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Extended CryEngine 3 Footage

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More footage from Crytek's multi-platform CryEngine 3 technology has emerged from this year's Game Developers Conference. Over twice the length of the previous trailer, the video offers an extended look at what the Crysis developers can do on consoles.

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"i hope they dont betray the pc, like bring crysis to the xbox and ps3 just to make money :( like ..."
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New Stardock Tech 'Throws Goo on DRM,' Allows Gamers to Resell Downloaded Games

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Elemental: War of Magic developer and Sins of a Solar Empire publisher Stardock today unveiled Goo, a new technology that the company claims will solve common publisher and consumer complaints with digitally distributed games and DRM.

Short for "Game Object Obfuscation," Goo will let developers "encapsulate their game executable into a container that includes the original executable plus Impulse Reactor, Stardock's [suite of developer tools], into a single encrypted file." Read more »

"Being able to resell your game license is great news. Not being able to do that is one of the ..."
- LemonJoose    See all 56 comments

No More Heroes Dev Explains the Importance of Bathroom Brainstorming

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If the Game Developers Conference seems like a time for high-minded ideas and technical talks, leave it to Goichi Suda, the rebellious creator of No More Heroes and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, to lighten things up.

In explaining where he gets the ideas for his games, Suda spoke of a simple, universal process:

"I go to the bathroom, and I try to poop, and I come up with a good idea." Read more »

"I know I do my best thinking while taking a shit. You are alone, no external noises, and you ..."
- rosewood    See all 13 comments

Buy DSi Early to Score Free DSi Points

Purchase a shiny new Nintendo DSi in the United States and connect your system to the Nintendo DSi Shop within the first six months of availability--between April 5 and October 5--and Nintendo will reward your enthusiasm with 1,000 free Nintendo DSi Points.

Nintendo DSi Points can be redeemed in the online DSi Shop for downloadable DSiWare games and applications. Given that the DSi Shop 'price' break points are 200, 500 and 800+ points, 1,000 points will presumably buy you a reasonable amount of lovelies for your new toy. As with the Wii Shop Channel, 100 Points equals $1, though DSi and Wii Shop Channel Points are not interchangeable. Read more »

"So are there any upcoming US titles that are exclusive to or at least take advantage of the new ..."
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Here's Your New Punch-Out!! Wii Trailer

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In continuation of today's media explosion, Nintendo has released a new trailer for its Wii revival of the classic boxer Punch-Out!!. Sporting at least three different control schemes--motion-based, traditional, and Wii Balance Board--the game hits May 18.

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"lol yea this looks like the same old shit, glad I'm not one of the suckers anymore. I swore off ..."
- phinn    See all 30 comments

Duke Nukem Hitting DS and PSP in September, Publisher Searching for 'Next Live-Action Duke'

Apogee Software today announced that Critical Mass, the first entry in the new Duke Nukem Trilogy, will arrive on Nintendo DS and PSP come September.

Now in development at Frontline Studios, the action game takes place in the future. The latter two entries are respectively set in the modern day and during World War II.

The company also announced that it's kicking off a talent search for "the next live-action Duke Nukem actor," noting that "aspiring Dukes will be judged on how well they personify the character's take-no-prisoners attitude." Read more »

"They don't have enough CGI to give me that kind of muscles, Goblin :("
- dognose    See all 23 comments

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Trailer Released

Fresh off this morning's announcement, here's the debut trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The Nintendo DS title is slated to arrive on store shelves this year.

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"That's immediately what came to mind when I saw the train map... thing. There were many a ..."
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Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout 3, No More Heroes Developers Talk New Projects

During a joint panel at GDC 2009, the developers of Shadow of Colossus, Fallout 3 and No More Heroes all spoke of their new projects.

Mark MacDonald moderated the panel between Shadow of the Colossus/Ico creator Fumito Ueda, No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda, and Fallout 3 developer Emil Pagliarulo.

After opening up the panel for questions, Suda took the chance to ask one for the crowd: what games are Ueda and Pagliarulo working on next? Read more »

"To complete my analogy... when can a Saudi Arabian game developer of a post-9/11 type game make ..."
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Postal 3 Trailer : Beaver Maulage and Segway Action

Running With Scissors has released a small bit of gameplay footage from its upcoming and sure-to-be controversial open-world action game, Postal III. Co-developed by Akella, it's coming to PC and Xbox 360 by the year's end, with an eventual PS3 release as well.

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"I have a hard time believing that a Postal game got permission from MS and Sony to show up on ..."
- LemonJoose    See all 67 comments

Wii Virtual Console Gets Arcade Games

The Wii's online Shop Channel will today be expanded to include classic arcade games, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata just announced at the Game Developers Conference.

Initial offerings will include Space Harrier, Mappy, The Tower of Druaga, Gaplus, Star Force, Solvalou, Emeraldia, and The Return of Ishtar.

Pricing varies from title to title. The Tower of Druaga, Starforce and Mappy are $5, while Gaplus is $6. All four are now available for purchase in the Wii Shop Channel.

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"how about they hurry their ass up and release the good neo geo games?"
- jayares    See all 14 comments

New Zelda Game Coming to Nintendo DS This Year

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Wrapping up his Game Developers Conference keynote, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has announced that a new Zelda game will arrive on Nintendo DS later this year.

It's called The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A trailer featured Link driving a train and firing cannonballs, in a similar visual style to The Phantom Hourglass, and also saw the protagonist engage in the traditional combat and dungeon exploration he is known for.

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"Trailer that's on the front page now confirms it's like a normal zelda game, just with the ..."
- nudel    See all 27 comments

Final Fantasy 4 Sequel 'After Years' Coming to Wii, Original FF Games Hitting Virtual Console

The Wii will soon see a total of four more Final Fantasy releases from Square Enix, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata just revealed in his Game Developers Conference keynote.

The Final Fantasy IV sequel "The After Year"s and Final Fantasy Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord will arrive as downloadable WiiWare games, while the Virtual Console will stock Final Fantasy I (NES) and Final Fantasy IV (SNES). All are due this year. Read more »

"Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was released on mobile phones in Japan. Glad to see we are ..."
- FuryVII    See all 24 comments

Rock N' Roll Climber Announced for Wii

Rock N' Roll Climber, an upcoming Vitei-developed WiiWare game making use of the Wii Balance Board, was announced by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during his Games Developers Conference address today.

In Rock N' Roll Climber players scale virtual rockfaces, shifting their feet on the Balance Board to control the climber's feet, with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck moving hands.

Rock N' Roll Climber is more than a snappy name--when players finally reach the top, they pick up a guitar to wail out a riff. Because everyone needs a reward.

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"no kidding. this must have been one that sounded great at the design meeting but is just 'wtf' ..."
- gekidoslair    See all 4 comments

Nintendo DS Reaching Gender Harmony

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47% of all new Nintendo DS owners in 2008 were female, revealed Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata during his GDC keynote address today.

Iawata went on to say that women make up 27% of the DS's life-to-date install base.

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Wii Gets SD Card Storage Solution

At long last addressing cries that the Wii's internal 512MB of storage isn't enough to store all the downloadable Virtual Console and WiiWare games one could acquire, Nintendo today released the SD Card Menu as part of the latest Wii System Update.

The free download enables Wii owners to launch applications, such as WiiWare and VC gamers, from an inserted SD card "by temporarily utilizing the Wii System Memory."

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"This is awesome because IMO Wii Virtual Console and WiiWare are the only reason I play my Wii ..."
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