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Eyes-on with Oculus Rift VR

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Eyes-on with Oculus Rift VR

IndieCade was home to standout gaming titles and next-gen consoles, but the event also hosted the exciting Oculus Rift VR peripheral. This was my first opportunity to get my hands on the highly-praised headset, though I must confess I felt somewhat anxious. Even decades later, I had flashbacks (and headaches) recalling the failed Nintendo Virtual Boy and wondered if this would be a similar experience.

After trying it out with several games, I walked away amazed. This is not the gimmicky peripheral I was expecting. Oculus Rift showed amazing potential and a level of immersion that I had never experienced before.

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"check out this mmo rpg which is compatible with the's running an entire vr ..."
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Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party getting GamePad camera-based DLC

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party getting GamePad camera-based DLC

Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party released on the Wii U eShop in August and brought with it a unique mix of physical games that utilized the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remotes. But the party won't end there. Knapnok Games co-founder Dajana Dimovska revealed at IndieCade that there are more mini-games coming to Bumpie's Party and that this DLC will use another one of the Wii U's console-specific features: the GamePad camera.

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"Wait a minute, where's the pile of poo? I bet the super happy colored dildos get lonely without ..."
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Resogun preview: bullet heaven

Resogun preview: bullet heaven

Developer Housemarque has had plenty of experience refining the bullet hell genre. The makers of Super Stardust brought their latest schmup to this year's IndieCade and I eagerly picked up a DualShock 4 to try out Resogun.

I'm somewhat pleased to say that Resogun blew me away--and by that, I mean that the game's insane amount of enemies quickly blew my ship out of existence. This is an old-school arcade-like twin-stick shooter in every possible way, right down to the brutal difficulty.

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"Super Stardust is such an under appreciated game. I got it when it came out and all the add-on ..."
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Shovel Knight preview: can you dig it

Shovel Knight preview: can you dig it

Yacht Club Games has been promising to dispense some shovel justice since reaching their Kickstarter goal for Shovel Knight. Being able to use your shovel as a pogo stick immediately brings up memories of DuckTales, but Shovel Knight draws from a number of classic games.

The game is unapologetically retro, featuring a HUD and 8-bit level design that's reminiscent of many old-school NES titles. And the idea is simply to move from room to room, survive enemies with familiar patterns, jump across platforms, and reach the boss at the end. It's a classic formula that's time-tested.

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"shouldn't the shack news report link to the actual kickstarter when you click on 'kickstarter' ..."
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Nidhogg preview: fencing madness

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Nidhogg preview: fencing madness

Sporting Atari 2600-style pixel graphics, Nidhogg has two players trying to cross a room. Unfortunately, players can only advance after killing the other. In development for several years, developer Messhof is finally putting the finishing touches on his one-on-one arcade fencing title.

The most common way to off an opponent, of course, is to run them through with your sword and watch as they absurdly melt into a geyser of pixels. But that's just the beginning. Players can also chuck their swords like a projectile in hopes of landing a hit or go toe-to-toe with their fists until they land a takedown and break the opponent's pixelated neck.

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"I know it's taking a long time to make the game and you are probably hurting for money... but ..."
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Octodad: Dadliest Catch preview: backyard shenanigans

Octodad: Dadliest Catch preview: backyard shenanigans

When I last got my hands on Octodad: Dadliest Catch, I found myself reliving Octodad's wedding day with predictably hilarious results. Even a task as simple as trying to put on a neck tie was a total comedy of errors. At this year's IndieCade, I got to take a look at a day in the life of Octodad.

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Quadrilateral Cowboy preview: hack attack

Quadrilateral Cowboy preview: hack attack

Hacking is nothing new to video games. But Blendo Games takes a particularly novel approach with IndieCade selection Quadrilateral Cowboy.

"[Quadrilateral Cowboy] is a 1980s Cyberpunk hacking game where basically corporations hire you out to break into their rival buildings and sabotage their rivals," explains creator Brendon Chung. "Hacking is done through a typing interface. So basically, in order to hack into these buildings, you have to learn this new programming language."

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TowerFall PC version aiming for January release

TowerFall PC version aiming for January release

TowerFall's arrow-slinging tour de force continued at IndieCade this year, taking the inaugural Media Choice Award. Creator Matt Thorson noted at the event that he's targeting a January release for PC, and detailed some of the new content that will be included.

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"Instant buy. TowerFall has the feel of a lasting classic, like SNES Mario Kart."
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IndieCade 2013 Award Winners

IndieCade 2013 Award Winners

IndieCade 2013 featured 36 award finalists, with the event's winners announced on Thursday evening. The event also announced three more winners (Audience Choice, Media Choice, and Developer's Choice) during Sunday evening's closing ceremonies.

The big winner was Quadrilateral Cowboy from Blendo Games, which won IndieCade's Grand Jury Award. This top prize is decided by a panel of jurors who recognize a specific game for overall excellence. Other winners include Nevernaut Games' 2v2 capture the flag game SlashDash taking the Audience Choice Award, Matt Thorson's TowerFall winning the Media Choice Award, and the 5-on-5 arcade cabinet Joust homage Killer Queen taking Developer's Choice honors.

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"Oh well, I can wait. Game looks great and I'd rather have a finished, awesome product."
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How Microsoft will use trending to make 'a rational marketplace' on Xbox One

How Microsoft will use trending to make 'a rational marketplace' on Xbox One

On Xbox One, games are games are games. That means indie games and retail games will all appear under one Game Store. Chris Charla, director of the ID@Xbox program at Microsoft, said that consumers have become much more savvy today, which removes the need for differentiation between smaller and larger games. "We think consumers understand the value proposition between a $15 game and a $60 game," he said at IndieCade. "We think that the games that are coming from the ID@Xbox are rad enough that any other studio in the world can ship."

However, with every Xbox One eventually able to become a devkit, there's the potential for the Xbox Game Store to become overwhelmed with titles, much like the App Store or Google Play. Charla says that there are a number of built-in features that will prevent that from happening.

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"'Trending' will be used to show a huge chunk of adverts, too. The control over price and ..."
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PlayStation Plus 'buyouts' for devs confirmed by Sony

PlayStation Plus 'buyouts' for devs confirmed by Sony

For gamers, PlayStation Plus' Instant Game Collection has been a tremendous deal, offering numerous "free" games as part of a subscription. But why do developers offer their games for free? Well, because some of them are getting paid for it, of course.

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