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Weekly Game Release Highlights, July 2-7 2017

By Asif Khan, Jul 02, 2017 1:00pm PDT

It is a light week for  game releases, but luckily there are plenty of sales going on.


Summer Games Done Quick 2017: Day 1 Schedule and Games to Watch

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 02, 2017 7:00am PDT

Summer Games Done Quick 2017 begins today. Here's a look at today's schedule and which games to carve out some time to watch.


5 Facts About the Games Exclusive to the Super Famicom Mini

By David Craddock, Jun 28, 2017 2:00pm PDT

How does Tetris Attack relate to Panel de Pon? We explore five facts about the games exclusive to Nintendo’s Super Famicom Mini. 


"See we played either the arcades or it was SSFII as I was 9 or 10 and where I lived no one we ..."

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21 Facts You Might Not Know About All the Games on the SNES Classic

By David Craddock, Jun 27, 2017 5:05pm PDT

Is Super Castlevania 4 a prequel, a sequel, or something else entirely? Learn the answer and 20 other secrets about the games collected in Nintendo’s Super NES Classic.


"For a taste of how crazy Rainbow Edition was, check this out: ..."

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11 Games Missing from Nintendo's SNES Classic

By David Craddock, Jun 26, 2017 2:00pm PDT

Nintendo put together an impressive list of titles for its next miniaturized retro console, but several must-play games failed to make the cut.    


"Yes, but I meant it in the same way as why Chrono Trigger is missing. Nintendo had hit the cap ..."

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Everything We Know About Life is Strange: Before the Storm

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 23, 2017 10:30am PDT

Square Enix and developer Deck Nine Games are making a surprise return to Arcadia Bay. Here's what we know about Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


Happy 21st Birthday, Quake! You Are Now Legal in Every State

By John Keefer, Jun 22, 2017 5:15pm PDT

Go have a round or three on us, a site founded on your greatness.


"He's not wrong, nuDooM is an example of how it's supposed to be done. You are wrong."

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Everything We Know About Super Mario Odyssey

By David Craddock, Jun 22, 2017 8:30am PDT

Following Nintedo's Direct, here's everything we know about Super Mario Odyssey so far.


Everything Electronic Arts Announced at EA Play for E3 2017

By John Keefer, Jun 21, 2017 7:00am PDT

EA didn't technically hold a press conference this year, but its EA Play event was still packed with announcements.


Everything Microsoft Announced at E3 2017

By Steve Watts, Jun 20, 2017 2:30pm PDT

Microsoft's presentation had cars, adorable foxes, pirates, and more.


E3 2017: Exploring the Forest in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

By Ozzie Mejia, Jun 20, 2017 11:00am PDT

Middle-earth: Shadow of War includes its share of side quests that tie into the main story. Shacknews stepped into the forest and checked one of them out at E3 2017.


E3 2017: God of War's Cory Barlog on How Creative Conflict Shaped Kratos' New Adventure

By David Craddock, Jun 20, 2017 10:00am PDT

God of War’s director opens up on why he left Sony, what brought him back, and how he and Kratos grew up along the way.


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E3 2017: Everything Announced by Bethesda

By John Keefer, Jun 19, 2017 7:50pm PDT

The intial focus was on VR games, and then we got blown away by Wolfenstein 2.


"The lineup looks great to me, but I've played and enjoyed all these franchises in the last year, ..."

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E3 2017: Everything Ubisoft Announced at the Show

By John Keefer, Jun 19, 2017 4:15pm PDT

From Assassin's Creed Origins to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to even some new IPs, Ubisoft had something for everyone.


Best of E3 Awards 2017 Winners

By Shack Staff, Jun 19, 2017 3:00pm PDT

The Shacknews E3 2017 team put together a prestigious list of awards for the best games, developers and companies of the show. Did your favorite secure a place on our list? 


"Apparently Nvidia is doing a giveaway of 1080 of them to subscribers to their newsletter through ..."

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