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What is Valve Doing with Steamworks?

By Chris Remo, Jan 30, 2008 10:19am PST

Valve is doing something different to most developers, that much is clear. The just-announced Steamworks developer suite is more evidence of it....


"Only important in a world where you are only to allowed to buy games for one system. Overall ..."

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Valve: A New Type of Games Industry Entity

By Chris Remo, Jan 16, 2008 2:12pm PST

With the recent purchase of Turtle Rock Studios, Valve has added yet another point to its ever-growing list of categorizations: parent company....


"I actually think they've been like that ever since H-L1 was overhyped to the skies... but I'm ..."

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CES 08: Microsoft Announces New Titles Under Games for Windows Banner

By Aaron Linde, Jan 07, 2008 11:05am PST

Amidst an already busy CES, Microsoft also announced nine new titles set for Games for Windows branding, to be released in 2008. Alone in the...


"No they aren't. Bungie for one have no intention of releasing Halo 3 for any other platform."

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XNA Game Studio 2.0 Allows Online Live Multiplayer; New Dream-Build-Play Contest Announced

By Chris Remo, Dec 12, 2007 3:55pm PST

Microsoft has announced the release of the latest version of its XNA Game Studio suite, which allows enthusiast-level developers to create Xbox 360...


"ugh this is pissing me off... I'm trying to install it but it says i need SP1 for Visual Studio ..."

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Peter Moore Leaves Microsoft to Lead EA Sports, Ex-EA Exec Mattrick to Join Microsoft (Updated)

By Chris Remo, Jul 17, 2007 1:37pm PDT

Update: An SEC filing from Electronic Arts today revealed Peter Moore's salary at his upcoming position to be $550,000 per year, with a potential...


"They totally canned him. That whole oops-that's-going-to-cost-$1B isn't a bright spot on the ol' ..."

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Universe at War to Support PC to Xbox 360 Play

By Chris Remo, Jun 27, 2007 10:39am PDT

Petroglyph's upcoming real-time strategy game Universe at War: Earth Assault will support cross-platform multiplayer gaming between Xbox 360 and...


"This might be interesting. If nothing else, it'll be a decent proving ground of what's allowed ..."

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Shadowrun Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, May 31, 2007 5:59am PDT

Shadowrun Post-Launch Interview on FiringSquad chats with FASA Studios manager Mitch Gitelman about the newly released PC / Xbox 360 multiplayer...


"The man runs a never ending line of bs, and none of it even remotely convincing if you have the ..."

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Microsoft Game Studios' Shane Kim

By Chris Remo, May 13, 2007 10:00pm PDT

During Microsoft's San Francisco launch party for the Halo 3 "Friends & Family" beta test, I was able to sit down with Shane Kim, corporate VP of...


Xbox to Turn First Profit in 2008

By Chris Faylor, May 04, 2007 5:07pm PDT

Microsoft Entertainment and Devices president Robbie Bach (pictured left) has revealed that the company should see its first Xbox-related profit in...


"that won't happen b/c if people had to pay the real price of a console (ignoring what nintendo), ..."

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Late Night Consoling

By Chris Remo, Apr 26, 2007 8:30pm PDT

Super Stardust HD, Snakeball announced for PSN [ps3] Sony-sponsored blog Three Speech has announced that the PS3's PlayStation Network will be...


"super stardust hah cool i remember when i first played that on my amiga, the graphics kicked ..."

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PC Gaming Looks to Rebound in 2007

By Chris Faylor, Apr 23, 2007 3:55pm PDT

With sales increasing and growing support from the development community, PC gaming may at long last be on the rise, The New York Times reports....


"A bit more commentary: OK, I'm behind the technology curve in the World of Consoles. OK. Shoot ..."

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Games For Windows Live Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 05, 2007 3:42am PDT

There's a Games For Windows Live Q&A on 1UP, asking Microsoft's Peter Moore and J.J. Richards why PC gamers would possibly want to pay for this...


"I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand this will standardize the server browsers, ..."

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Games For Windows - Live Preview

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 24, 2007 4:28am PDT

The MGS_HiredGun blog on IGN has been updated, taking a look at Games for Windows -- Live which is being used by the Halo 2 Vista port. The...


Games For Windows Writeup

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 22, 2007 5:22am PDT

There's a Games for Windows event writeup on Voodoo Extreme, offering impressions of Crysis, World In Conflict, Age of Conan, Shadowrun and Halo 2.


Games For Windows Q&As

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 15, 2007 7:40am PDT

Gamasutra and Next Generation both have interviews with Microsoft folks, asking them about the Games For Windows Live platform (story).