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Loadout blasts onto PlayStation 4 on December 16

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 05, 2014 11:00am PST

The comic book-stylized free-to-play multiplayer shooter, Loadout, now has a released date for PlayStation 4. It'll be here in just a few short weeks.


"This game is pretty horrible.I think I played about 30 minutes worth before I just finally got ..."

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Free-to-play Loadout coming to PS4

By Steve Watts, Jun 06, 2014 1:30pm PDT

The PC free-to-play game Loadout is coming to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive.


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark gameplay trailer debuts Drift

By Ozzie Mejia, May 23, 2014 1:30pm PDT

Activision and Edge of Reality have debuted a new gameplay trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, debuting the Decepticon-turned-Autobot Drift.


"God damnit, next-gen transformers and High Moon is not on it."

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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark coming June 24

By Steve Watts, May 05, 2014 1:30pm PDT

Activision announced the release date for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, along with pre-order bonus info.


Loadout explodes with two million users

By Robert Workman, Mar 03, 2014 7:00am PST

Things are looking good for Edge of Reality's raucous, free-to-play third-person shooter Loadout. Following its release a couple of weeks ago, the...


Free-to-play shooter Loadout launching January 31

By Steve Watts, Jan 16, 2014 3:30pm PST

Edge of Reality's free-to-play shooter Loadout is slated to release on January 31. Its hook is a deep weapon customization system that can result in more than 44 billion combinations.


Field Report: Mass Effect PS3

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 04, 2012 2:45pm PST

Today, PS3 owners will be able to get their hands on a long-awaited port: the original Mass Effect. We had a quick test of the retail version of the game, just to see how the Edge of Reality-developed port stands up.


"or you could just watch the whole thing on youtube. GOTP plays like a movie anyway. Grab some ..."

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Mass Effect Trilogy coming to PS3 on December 4

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 01, 2012 10:30am PDT

The Mass Effect Trilogy, which includes a new-for-PS3 port of the first game in the series, will be available on PlayStation 3 on December 4th, BioWare has announced.


"Hehe, funny how taste can be so different. I began the series with ME2 and loved it, then played ..."

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Loadout preview: A million possibilities

By Steve Watts, Sep 17, 2012 11:30am PDT

A hands-on look at Loadout, the modular weapon focused shooter from Edge of Reality.


"it seems like you can only have 1 weapon? railguns and shotguns only map."

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