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Gamecock and g.o.d. Vets Return with Devolver

After helping form independent-oriented publisher Gathering of Developers (g.o.d.), sold to Take-Two in 2000, and then helping create independent-focused publisher Gamecock, sold to SouthPeak in 2008, co-founders Harry Miller and Mike Wilson have returned once again with another new publishing outfit.

Dubbed Devolver Digital, it's described as a "production and publishing company based in Austin, Texas, specializing in delivering top quality entertainment to gamers worldwide at affordable prices by any and all means available." Read more »

"What an idiot. Selling two companies in a row for lots of cash..."
- node    See all 10 comments

Cyan Lays Off Nearly 50 After SouthPeak Bought Gamecock

Related Topics – Gamecock

Myst developer Cyan Worlds has laid off the majority of its for-hire QA testing division after its number-one customer Gamecock was acquired by publisher SouthPeak.

Seven workers remain, doing "testing for a few other smaller game companies," according to CEO Tony Fryman in the Spokesman Review of Spokane, WA, whose report was picked up by Gamasutra. Fryman explained that the testing division began as an in-house testing division but was grew into its own business to keep profits coming in. Read more »

"And I hate them for thinking they can just disrupt a gaming awards ceremony so they can ..."
- Altanar    See all 11 comments

SouthPeak Pays Later to Gobble Gamecock Now

Related Topics – Buyout, Gamecock

Publisher SouthPeak Interactive paid nothing up front for the privilege of swallowing Gamecock, the independent-oriented publishing house started by gaming entrepreneur Mike Wilson (pictured at left).

The Cut Scene, looking at a recent SEC filing by SouthPeak, found that the publisher is making two payouts: a 7% royalty on future Gamecock releases (with the rest of revenues going to SouthPeak) and "a warrant to purchase 700,000 shares of SouthPeak stock." Read more »

"If ever a company was made for innuendo filled headlines, it would sure be Gamecock, lol"
- ebok007    See all 7 comments

SouthPeak Swallows Gamecock

Publisher SouthPeak Interactive today announced that it has acquired independent game publisher Gamecock Media Group for an undisclosed sum.

Gamecock will retain its focus on independent games, according to comments from each company's CEO. It marks Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson's second sell-off of an independent-oriented game publisher he helped create, the first being Gathering of Developers, which was sold to Take-Two in 2000. Read more »

"I think they were spending more than they were making, yes. "
- deathofrats    See all 29 comments

Renegade Kid Working on Big 'Horror Icon' Game, Rumors Point to Dracula Title on Wii

Related Topics – Rumor, Nintendo Wii, Gamecock

Renegade Kid, developer of DS horror title Dementium: The Ward, announced today that it is working on a secret project based on "one of the biggest horror icons of all time."

Few details were released by the studio or publisher Gamecock, but the announcement and accompanying teaser image are in line with rumors on Gamasutra and GameSetWatch suggesting that the studio is working on a Vlad the Impaler game for the Wii. Read more »

"its worth the 20 bucks especially if you enjoy horror themed games as much as I do :P"
- happynoodle    See all 10 comments

Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Bringing the Fight to Wii

If you thought that the eternal struggle would end after Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball arrives on Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Arcade download next week, think again.

Developer Blazing Lizard and publisher Gamecock today announced that they'll be bringing the fight to Wii this winter, complete with new story and challenge modes.

Read more »

"I dont get it what did they do that was so bad? Im still kninda looking forward to this, but ..."
- your_muther    See all 4 comments

Insecticide, Stronghold Crusader Extreme Hit Steam; More Gamecock Games Coming Later This Year

Related Topics – Steam, Valve, PC, Gamecock

Valve Software and publisher Gamecock Media Group today announced a partnership to bring Gamecock titles to Valve's PC gaming digital distribution platform Steam.

