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Xbox Live Arcade Sports Title Rumored in Development at Rare

By Carlos Bergfeld, Jan 04, 2008 2:54pm PST

Microsoft-owned UK developer Rare may be working on a sports-themed Xbox Live Arcade title that makes use of the Vision camera, according to Xbox...


"If it's anything like KI: Gold for the N64 I'd rather they don't. :("

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Nintendo Not Planning Full DS-Wii Game Downloads

By Chris Faylor, Jan 04, 2008 11:11am PST

Though Nintendo will eventually allow Wii owners to download DS demos and transfer them to the portable system, those plans do not include whole...


"So eh - how will the DS connect to the Wii ? last time i tried to hook up my DS in my WLAN i had ..."

- Lukiopimp see all 6 comments

PlayStation Store Adds NFL Tour '09 Demo, Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 Tracks, NFS: ProStreet Cars

By Chris Faylor, Jan 03, 2008 10:41pm PST

The PlayStation 3's online PlayStation Store has been updated with a new demo several pieces of in-game content. New to the online marketplace...


"im not likin mark! fag oh yea i gotta send my WE out shit!"

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Microsoft to Offer Free Xbox Live Arcade Game, Addresses Xbox Live Service Issues

By Chris Faylor, Jan 03, 2008 9:49pm PST

Microsoft has announced that it will be giving all Xbox Live members a full Xbox Live Arcade game, with more details on the download slated to...


"Are you talking about how when you download content and have you Xbox 360 repaired you run into ..."

- Milkenobi see all 61 comments

Target: Terror Arcade Shooter Coming Soon to Wii

By Carlos Bergfeld, Jan 03, 2008 12:25pm PST

Combining arcade-style light-gun action with hyper-patriotic terrorist hunting, Target: Terror was a throwback to Area 51 and games of its ilk when...


"I guess the less you expect the higher the satisfaction level if it looks better than expected, ..."

- Lukiopimp see all 37 comments

Censorship in India Targets Video Games

By Carlos Bergfeld, Jan 02, 2008 1:57pm PST

India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will likely adopt a bill giving India's government the power to censor and rate video games,...


"Playing crysis and every other game released under the sun on max. settings.Let them actually ..."

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Microsoft Possibly Compensating Xbox Live Members for Network Issues

By Carlos Bergfeld, Jan 02, 2008 9:51am PST

Soon after Christmas, many Xbox Live members discovered they were unable to use most of the online platform's functionality, ranging from being...


"I guess the point is.. you have a game running on someones 360 listen server regardless of the ..."

- Pneum0 see all 77 comments

Skype Coming to PSP

By Chris Faylor, Jan 02, 2008 9:49am PST

Internet voice chat software Skype is headed to PSP, according to hardware manufacturer Sony's CES 2008 page. As evidenced by this image, Skype...


"Yeah hopefully this will with with Chotto Shot to do video chat on PSP"

- vandelay see all 6 comments

Jade Empire 2 Coming to Xbox 360

By Carlos Bergfeld, Jan 02, 2008 9:22am PST

A sequel to BioWare's original action RPG Jade Empire (PC, X36) is purportedly in the works, according to San Jose Mercury News' games guy Dean...


"I didn't have any problems playing this game on my PC(or any other 3rd person fighting game ..."

- omontero see all 23 comments

Ubisoft Reveals Red Steel 2 Coming in 2008

By Carlos Bergfeld, Dec 28, 2007 10:30am PST

A sequel to Ubisoft Paris' Wii launch title Red Steel will be coming some time next year, according to the latest issue of the UK's Official...


"I might play a sequel to Red Steel if they actually bother finishing the game this time. I ..."

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Demo Available

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 27, 2007 10:45am PST

Now available on the North American Xbox Live Marketplace is a demo for Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. The 1.2gb download allows you to play...


"yeah we ditched after noticing that only a few dozen people used it and what a pain in the ass ..."

- Steve Gibson see all 21 comments

Report: Kristin Kreuk to Play Chun Li

By Chris Faylor, Dec 26, 2007 9:21am PST

Kristin Kreuk (pictured left) will be starring as Chun Li in the upcoming live-action film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, reports...


""Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak (Doom, Romeo Must Die, Cradle 2 the Grave), written by Justin ..."

- three-d see all 59 comments

Microsoft Point Gifting Revealed

By Chris Faylor, Dec 24, 2007 8:18am PST

Just in time for Christmas, Microsoft has unveiled the option for Xbox Live users to gift Microsoft Points, the currency used to purchase...


"they exist because micro credit card transactions for small amounts wouldn't be profitable."

- gyokuro see all 21 comments

Sensible World of Soccer Fixed, Returns to Xbox Live

By Carlos Bergfeld, Dec 21, 2007 11:01am PST

The arrival of Kuju Sheffield's much-anticipated update to Sensible World of Soccer (X360) this week was marred by nonfunctional online play,...


"Just the trial seems very nice runs smooth, widescreen support."

- yoshimi20 see all 4 comments

The Year Ahead: Wii Gaming in 2008

By Shack Staff, Dec 21, 2007 11:00am PST

With Mario, Zelda, and Samus already making their appearances on the Wii, what could Nintendo possibly have in store for us in 2008? The answer: Mario, Zelda, and Samus.


".      ∧_∧        (;´Д`) go suck a fuck you shitlord ..."

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