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Retail holding back launch day digital Xbox 360 sales, Microsoft says

Retail holding back launch day digital Xbox 360 sales, Microsoft says

Unlike Xbox Live Arcade or Xbox Live Indie Games, "Games on Demand" allows players to buy full retail games directly on their Xbox 360. However, downloadable games typically appear weeks and months after their boxed counterparts. For example, the most recent batch of titles include Risen 2, Dance Central 3, and PES 2013--games that are at least five months old.

Games on Demand senior business manager Erik Yeager said that the delay is due to a "strong partnership" with retail.

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"And what about when the next Xbox ships? Wouldn't you want your digital games (bought in the 360 ..."
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Halo series kicks off Xbox Games on Demand sale

Halo series kicks off Xbox Games on Demand sale

Xbox Live Games on Demand typically ends up making you pay more than retail price--even during sales--for games which don't need to be pressed, packaged, shipped, or stored, which makes it essentially a costly way of saving shelf space. Microsoft's knocking up to 85% off off loads of games in a string of daily deals it's calling 'The Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale,' starting with the Halo series, and for once it actually makes digital Xbox 360 games (mostly) cheaper than physical.

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"They are having issues with the pricing according to Major Nelson, might want to hold off for a bit."
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Revamped Games for Windows Marketplace Launches

Microsoft's revamped Games for Windows Marketplace has launched, giving the PC games digital distribution service a new lick of paint and a brower-based store.

To celebrate the launch, Microsoft is running a week of daily deals on select games. Today's offer is a 50% discount on Borderlands, bringing it down to $9.99. Read more »

"Do you really expect MS to worry about games WORKING post-update? Sheesh, they only care about ..."
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Microsoft Announces Web-Based Games Marketplace for PC Games

Currently, Microsoft sells digital PC titles through its Games for Windows Live client, but that will change on November 15 when the company rolls out its new web-based Games for Windows Marketplace.

"With Games for Windows Marketplace, we set out to create a digital store built for PC gamers end-to-end," said Kevin Unangst, senior global director, PC and Mobile Gaming, at Microsoft. "And by integrating with our existing Xbox LIVE and Windows Live services, we've made it easier than ever for millions of gamers to see for themselves how easy buying PC games can be." Read more »

"If a game isn't using Steam I don't have to have Steam open either. What do you mean?"
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Games for Windows Live 'Games on Demand' Launches With 50% off Shadowrun, Viva Pinata

Microsoft's foray into PC digital games distribution has begun in earnest today with the launch of Games for Windows Live Games on Demand, offering a small selection of titles at prices roughly comparable to competing digital distributors.

Requiring an update to version 3.2 of the Games for Windows Live client, Games on Demand sells digital downloads of GFW titles by credit card or with Microsoft Points. Read more »

"Activation only works for titles the publishers previously made a deal with Steam for activating ..."
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Games for Windows Live Embraces Digital Distribution with Games on Demand

Games for Windows Live will become a full-fledged distribution platform for full games from December 15 with the addition of 'Games on Demand', Microsoft has announced.

The Games for Windows Live store will accept either Microsoft Points or credit card as payment for its Games on Demand, which can be downloaded and installed "whenever you want, wherever you want." Currently the store sells only downloadable content. Read more »

"Well, if Cliffy B is that worried, tell him to find a DRM-scheme similar to Steamworks from ..."
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Xbox Live Summer Update Released

Microsoft's hefty new Xbox Live dashboard update has begun rolling out in waves, bringing a whole host of updates, improvements and new features to the Xbox 360.

An assortment of titles can now be bought from 'Games on Demand' at so-so prices, the Avatar Marketplace will be selling avatar clothing and props from August 13, and Netflix picks up improvements including watching with friends in 'Party Watch' mode. Read more »

"does this get rid of the menu downloading crap? I've lost net access at home :( havent tried ..."
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Xbox Live Games on Demand Partially Priced: BioShock $30, Mass Effect $20

Some titles in the Xbox Live "Games on Demand" service were priced today, providing an idea of what to expect from the 360 digital distribution program.

The store, intended to sell digital versions of older Xbox 360 games, launches on August 11 with a cadre of 21 launch titles. Manuals for the digital games will be available by way of the Xbox Live Marketplace site. Read more »

"Supply AND demand. The demand isn't great enough to buy them at those prices, especially when ..."
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