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Nokia turns commutes into games with mapping tech

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 25, 2013 1:45pm PST

The key innovation of Dragons Adventure is how it combines GPS data and Nokia's HERE Maps into the game world.


"Considering that all of Nokia's mobile branding belongs to Microsoft for the next decade I'm not ..."

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Need for Speed movie gets first trailer

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 25, 2013 9:55am PDT

The first trailer for the Need for Speed movie takes a surprisingly serious tone, making it not-too-difficult to imagine this as some weird car-related side story for Jesse Pinkman.


"Seems like the voice over is a little serious for what I'm imagining this movie being. That ..."

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The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again! 'Announcement' Trailer

Warning, this trailer may contain evil penguins. Team up with The Penguins of Madagascar in Dr. Blowhole Returns Again!

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