Pentium 4 notebook later this week. But instead of using a special notebook CPU, Toshiba...


" Doesn't the GF4 440MX have a HEAP more bandwidth than a GF2Go? from what i recall, the ..."

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Inside Intel

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 11, 2002 6:48am PST

Inside Intel: From Silicon to the World is an AnandTech article looking at how Intel operates at the engineering level. They made a trip to Intel...


"I thought it was a good read. but then again I'm in the midst of my first EE class so I'm ..."

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Intel Pentium 4 Pricing

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 06, 2002 10:09am PST

According to The Inquirer, there won't be any price cut shocks by Intel the rest of this year. Its expected that Intel will price the 533Mhz FSB P4...


" thanks for the news flash, pal, but any sane person is buying AMD at this time."

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Intel's New CPU

By Steve Gibson, Feb 04, 2002 9:47am PST

ZDNet has a cute article describing the new Intel CPU that is shooting for a release around the middle of this year. Apparently it's gonna be a...


" taint? If by that you mean honor, then yes! Come on, what's the point in a powerfull processor ..."

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Intel Roadmap

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 22, 2002 11:10am PST

A few days after posting the AMD CPU roadmap, The Inquirer now has a similar overview for upcoming Intel CPUs. 2.5Ghz in Q3, with 2.4Ghz already...


" Tom's Hardware has already overclocked a 2.2 ghz to 3.0 with a standard 2.2 ghz cpu and water ..."

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Intel Doing Well

By Steve Gibson, Jan 16, 2002 3:38am PST

The guys at Intel have "toughed it out" and they are all happy and stuff now. Intel beat 4th quarter revenue estimates and they are...


" uh because they actual made money, 508 million or something as opposed to other chip ..."

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P4 Chipset Price Cuts

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 10, 2002 4:50am PST

The Inquirer is reporting that VIA and SiS have cut prices on their Pentium 4 chipsets to about $20. The price cuts make both chipsets much less...


"its too bad the p4 is so expensive, otherwise i wouldn't mind having a sis 645 in my box."

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Intel P4 Northwood Benchmarks

By Steve Gibson, Dec 19, 2001 7:24am PST

Thanks to Tech-Report for digging up these new P4 Northwood benchmarks. Northwood is the new 0.13 micron P4 that Intel is pushing out the door. You...


"Wow this CPU will run Sandra real good. Too bad it barely matches the AthlonXP and only in Quake3."

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