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FCC Commissioner Says Gaming Addiction a Leading Cause of College Drop-outs

A Federal Communications Commissioner has said that online gaming addiction is a "top reason" for college drop-outs, using World of Warcraft as an example in a recent speech to the Practicing Law Institute.

"You might find it alarming that one of the top reasons for college drop-outs in the U.S. is online gaming addiction--such as World of Warcraft--which is played by 11 million individuals worldwide," said the FCC's Deborah Taylor Tate, according to GamePolitics. Read more »

"Dude exactly! I came here from former USSR, having finished trigonometry in 6th grade. Only ..."
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I am a terrible TF2 player. Not sure what to do about that outside of crying to me mum. So awful. :(

"damn im a noob, which one do I get if its vista basic and 32 bit - the 86 one?"
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Rumor: Best Buy Discontinuing 80GB PS3 (Updated)

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Update: In a response to Shacknews, an SCEA representative did not comment on the subject of Best Buy's alleged discontinuation of the 80GB PS3, but indicated that a post addressing the matter will soon be on the official PlayStation blog.

Original Story: Best Buy will apparently discontinue sales of the $499 80GB version of the PlayStation 3, according to an alleged internal store memo sent to PS3 Fanboy. Read more »

"If they drop the $499 PS3 and add the software emulation to the $399 PS3 I will strongly ..."
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FCC: White PS3 Bound for North America (Updated)

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Update: A Sony Computer Entertainment America representative has responded to Shacknews' inquiry, insinuating that the filing was routine and is not necessarily indicative of a forthcoming release.

"There are many FCC filings like this each year," explained the representative. "We haven't made any announcements about upcoming PS3 plans, but are comfortable with our current two SKU strategy. We are continually evaluating the market trends and consumer input to determine the appropriate PS3 models for our territory." Read more »

"I'd definitely be surprised if they cut the price again. They just cut it a few months ago. ..."
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Ok... I give in. Having a Roomba vacuum your place every morning is pretty darn nice. Considering I have a dog and a cat in this place the thing ends up picking up a lot of crap every single morning. I guess I've always just been filthy but Roomba has changed my life. I'm a new man! It still sits there in the bedroom judging me though. :(

"When we lose a species there is a potential loss in human life through the loss of products that ..."
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So I imagine at least a few people who read this website are at least vaguely familiar

with myself, Maarten and Remo from shackmeets etc. But have you

href="http://blog.shacknews.com/blogarticle.x/50736">met Chris Faylor? Yes we need Read more »

"You don't know what your talking about =(. But go ahead, buy a Bose sound system, enjoy your POS ..."
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Oh my god Speedball

2 Demo up in the hizzy

"dont know if anyone has told you but the salvaging skill book costs 900k. it DOES pay itself ..."
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$399 PlayStation 3 Rumors Gain Momentum

The non-stop rumors of a $399 PlayStation 3, which recently gained steam with the apparent uncovering of a new PS3 model, show no signs of slowing as more and more evidence mounts. Earlier today, UK game retailer Play.com supposedly had a listing for a PlayStation 3 packed with a 40GB hard drive. The page has since been removed, but is said to have indicated that the cheaper SKU would lack the backwards compatibility of the existing PS3 models. If true, it would be a curious omission, especially since the recent $599 80GB PS3 MotorStorm bundle uses software, not hardware, to emulate older titles. Apparent internal Best Buy documents acquired by Engadget also show a $399 PlayStation 3, described in the page as "PS3 40GB SPIDER" with an in-stock date of October 28. This would fit with earlier rumblings of a new unit packed with the Blu-ray edition of this summer's cinematic success Spider-Man 3, which officially hits October 30. Meanwhile, Kotaku has a picture said to be from BluraySavings.com, listing the same new PS3 model number as the FCC listing--CECHG01--as one of the purchases eligible for five free Blu-ray movies. Of course, the current page does not mention any specific PS3 model numbers. While nothing thus far indicates the new PS3 model and the $399 40GB unit are one in the same, there is an overwhelming amount of buzz and supposed evidence that something is going on. Coupled with GamePro France's report that Sony is planning a major announcement or conference for October 12, all signs point to something happening soon, though there has been no official word or response on the matter.

