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Underworld Promotional Half-Life Mod

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 23, 2003 1:35pm PDT

HomeLAN Fed has posted a news story with info and screenshots from Underworld: Bloodline, a new class based multiplayer mod for Half-Life created...


Natural Selection 2.0 Date

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 02, 2003 7:24am PDT

The Natural Selection team have announced the release date of version 2.0 of their Half-Life RTS/FPS mod, July 31st. Version 2.0 simplifies the...


"Yea its also pretty mature... morons get booted really quickly.."

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By Maarten Goldstein, May 02, 2003 12:54pm PDT

Valve has released a new non-beta build of their Half-Life dedicated server files. There are to updates for Windows...


"Maybe we could get some single-player fixes like for elevators on level changes sometime finally?"

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Day of Defeat Trailer

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 04, 2003 6:38pm PST

Now available on FileShack is a new Day of Defeat trailer, showing a minute of mostly ingame footage from the retail version of the popular World...


"get off the high horse, quicktime >>>>> realmedia, would you prefer to install ..."

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Day of Retail Defeat Preview

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 04, 2003 7:00am PST

GameSpy attended a press event last night where people from Activision, Valve Software and the Day of Defeat team were showing off the retail...


"WELL SEEING AS HOW I DONT HAVE a peice of shit computer, i could give a shit less about playing ..."

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Natural Selection 1.1 Plans

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 27, 2003 7:09am PST

The official Natural Selection website has been updated, offering a version 1.1 changelog which might be interesting for the fans of this Half-Life...


"Make sure you find a server that's not running 1.04. Find a version where competent players ..."

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Frontline Force 2 News

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 25, 2003 9:28am PST

The Frontline Force site now has a trailer for Frontline Force 2, the sequel to their Half-Life mod Frontline Force 1 (omg!). Also check out this...


"FLF2 looks awesome. FLF1.1 was awesome, and I hear they are gonna 'bring the fun back' meaning 1.1!"

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New Natural Selection Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 25, 2003 9:23am PST

The official Natural Selection website now has a new server patch for this popular Half-Life mod, updating it to 1.04. They promise the next...


"w00t thanks for coming shackers. When I left we still had 13 of 18 slots available so jump in. ..."

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New Natural Selection Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 27, 2002 11:30am PST

The Natural Selection website now has word of a 1.03 server patch, once again fixing many server issues found in this Half-Life mod.


"I think the sentries are about right. Aliens should be able to take out sentries undefended by ..."

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Natural Selection Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 17, 2002 8:40am PST

A new server patch for the Half-Life mod Natural Selection has been released, fixing more bugs. The patch is mirrored on FileShack.


"I can't believe I am still playing Half-Life after ALL those years :)"

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Natural Selection Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 16, 2002 9:43am PST

HomeLAN Fed's Saturday morning mod interview is with Charlie Cleveland, team leader on the Natural Selection mod for Half-Life. JCal asks Charlie...


"Hey there guys! Been playing games even before I could walk, and for once in my life I think I ..."

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Valve Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 16, 2002 9:37am PST

B-F Total Gaming Network has a Q&A with Valve's Erik Johnson, asking him about the Beta 2 of Steam, and the upcoming updates to Team Fortress...


"another useles interview, i dont understand why these guys dont realise we dont care about steam"

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VERC Update

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 16, 2002 9:33am PST

The VERC Collective website has been updated with six new articles about game and website code (controlling turrets through cameras, basing one...


"I said guerilla, dammit!! I ... oh, nevermind. /me puts on the gorilla costume. GRAR!"

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Natural Selection v1.01

By Steve Gibson, Nov 06, 2002 7:01am PST

Natural Selection for Half-Life was released just a few days ago and got some really rave reviews, make sure and check it out. For those of you...


"I have only played marines twice, and that was only because it evened the teams out (that was ..."

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Battle Grounds Release

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 02, 2002 8:01am PST

A new Half-Life mod release today, The Battle Grounds is now out. The Battle Grounds is a class-based multiplayer mod set during the Revolutionary...


"nothing works?? wtf yes natural selection does work. one of the best mods to come out in quite a ..."

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