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GTA Online's Cunning Stunts expansion coming next week

By John Keefer, Jul 07, 2016 9:23am PDT

Do not try saying the name of the DLC three times fast.


"My cousin and I changed the cfg file on the Amiga version of Carmaggedon to say Stunning Cunts!"

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Opinion: Why publishers need to follow Grand Theft Auto 5's re-release example

By Daniel Perez, Nov 06, 2014 6:00am PST

It's about time we demand more from our re-releases as new graphics and DLC content just aren't enough these days.


"I played through Tomb Raider on last-gen, but I haven't had a chance to play Sleeping Dogs yet. ..."

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Grand Theft Auto 5 will have first-person mode in PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions

By Daniel Perez, Nov 04, 2014 9:22am PST

Grand Theft Auto 5 is about to get more personal now that it'll have a first-person mode.


"Cute feature, ill try it on their next new game. I played this game already."

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Grand Theft Auto 3 re-releases on PS3 next week

By Andrew Yoon, Jul 27, 2012 7:00am PDT

More PlayStation 2 classics continue to find their way to the PlayStation Store. Next week, on July 31st, you'll be able to download Grand Theft Auto 3 on your PS3.


"While it's not impossible for them, but it's really hard. If you've followed PS2 emulation on ..."

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