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Dark Souls 2 coming March 2014

By Steve Watts, Jun 03, 2013 8:00am PDT

Dark Souls 2 will be released in March 2014, according to Namco Bandai.


"well the entrance is in darkroot basin and you need an item for the archives, so its nontrivial ..."

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The DNA of Dark Souls: the challenge and death

By David Craddock, Apr 15, 2013 12:00pm PDT

In the first part of Dark Souls DNA, we locked the hub world structure used in Demon's Souls in a steel cage along with the seamless world layout of Dark Souls and let them battle it out. In part two, we discuss perhaps the most important element of any Souls game, the eleme...


"The Iron Golem is great too because if you're lucky and he falls in the right spot, he enters a ..."

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The DNA of Dark Souls: What made the games great

By David Craddock, Apr 12, 2013 9:30am PDT

We dissect From Software's Souls series to find what made the first two games great, and what the upcoming Dark Souls 2 needs to do to follow in the lofty footsteps of its predecessors. Part one of the two-part series looks at the mechanics of the series.


"How does Shattered Soldier rank in terms of challenge against Contra 4? It took a while, but I ..."

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Dark Souls 2: what's new, what's not

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 11, 2013 10:00am PDT

At first glance, it might not seem like Dark Souls 2 is very different from its predecessor. It's still dark, dreary, and full of death. Still, sequels are meant to be bigger and badder, a point that that developer From Software tried to emphasize.


"Oh I see. Guess I wasn't paying attention, but I get your point."

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'Killing with substance': dying in Dark Souls 2

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 11, 2013 9:25am PDT

Yui Tanimura, director on Dark Souls 2, is reveling in death. "One thing that really came into mind was the various kinds of deaths that players can experience," he said while presenting the game. "We try to kill with substance."


Dark Souls PC was 'half-assed,' but Dark Souls 2 director promises more 'care'

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 11, 2013 9:05am PDT

"A lot of it was not very well done, sort of half-assed," Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanimura told Shacknews via translator regarding the PC version of Dark Souls 1, while promising a much better experience for the sequel.


"I wouldn't use the 60fps mod... Since the game is framebased it means it's running twice as ..."

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Dark Souls 2 footage shows 12 minutes of gameplay

By John Keefer, Apr 10, 2013 6:30pm PDT

New gameplay footage from Dark Souls 2 has shown up showing dimly lit castles, bonfires, monsters and lots of combat. From Software Director Yui Tanimura and Namco Bandai's Tak Miyazoe takes us through the demo and talk about how the developer created the levels and the atmo...


Dark Souls 2 screens leaked

By John Keefer, Apr 10, 2013 5:45pm PDT

Ten new screenshots have leaked for Dark Souls 2.


Demon's Souls headlines PlayStation Plus line-up for April

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 02, 2013 1:30pm PDT

Before Dark Souls became a massive success, From Software released Demon's Souls--its bone-crushingly difficult predecessor. PlayStation Plus members will be able to grab it later today as part of this month's update to the Instant Game Collection.


"d'oh, I should've known that. Sorry. Been a 360 user for years. Only picked up a PS3 last ..."

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Armored Core: Verdict Day coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 this summer

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 22, 2013 2:45pm PST

Yet another Armored Core game from developer From Software is coming to America this summer, Namco Bandai has announced. Armored Core: Verdict Day will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360.


"I have a new title suggestion "Armored Core: lets try something different""

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Dark Souls 2 aiming for addictive intro, 'more clear' story elements

By Steve Watts, Dec 17, 2012 9:33am PST

Further comments from Dark Souls 2 director Tomohiro Shibuya have shed more light on how he intends to make the game more accessible, focusing on a better learning curve for new players.


"Cus "I'm perfectly happy wit it" doesn't make a conversation. Seriously, there's no point ..."

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Dark Souls 2 to be 'more understandable'

By Steve Watts, Dec 10, 2012 8:30am PST

Dark Souls 2 will be "more straightforward and more understandable," according to one of the game's new directors, Tomohiro Shibuya.


"I hope this is mistranslated, approachable is the last thing I want for dark souls 2"

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Dark Souls 2 announced

By Steve Watts, Dec 07, 2012 6:58pm PST

Tonight at the Spike VGAs, a new cinematic trailer debuted announcing Dark Souls 2.


"I just don't want CoD waypoints or anything on screen showing you your objective(s)."

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Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss DLC coming to consoles in October

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 19, 2012 12:00pm PDT

It's been a difficult month for Dark Souls fans without a gaming PC, stuck hearing others talk about how beautiful the game is in high resolutions at 60fps and how challenging the boss fights introduced with the 'Artorias of the Abyss' DLC are. Well, they'll have to wait a w...


"tbh, it feels off playing 60fps than having it locked at 30, i guess having played Demon Souls ..."

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Dark Souls PC hack enables higher resolutions

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 24, 2012 6:15am PDT

A Dark Souls PC hack enabling higher resolutions was released within hours of launch, and while there are a few bugs it does mostly seem to work.


"So you have found several unprofessional articles and yet have stuck around to read new ones ..."

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