The first Gamecock-published titles on the platform are Firefly Studios' Stronghold Crusader Extreme and the first installment of Crackpot Entertainment's episodic action-adventure title Insecticide. Read more »

"Legendary looked like it might be of my interest. I'll probably give that one a try later this year."
- ConsFEARacy    See all 11 comments

Gamecock Blows Screenshot Load

The Gamecock Media Group hosted the second annual E.I.E.I.O. event in Austin, TX last week, showing various games they'll be publishing over the next few quarters. We have rounded up new screenshots for the games (Dungeon Hero, Hail to the Chimp, Insecticide, Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball, Legendary, Mushroom Men, Stronghold Crusader Extreme, Velvet Assassin) for your viewing pleasure.

Dungeon Hero (PC, X360) Read more »

"I won't support them because of what they did to Ken Levine. Of all the people to dick around ..."
- deathofrats    See all 22 comments

Insecticide DS Goes Gold, Ships March 11

The Nintendo DS version of Crackpot Entertainment's action adventure game Insecticide has gone gold and will ship to stores March 11, publisher GameCock has announced. The game was previously scheduled for a February release. A PC version of the game is expected as well, albeit in episodic form, with the first episode showing up online shortly after the release of the game on the DS.

Read more »

"the box art/main character looks like a reject from psychonauts. "
- j0nchan    See all 2 comments

Stronghold Crusader Extreme Assaults PCs

Firefly Studios has announced Stronghold Crusader Extreme, an update of their 2002 castle-sieging RTS Stronghold: Crusader packaged with new content and cranked to eleven.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme, as the name implies, is an extreme edition of the original 2002 Stronghold expansion, featuring extreme 10,000-plus unit battles, new tactical powers and outposts, and a new extreme campaign for veteran players. Those new to the series will also be able to play an updated version Firefly's Stronghold: Crusader, accompanied by the original game and all previously released add-on content. Read more »

"Stronghold 2 wasn't that bad, but I agree the original was better. Stronghold Legends really was ..."
- datoo    See all 13 comments

Romero vs. Gamecock's Wilson: Holy Shit

Related Topics – id software, John Romero, Gamecock

(Update: Check out part two of this story, Romero's call for peace.)

An old feud between notorious former id Software designer John Romero and his one-time id and Ion Storm business partner Mike Wilson, who was a founder of defunct publisher Gathering of Developers and who now heads up indie publisher Gamecock, has flared up this week, prompted by a blog post made by Romero regarding his feelings on Wilson's business practices. Read more »

"It was pretty damn shitty but I've honestly played much worse games. Some that have reviewed ..."
- GreatGooglyMoogly    See all 39 comments

