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With the Switch, Nintendo May Be the New Mobile King

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 22, 2016 10:00am PDT

The Switch is more than just a new system; it's Nintendo's continued effort to dominate the more casual market. 


"They haven't released a statement on that as they still have 3DS games coming out. They don't ..."

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9 Burning Questions We Have About the Nintendo Switch

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 21, 2016 9:00am PDT

Now that we know what it is, there's still a lot we have to find out. 


"Don't let Dr. Mario touch your testicles, HE'S NOT A REAL DOCTOR."

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10 Things We Want in Red Dead Redemption 2

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 18, 2016 4:00pm PDT

With the sequel officially confirmed, it's time to sit and talk about the stuff we'd love to see in RDR2.


"As a PC player wouldn't you want a simultaneous release as long as the port is solid? Not seeing ..."

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Review-in-Progress: WWE 2K17: Tactical Sports Entertainment

By David Craddock, Oct 17, 2016 5:03pm PDT

Though many of the changes it introduces are iterative, WWE 2K17 has improved in almost every way that counts.


"Is the pinning mechanic still stupid? I had around 70 hours in 2k16 and if the CPU pins me to ..."

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Four Things We Learned About Obsidian's Tyranny

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 17, 2016 6:00am PDT

We played a demo of the grimdark fantasy RPG Tyranny recently and learned some new details about it. 


"Normal is the way to go for the first playthrough. I finished the game at 77 hours, fucking ..."

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Our Dream Nintendo NX Launch Game Lineup

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 14, 2016 4:15pm PDT

We consider  some of the games we'd really love to see launch on the NX, including F-Zero, Pokemon, and Metroid. 


"More like a list of things that we won't get. Except the HD Remakes, of course. "

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Mafia 3: All Hot Rod Magazine Locations

By -Shack Staff, Oct 12, 2016 12:15pm PDT

Let us help you build your Hot Rod magazine collection in Mafia 3. 


Mafia 3: All Playboy Magazine Issue Locations

By -Shack Staff, Oct 08, 2016 5:27pm PDT

Been collecting the copies of Playboy scattered around Mafia 3? Let us help point you inthe right direction!


Gears of War 4: Helpful Tips for Beginners

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 06, 2016 9:00pm PDT

Fear not, newbies! We're happy to offer you tips for surviving on Sera. 


Oculus Connect 3: Recap of announcements

By David Craddock, Oct 06, 2016 1:25pm PDT

Miss any of today's event? Catch up right here.


"The price of oculus touch and the requirement of 2 more sensors is silly, I'm done with this ..."

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Heroes Never Die: How Blizzard Created the Characters of Overwatch

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 05, 2016 1:30pm PDT

Blizzard's Geoff Goodman and Michael Chu sat down with us to discuss the different processes used to create the diverse array of characters in Overwatch. 


"I personally couldn't care less. They made something really fun and an FPS, which is sorta new ..."

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Virginia Review: Silence is Golden

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 03, 2016 6:00pm PDT

Virginia is a bizarre, neat little story-driven game. Read on for our full review. 


"How interesting. Hadn't really heard of this. Might have to look into this."

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Every PSVR Game Available at Launch

By Cassidee Moser, Oct 01, 2016 9:00am PDT

Planning on picking up a PlayStation VR headset? Here's what you can expect to play on day one. 


"Yeah it always gets a good laugh out of me and will never get old."

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Dishonored 2 Preview: Welcome Back

By Cassidee Moser, Sep 29, 2016 4:30pm PDT

By building on everything that made the original great, Dishonored 2 is shaping up to be fantastic. Read on to learn more. 


All of the Strike-Specific Loot in Destiny: Rise of Iron

By Cassidee Moser, Sep 27, 2016 12:02pm PDT

Here's what you'll get for completing a strike in Destiny: Rise of Iron. 


"Nice write up, but I would've included all the strikes that are included in the RoI playlist. "

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