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April Fools: Path of Exile is now pay-to-win

By Ozzie Mejia, Apr 01, 2014 2:00pm PDT

Many free-to-play games try to carefully balance their economies. But Grinding Gear Games is taking a brand new approach. They went to Game Developers Conference and learned that the best way to make money is, in fact, to charge money. The game is now "pay-to-win," the devel...


"They forgot the "click - 'em up" to make this a real Alice post."

- Ksey17 see all 4 comments

Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal preview: absolute power

By Ozzie Mejia, Feb 28, 2014 1:00pm PST

Path of Exile's Sacrifice of the Vaal mini-expansion will bring corruption to Wraeclast with 60 new bosses, two new Leagues, new corrupted areas, and an all-new endgame scenario that offers up the game's greatest challenge yet.


"Its interesting to see what Marvel Heroes and PoE are doing in the wake of the upcoming D3 Xpac. ..."

- limpossible see all 8 comments
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Path of Exile open beta trailer

Path of Exile spins its action roleplaying adventure to open beta on January 23, 2013.

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Path of Exile misc screenshots Path of Exile misc screenshots Path of Exile misc screenshots
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