Gamecock Backs Colbert in 2008 Presidential Bid

Related Topics – Will Wright, Gamecock

Despite cable TV host and 2008 presidential hopeful Stephen Colbert being refused admission into the South Carolina Democratic primary election, Austin-based publisher Gamecock Media Group has announced its official endorsement of Colbert--and invited the candidate to reestablish his campaign headquarters in Texas after Colbert was turned away from his own home state. Colbert has officially withdrawn his candidacy following the setback, but Gamecock has refused to acknowledge the withdrawal. "We came to the conclusion that Stephen Colbert has shown strong leadership and best represents the interests of the videogame playing community," said Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson. "Politicians have long demonized videogames for short term gain. This has, of course, been hilarious to watch. But Stephen Colbert will definitely be funnier than anything Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney can come up with." Wilson also pointed to Colbert's interview with The Sims creator Will Wright, and defeat of a virtual version of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at Wii Sports as further evidence of Colbert's video game advocacy. Don't expect to see Colbert respond to today's announcement on his Comedy Central program, The Colbert Report--it's off the air this week due to the current industry-wide writer's strike. Gamecock's endorsement may serve as an implicit condemnation of certain prominent supporters of Democratic candidate Barack Obama, who successfully lobbied to have Colbert's name thrown off the ballot in South Carolina. Among the factors cited in the lobby has been the overlap between Obama supporters and potential Colbert supporters, who are likely to draw from the same young, college-educated demographic--and the Obama camp was concerned Colbert could draw some of that base away. Strong anti-Colbert lobbyist and former Democratic National Committee chairman Dan Fowler compared a potential election with Colbert to the 2000 presidential election, in which he claims the presence of Ralph Nader led to a split of Democratic support resulting in the defeat of Al Gore. This isn't the first time Colbert has been part of politically sticky situations involving Obama--earlier this year, before Obama's official announcement of his presidential candidacy, Colbert dove into the much-publicized debate over the current Illinois senator's "blackness." It is also interesting that Wilson chose to highlight Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney as Colbert's competition, eschewing aggressively patriotic Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani, or perhaps making an implicit comment on Romney's recent surge in Iowa. Though not a dark horse candidate in the vein of Colbert or libertarian-leaning Republican candidate Ron Paul, Romney often casts himself as less of a household name than his competitors, a trait that may appeal to the indie publisher--and, by the way, where does Paul fit into Gamecock's political landscape? Perhaps the company was intimidated by Paul's recent internet-driven mega-fundraiser, which set a 24-hour earnings record reportedly upwards of $4 million. The message is clear: Gamecock supports Colbert, favors Clinton and Romney as the recipients of their parties' respective nominations, takes a critical eye towards Obama and Giuliani, and doesn't really care about Ron Paul. You heard it here first, folks. This is Shacknews political analyst Chris Remo signing off. Good night and good luck.

Read more »

"^^ yep, looks to me like they just want some free publicity. They're trying to hard."
- carazy    See all 27 comments

Gamecock Crosses the Pond to Open U.K. Offices

Related Topics – Gamecock

Austin-based bad-boy publisher Gamecock has announced its intentions to open a new office in the U.K. The publisher of Auran's online battler Fury (PC) and Renegade Kid's upcoming Dementium the Ward (NDS), Gamecock plans to open its second office by the end of the year, Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson told Next-Gen. "It's mostly about us trying to give our developers the best deal we can across the PAL territories too," Wilson said. "When doing a co-publishing deal, it's really hard to do that." The new studio will make Gamecock an international publisher, and give its stable of developers an outlet in European territories. Auran's Fury and Renegade Kid's Dementium, the first two titles from the publisher, both debut in North America this month

Read more »

"You can bet they will put their name on the box. They prefer to put it on the back, but they ..."
- dialecticon    See all 16 comments

Gamecock Gets Behind TimeGate, Section 8

Related Topics – Section 8, MMO, Gamecock

Gamecock will be publishing Kohan developer TimeGate Studios upcoming first person shooter, Section 8. Slated for a 2009 release, the game is in development for unspecificed platforms. First announced in 2005, Section 8 faded from view as TimeGate focused on last year's F.E.A.R. expansion pack, Extraction Point. Earlier this year, the company revealed it was working on three games--two FPS projects and an MMO--to be unveiled throughout 2007. "Section 8 is our most ambitious project to date," said TimeGate CEO and president Adel Chaveleh, "and it's really exciting to have the full support of our publisher to deliver the absolute best game possible." "Often times we gather in the Cockpit to discuss the ideal developers we want to work with," revealed Gamecock president and head of development Harry Miller. "TimeGate has always been at the top of the list. I can't wait to let gamers know more about their upcoming masterpiece." Along with today's announcement, a trailer and some screenshots were released. Gamecock is likely to showcase the game at its E.I.E.I.O. event next week.

Read more »

"I agree about the stupid name. The guys can't be too bright. I picture a couple of nerdy ..."
- Peace frog    See all 23 comments

Gamecock E.I.E.I.O. Q&A

Related Topics – Gamecock

FiringSquad has a Q&A with Gamecock's Mike Wilson posted, asking the company CEO about next month's E.I.E.I.O. event, which will coincide with E3.

Read more »

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