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"No. The system was a 60GB (with hardware backwards compatibility) for $499. You had to ..."
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FCC Filing Reveals New PlayStation 3 Model, Price Cut Rumors Abound

An FCC filing uncovered by DailyTech may lend credence to the non-stop rumors of a $399 PlayStation 3. Listed as model number CECHG01, the FCC-tested hardware revision features standard PlayStation 3 staples, including Bluetooth and WiFi. Interestingly, the FCC only mentions two USB ports--it's not known if the FCC only tested two USB ports or if the new hardware cuts the PlayStation 3's existing USB ports by half. Earlier in the month, Sony raised $2.9 billion by selling off a percentage of its insurance unit--a move some analysts interpreted as preparation for an impending PlayStation 3 price cut. Many in the industry feel that Sony needs to once again reduce the hardware's price in order to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft's offering of cheaper units and more games. Unfortunately, the FCC neglects to mention the size of the hard drive included in the new model, which would either confirm or deny speculation of the $399 PlayStation 3 and its rumored 40GB hard drive. Currently, Sony sells a PlayStation 3 packed with a 60GB hard drive for $499, and an 80GB model bundled with Evolution Studios' MotorStorm for $599. Unlike the quickly discontinued 20GB $499 PlayStation 3 that debuted last year, both the current $499 and $599 varieties of the PlayStation 3 include WiFi capabilities.

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"LOLOLOL The Wii didn't "launch well behind first place", it is still sold out and it is IN ..."
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One more from me because I love you all

Lastly, office printer as dangerous as a cigarette, whut.

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"p if the game supports it and you have the wii setup for p. usually when you boot a gamecube ..."
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Ok so I attempted to hack in a little 'read more' deal for those monster size stories that have been showing up here lately and we've just about got it working. It's kind of ugly hackage but that pretty much defines all the code around this site. The only thing pretty around here is Maarten. His soft supple complexion comes from stubbly shorn ball sacks rubbing all over his face working as an exfoliant. Amazing... those benefits of his second job. Too much? He'll sure never says so!

- Medical identity theft is hot - Blu-ray spec changing? - 07 to suck for weather - FCC ditches cell phones on planes - ISDN dying? Who knew?
Lastly, will the EMI deal poop on MS? How is your Zune?

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"That's still honestly not worth it - no shit - if they knocked 100$ off the Premium, diff story."
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What, Monday already? Sheesh. Lets get to it.

- Vista selling twice as fast as XP did - Dude, sugar batteries - The latest on net neutrality and the FCC - YouTube award winners - Naked business - Sprint doing 99cent music - AT&T teams up with Napster
Lastly, going to be doing a little work on the ad server here to speed things up late tonight which should hopefully not include any downtime. So expect a few hours' worth!

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"I don't have an iPod anymore, but if I did still have my Shuffle, I'd be using Amarok."
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We're just kinda cruising around here obviously through the holidays as we prepare for what we're hoping will be quite a 2007. I suspect this coming year will be the craziest one we've ever had as we hope to get extra sassy. Not Maarten playing 'will it fit in my butt' at Home Depot sassy but pretty far up there. (Not his butt)

- Well, we've got green ham now - Ford releases first car to blue screen - LCD TVs were hot - Apple scandal? What scandal?
Lastly, remember how big bell was oh so evil and the government broke it up? Yeah they were kidding. Oh, some neutrality stuff though.

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"I feel guilty having gone over to TSO. But I'm leveling so much faster now."
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Well all those changes to the new Americas Army sure look interesting. Thanks Uncle Sam!

- Google Desktop scary - Dudes rockin G rated - Apple rules you - You almost died a few times on the west coast - Internet freedom fighters!
Lastly, some interesting changes with the FCC and customized cable selection

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"Go read Dissertation on Roast Pork by Alexander Pope I believe it is."
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For those of you waiting to hear back about the opening here I've started calling a few guys back and will be emailing all the guys who made past the first cut in the next day or two. (Gotta keep you guessing!). If you dont hear back from us by the end of the week chances are you didnt make it. I do want to thank everyone who sent in an application. It's very obvious many of you are passionate about the topic and as tempting as it is to take a risk on a few of the guys without much experience but obvious drive we just cant afford to do that. Sucks.

- ESRB catching hell - MS loses a dude to Google, sues - Smurfie movie :( - Sing while you drive, it's safe! But no Snoop - FCC dude wants more broadband
Lastly, anyone work at an Aussie ISP? We need an Australian FileShack location and um.. really not sure where to start! We could probably get by with a 50-100mbit/s connection to start out. Drop me a line mate!

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"...except reviewerss, sometimes. Most apparent when they assign someone who doesn't like ..."
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